Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 19

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Sorry everyone for bringing the twist in such an unexpected manner … I should’ve started the story in flashback so that you would have known that it is not only about teenage love … The story has to move on but one thing that will stay constant is the essence of the story which is (according to me) innocent love & thoda bahut humour … If the promo anyhow confused you let me clarify the scene in the promo was just to ensure all of you that whatever may happen Devakshi would be together eventually … Phewww … Done with my explanation

Asha: Sona!!
Sona: Let me sleep for 5 minutes more maa … It’s Sunday
Asha: Wake up Shona
Sona: 5 minutes only
Asha sat besides Sona & slowly started tickling her
Asha: Sona …
Sona didn’t even stir.
Asha: Kumbhkaran … Sona wake up shake up open your chunni munni eyes
Sona: You can’t keep calm?
Sona opened her eyes finally.
Asha: Happy birthday Sona
Sona: Happy mom’s day maa & happy dad’s day papa
Asha: You remember that your father & I wished each other like that on your birthday
Sona: Why won’t I? It’s my birthday but this day marks your parenthood too. I love you maa
Asha: I love you too meri amma … Get up there’s a surprise for you
Asha literally dragged Sona out of her room & brought her to the hall … It was filled with balloons of every color possible. There were 3 balloons that were moving too much
Sona: Who’s there?

The balloons went aside & Jatin, Vicky & Elena were standing there. They began singing
Happy birthday to you …
Happy birthday to you …
Happy birthday … Happy birthday …
Happy birthday to you
Sona: Thanks everyone
Elena: We have another surprise for you
Another walking balloon came towards Sona even before the person could remove the balloon covering his face… Sona ran & jumped to hug that person
Sona: Deeeeeeev!! Where were you? Why weren’t you picking up my phone? How are you now? When will you join school again?
Dev: Shaant Kolkata express Shaant
Elena: Ahem! Ahem! … Sona we are still standing here … stop your PDA
Sona: PDA?
Elena: Public Display of Affection
Sona realized that she was still hugging Dev. In embarrassment she had to break the hug reluctantly.
Jatin: Humne kuch nahi dekha… (We didn’t see anything)
Vicky: Sab to dekha humne… (We have seen)
Elena: Bhagwan jab dimaag baat rahe the tab na tu … (When God was distributing brains then you … )
Vicky: Mai? (I?)
Elena: Samose kha raha tha !! (Were eating samosas)
Vicky: Elena ki bacchi tujhe to mai ( I won’t spare you)
Sona: Awww … Perfect just perfect … Everything has come back to normalcy
Dev: Not yet
Sona: Huh

Dev: Come on now, How did you celebrate your birthday earlier?
Sona: Okay … so early in the morning … Maa, Papa & I used to go to Dakshineshwar Temple, we had our meals together & used to spend a lot of time together…
Dev: Stop stop stop … we are going there
Sona: Where?
Dev: To Dakshineshwar
Sona: Hello … It is in Kolkata.
Dev: Yes Ms Encylcopedia … wait a minute
Dev brought his laptop & opened live darshan of the temple.
Sona was in a dilemma. What should she see? The goddess who had started giving everything to her or the person who himself never believed in god but had done special arrangements to make Sona happy… Should she see the kindness that was dripping from Kali mata’s face or should see the happiness dripping from Dev’s face? There was so much of excitement in his eyes as if a kid is celebrating his own birthday.
Asha: Thank You Beta! That was really very thoughtful. Now who all will have a special breakfast?
Vicky: Me
Elena: No no no he’ll eat up everything.
Jatin: You fight & I’ll eat till then
Sona was looking at all of this standing in the corner.

SONA’S POV: Thank you thank you bhagwan jii !!! Everything is perfect just perfect … let it be like this only & I’ll never… never ever in my life ask for anything else …
Dev: Hey!
Sona: Don’t talk to me
Dev: Fine … I’m going
Sona: No no no
Dev: Girls are complicated …
Sona: Obhodro … but I’m still angry
Dev: Then you don’t want your gift?
Sona: My gift!
Dev: Lalchi ladki … ab to kuch nahi milne wala (You won’t get anything)
Sona: Dev … Dev … suno to (Listen)
Dev: Na na na ….
Sona: Don’t talk to me now
Dev: Sorry … Sorry Sona … Eh Sona kabhi nahi Rona
Sona: Chipakali ke nana hai hai sasur … Dinasur Dinasur (Not Dinasaur … It’s Dina-sur)
Dev: What was that?
Sona: Better than your Sona-Rona
Dev: Bilkul why not
The rest of them had their breakfast.
Jatin: Bye Sona … bye aunty … we’ll meet you in the evening
Elena: Bye … Vicky … Let’s go
Vicky: Hmm … hmm …
Elena: Stop eating Vicky
Asha: Koi baat nahi beta … aaram se khao … acche se kha ke jaana
Asha had a lot of arrangements left to make she got busy working out a plan in her room but when she came out, much to her surprise, Vicky had left but Dev was still there sitting on the sofa.
Dev: Aunty … Tell me everything that has to be done … A to Z … I’ll manage
Asha: You are just out of hospital … you should…
Dev: I am out of hospital … that’s why I’ve come
Asha: Okay you win

The whole day Dev helped in all the preparations to make the ‘special girl’s’ birthday even more special. Sona had protested against his helping them but Dev was not listening to anyone.
Sona’s POV: Dev … no wait … my Dev … is doing everything possible to make my day even more special. All these small things that he does make me helpless & leaves me with no choice but to love him even more but in his endeavor of making my day special he is ignoring me … Even mom is busy with the preparations … I’ve got nothing to do … I think I should take a small nap …
Sona went to her room, switched on her A/C she opened her comforter & something slipped out of it. It was a box that was gift wrapped and had a note with it
“Busy with your birthday’s preparation … There’s a bouquet of roses near your study desk… Gussa mat hona bahut kaam hai
Talk to this …”
Sona tore open the gift wrap & saw the gift
SONA’S POV: Wow!! A photo frame with all our pictures framed! Mr. Obhodro you are so caring … Had maa & the others not been at home … I would’ve come & hugged you now itself … What’s this at the backside …
Sona opened another note
“My Bengali Bala … your Bengali song is prepared … Be ready”
Sona read this; got up & started dancing.
“Aey haaaallooo !!”

I can bet if Daya Ben of TMOC would’ve seen her she would also feel insecure by Sona’s extremely weird song …
The day passed … Dev was too busy in making everything perfect for Sona that he had no clue about what time it was & he didn’t even remember to eat or take his medicines. He was getting exhausted. He was not supposed to work so much after all he had just recovered from flu but Dev could not think anything beyond Sona’s happiness.
Sona: Dev …
Dev: Aunty …
Sona: Aunty kisko bola?
Dev: Ohh sorry sorry Sona … I thought it’s Aunty
Sona: Ya ya … Why will you recognize my voice?
Dev: Sona … I’m sorry
Sona: You should have replied to one call … one message … you could have given a missed call atleast
Dev: I didn’t want you to take any stress …
Sona: By not picking up my phone you gave me stress
Dev: Don’t take unnecessary stress …
Sona: Unnecessary? You are not unnecessary for me Dev you are …
Dev: I am?
Sona: Special …

Badle se din hain, meri badli hai raatein
Kai dino se meri mehki hai saasein
Pehli dafa hai ke mujhmein tu chalka hai …..
Pehli dafa hai ke mujhmein tu chalka hai
Mere rangon me kuch rang hai tere jaise bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Dev: Thank You … That was a great compliment … Atleast you call someone special except
Sona: Except?
Dev: Except this …
Dev went away & brought a doll … It was crooked, one of the hand had come off … clearly it was too old but seeing this Sona said
Sona: Charu … Where did you find her?
Dev: Your cousin from Kolkata … Sourabh Dada … has arranged this
Sona: Dada … you … you called him … but how did he manage to send this didn’t Dadi … I mean that lady who calls herself Papa’s mom … Didn’t she object?
Dev: You can call him & ask …
Sona: I haven’t spoken to him for a very long time
Dev: Then talk now … I’ve his number
Sona: Dev … Why are you doing this?
Dev: What why? … Because …
Sona: Because?

Dev: Because you are also special Sona …
Meri duniya me tha, Mai apne hi dhyaan mein
Kuch to badal gaya hai mere aasman mein
Aisa kyu kaise kyu kya ho gaya
Kuch khoobsurat sa dil ko ho gaya
Pehli dafa hai ki mujhmein tu chalka hai …
Pehli dafa hai ki mujhmein tu chalka hai …
Mere rangon mein kuch rang hai
Tere jaise bhiii
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


PS- Sona’s bdy is being celebrated in July in the ff coz my bdy comes in July … No debate & discussion on that… But Erica’s bdy is coming so this balanced

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  1. DramaQueen1004

    Aaj ki epi bahut acha tha
    Im guessing ki agli epi mein i can c sona taking care of dev
    but mujhe kya pata… Kyunki tum bahut unexpected cheeze likhti ho… Woh bhi bahut achi tareeke se
    Loved this epi
    pls post soon….. Im waiting
    With loads of love

    1. Riti1107

      Unexpected cheezein wo bhi acche tarike se
      Thank You Thank You
      Aisa to log KRPKAB ke makers ke liye kehte hai
      I’ll try my level best to post soon
      Nd Sona caring for Dev … usme abhi bahut time hai
      Thanks again Nafia
      Love you to

  2. superb episode….interesting precap…post next episode soon.

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Ekina
      I’ll post soon

  3. Really very very nice plsss post soon

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks nd will post soon

  4. Akshita

    Hey in want to wind up the past within 2 or 3 episodes??
    plzzzzz…..bye the way it was lovely
    post soon?

    1. Riti1107

      Akshita … I couldn’t get what u r trying to say
      Which past are you talking of ? These school days?
      Plz plz clarify
      Sorry for bothering
      Nd thanks

      1. Akshita

        Ya after reading the promo I thought now there will be leap but you didn’t show any leap
        I thought you will tell in flashbacks that what happened in school days?

    2. Riti1107

      There will be a leap after 3-4 episodes …

  5. Riti1107

    Unexpected cheezein acche tarike se
    Ye to log KRPKAB ke makers ke liye bolte hain
    Thank You Thank You
    Sona taking care of Dev me abhi bahut time hai
    I’ll try to post soon
    Thanks Again Nafia

    1. Riti1107

      This got posted galti se ignore ignore

  6. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Awesome tha ji…as always….Aapki writing skills ki main tareef nahi karungi…. Nahi toh baaki logo ke comment karne ke liye jagah nahi bachegi?

    Waise even I’m a JULYian…
    Aap mere se 15 days Badi hai riti didi??

    Yay…yay….excited for the party…

    Post next jaldi jaldi…
    Lots of love to meri jhalli madam??

    1. Riti1107

      Samayara didi ji
      Agar aap Julyian ho to mai aapse 15 days badi nahi ho sakti kyuki mera bdy 11th ko aata hai to mai kisi Julyian se 10days se zyaada badi nahi ho sakti???????
      Nd legends are born in July

      Sending even more love to you

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        Aap kisi JULYian se 10 din se zyada CHHOTI nahi ho sakti……dimaag ke ghode daudaao…I was born on kargil vijay diwas btw?….Chalo Chalo date khud pata lagaao

    2. Riti1107

      Are haan … My bad …
      But you’re 21 m 17 I still win
      26 July
      My principal’s bdy !!!!
      Gosh had you been in my school u would have been trolled so much

      But still July is the best month & Julyians are the best

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        Main 21????? Yeh kab hua? Kyun hua? Kaise hua?

    3. Nikkita0194

      U 2 r julyian sam di me 2 k so find out Americans independance day is mine birthday n yup its death ani of swami vivekanand

      1. Riti1107

        Mera GK itna aacha nahi hai
        Seedhe seedhe date bata do

      2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        July 4!…googled?

      3. Riti1107

        Nikkiita didi mujhse 7 days badi hain … Yeah!!?

    4. Riti1107

      Galti se mistake ho gayi
      Dub jaaun na mai chullu bhar paani me

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        Haan phir baad mein aapke saare fans milke Mujhe chullu bhar paani mein duba denge……you better be safe n sound warna mujhse bura koi nahi hoga.
        I’m very possessive n protective for my twinny….remember that.

    5. Riti1107

      Accha baba … Mai fit bhi nahi hone wali chullu bhar pani me
      Awww … Ty twinny❤

  7. V.V.harshita

    Awesome really awesome post soon ????

    1. Riti1107

      The pleasure is all mine ❤

  8. Srush

    It was awsm …in real life charu is my moms name?but ur epi was fabulous…waiting for next epi..plz post soon

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Srush❤
      What a coincidence?
      While I was writing this episode everyone was watching Anurag Basu’s Stories By Rabindranath Tagore on Epic … In the episode there was a Charu so that’s why I named the doll Charu??
      Will post Soon?

  9. Awesome episode.?

    1. Riti1107

      Thank You So Much???

  10. Awesome episode dear but plzz post the next episode soon as possible

    1. Riti1107

      Nd I will post Soon??

  11. Heshine

    Riti….u nailed it today….wow amazing update yaar…! Perfect…! Sorry I couldn’t cmnt in ur previous epi… Seriously .. Was busy in arranging tour during holidays….sorry…
    This was such awesome….flawless….stupendous…levely bond btwn devakshi…!
    Pls post soon…
    Love u…❤????

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Heshiine?
      No problem dear I can understand
      I will post soon

  12. Nikkita0194

    Mine b’day also come in july so hi-fi
    Nice ff
    Post asap
    With luv

    1. Riti1107

      Hi-fi to you✋
      Julyians are the best??
      Thanks nd I’ll post soon

  13. ShrutiP

    Sorry Riti iss baar Yoshi late ho gaya..Par abhi abhi college see aayi hoon….aate hi yaad aaya ki tumhare ff mein comment karna re gaya…Sorry…
    And the episode was fantastic…Simply loved it….Post soon…And once again sorry…

    1. Riti1107

      Koi nahi yaar
      Atleast you commented & that matters
      Thanks dear❤

  14. Yvonne Codner

    Thumbs up Riti..You have excelled again. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Riti1107

      Nd you’ve commented after a looooooong time

  15. Priya12

    Sry 4 late cmt…
    It was really amazing…
    It was a fabulous epi..
    Ur story is really different di…
    I can’t understand ur mind..ur complicated di…I m just sayinv this becoz of the plot..don’t take me wrong

    1. Priya12

      Luved it..
      Post asap di

    2. Riti1107

      I wont take it in the wrong way
      Because I’m always telling my friends that you don’t get me … I’m complicated & they don’t agree
      Kisi ne saamne se bola thank you so much
      Ab ye bada weird reply ban gaya
      Love you❤❤

      1. Priya12

        Naah…yeh weird reply nahi hai di..
        I m saying ur complicated…ur saying thank u..yeh hai different..
        Pls jaldi se post karo na di..
        I m waiting

  16. Aamu

    Itnaaa cute epi abhi tak intake nahi kar paayi..chalo koi ni ji…bohot pyaara epi tha…
    Lekin let m remind u to giv dev his medicine pls…
    Warna bimar ho gaya to…??
    ????..i know me thodi pagla gyi hu…
    Welll jldi jldi next post karo n haa wen is ur bday in juky..i mean date

    1. Riti1107

      Dev’s medicine in true sense is none other than SONA & he has her (for now)

      My bdy is on 11th July

      Thanks for commenting

      1. Aamu

        Haa wo to hai…but fir bhi dawai tym par leni chahiye…
        Mumma ka dialogue hai..hamesha mere liye…so??? me yaha chalu ho gayi..
        Welll 11 july…! My one of close frnds bday is on 11 of july only….

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