Jo Tu Chahe – SS By AngelAshu (Part-2)

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Recap – Her pain, Swasan Meeting, he proposed her, she rejects..


So, Let’s Start Part-2 of My 7th SS #Jo_Tu_Chahe

The next day he starts following her..
She Shout’s on him.
But he accepted with adorable smile..
Dayz going like these only..

One day he saved her from gunda’s..
He fighting with them like hell by saving her..
She surprised really..
Swara: Cute Ladke Fight Karte Hue Kitna Acha Lagte Hai.. Awww..
She lost in her own thoughts..
Without knowing herself he fallen love with him in these days..

That time sanskar came..

Sanskar: chalo swara.. Wo log phir nhi ayenge yaha..
Swara not responded..
Sanskar: (shook her shoulder) madam.. Kaha kho gayi ho…?
She came in senses..
Swara: kahi nhi..
From that day she accepted his friendship..
Sanskar: (in mind) aaj dosti.. Kal pyaar.. U have to accept swara.. Coz u r mine..

She went to her home..
She thinking about him only..
Swara opens book & start reading..

Swara: Sanskar iss waqt kya kar raha hoga..? He saved me na..!! I wanna give some gift to him.. Acha lagega ussee.. But kya du..? I donno usko kya pasand hai..?? meri fav kuch de du..? Heyyy bhagwan.. Agar usse pasand na aaye toh..? Huhhh swara.. Tumse kuch nhi hogi..

She kept book aside and goes to sleep..
She putting blanket on her face..
Swara: (suddenly came out from blanket) haaannnn… Yesss.. Yesss.. Yhi pakka karungi.. Ussee acha lagega.. Goddd.. Ye subh kab hogi..?
She fallen in sleep by thinking about him only..

Next Morning..

Swara woke up opens her Mobile..
She sets Sanskar’s photo as her wall..
Swara: good morning Sanskar..
She smiles and went to washroom..

After some time she went to moll and buy something for him..

Swara: (with blissful smile) Sanskar Isse Bahut Pasand karega.. Let’s see..
She smiles and left..
She messaged him..


Swara: Hii..

Sanskar: hello..

Swara: where are u..?

Sanskar: going to office..!!

Swara: can we meet..?

Sanskar: why can’t.. Where when??

Swara: 5PM.. Rainbow Park..

Sanskar: okk done..

Swara: bye..

Sanskar: bye bye..!

Some time passed..
At rainbow park..

She s waiting for him..

Finally he came..

Both seated together…

Sanskar: y u called me here..?

Swara: WO.. WO..

Sanskar: heyyy.. Tell.. R u going to propose me..? Tell na..

Swara changing face expressions..

Swara: Sach me Tu pagal kana k layak ho..

Sanskar: come na.. We will go together..

She start beating him playfully..

Sanskar: acha baba.. Sorry.. Now tell..

Swara: yesterday u saved me na.. I brought gift for u..

Sanskar: I saved u thatz y..?

Swara: yesss..

Sanskar: u r the best gift for my life.. I don’t need any else..

Swara: u have to take this.. (Passing gift) otherwise I will not talk with u from now..

Sanskar: acha baba.. Okk.. I will.. (Took) kya h isme..

Swara: khol kar bhi toh dekh sakte h..

Sanskar: okk..

He opened gift & smiles..

There was a chain.. Which have a heart shaped pendant..

Sanskar: Its sooo nice yaar.. Is it ur heart..?
Swara: aise hi Samjho..
Sanskar: Thank u..

She smiles & left..

At night..

Sanskar lyed on his bed & thinking while holding that chain which Gave by swara..

Sanskar: swara.. Ye tumhare dil ab mere paas h.. I know tum bhi mje pasand karne lagi.. (Smiles)
But tum express q nhi karte ho jaan.. Kaise pakka karu my..

At the another hand..

She lyes on bed & thinking about him..
She smiles remembering their funny talkies, their moments..
Swara: (taking with sanskar’s pic) tumne pendent dekha kya Sanskar..? Tumko pasand aaya hoga na.. Tune open kia..? Tumne dekha hoga na ki “Meri Dil Mein Kya Hain”
Tere bina kuch bhi acha nhi lagragi h mujhe.. I wanna spend my time with u.. Yesss Sanskar.. I fallen for u dear.. Am in love with u..
She lost in his thoughts & fell in sleep..

Some dayz passed..

Swasan becoming close to each other..
One day Sanskar going to some special meeting so, he wanna wear swara’s gift..
He took chain..

Sanskar: Arey.. Ye pendent toh openable hai..

He opened heart shaped pendent..
He surprised to see his pic in one side & one side is empty..

He remembered their convo..

***Flash Back Starts***

Sanskar: Its sooo nice yaar.. Is it ur heart..?
Swara: aise hi Samjho..

***Flash Back Ends***

Sanskar: (with a big smile) yesssss.. It means.. Am in her heart.. Means.. She loves me.. Yaahhhoooo…. Now I will propose her.. I will see how can she rejects me..!! Sweetheart be ready today evening..

He fixed her photo in next side of pendent which were empty..

He texted her to come park at evening..
He smiled & left for meeting..

She reading his text & feeling happy..
Full day she lost in his thoughts..
She went to fridge and took bottle..
She about to drink water.. But water not coming.. Still she put bottle at her mouth..
She smiling to see her own harqate..
She forget to open bottle cap..

He completed his meeting and coming to meet her..
He starting car but not able to move..
He realised what he s doing..
He smiling to see His own harqate..
He forget to put key in lock.. Haha..
He smiled & left..

After some time both reached destination.. Means Rainbow park..
He buy bouquet for her..
He came.. She waiting for him..
Both saw each other & a big curve appears on their lips..

Episode Ends..

Precap :- Swara Accepts His Love.. Truck Coming to dash Sanskar..


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      Love u #AngelA

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