JNDSD FF….. Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 4)

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Hello frndzzz………. So sorry for not posting the fan fiction for few days coz there was some problem wid my internet connection.
So here begins Episode 4……

Atharv is shown running on streets. He stops near the temple.
Ath: Why is this happening to me?….Whose voice am I hearing frequently?…
He looks at the idol of Krishna and speaks.
Ath: You know everything right……what is happening to me?…Plz answer….
He gets some ones call and tells that he will come now. He goes.

Its night.
Vividha is in her room.
Viv: Today one more valentines day got over without you Atharv. Till how long will we be apart from each other?…Bhagvaanji….why do you this? PLZZ unite me with my Atharv.
Tears roll down Vividha’s chhek.
Agar tum saath ho plays………………. Vividha and Atharv are shown as the song plays.

Atharv is in his room lost in thoughts. Some one pats his shoulder. Atharv turns. Its SUJATA. 5 yrs have brought slight changes in her. But she still have that grace. Atharv hugs her tightly.
Ath: Maa… Whats happening with me?….. Some times I feel very strange. I hear someone calling me. I hear someone. I get some unclear images…. Whats all this????
Suj: No beta…. nothing is there…Now you take rest…everything will be all right. Sleep beta.
Ath: I don’t feel like sleeping… pls be with me.
Sujata makes Atharv lie on her lap and sing lullaby. Atharv slowly sleeps. She kisses his forhead and make him lie on bed. She gets teary eyed.
Suj: Ye Muraari… pls take care of my son. Make him happy. I only wish for this.

Its morning
Vividha gets ready and goes to school. She is called by Principal.
Viv; Good morning sir.
Pri; Good morning Ms Vividha. Plz take yor seat
Vividha sits down and he hands over a letter.
Viv; Sir, whats this?
Pri; Read it.
Vividha reads it and is shocked
Pri; Congratulations Vividha…. Now you will teach in the Delhi branch of our school and you will head the Science department of junior section there.
Viv; I…Thank you so much sir..I don’t know what to tell. Thank you.
Pri; So you should leave from Shimla tomorrow evening. and don’t forget… before that we need the treat.
Viv; Sure sir (happy tears)

Atharv is in the breakfast table. He gets a call.
Ath: What….Delhi…..tomorrow…..evening.
Suj; what happened atharv?
Ath; Maa…. I hve yo go to Delhi tmrw. There is one project there.

Precap: Vividha and Atharv are in temple. They don’t see each other

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  1. nice epi di! its really awesome and m eagerly waiting fr next episode!

  2. Antonio conte


  3. nice story….keep it up n i m excited for the next episode….love Vitharv so muchhhh!!!

  4. Very very interesting.i think they met in temple

  5. nice episode yaar really interesting…

  6. Very nice and very very interesting story di…Plz do continue and Plz Plz try to post at least 1 episode in two days….we r eagerly wtng fr the next one…..

  7. Avanikamdar

    Very interesting …

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