Jiya Re Basa Hai Tera Roop Aankhon Mein-RagSan OS

I don’t know what to say so let’s start the one shot.

a phone was vibrating as a girl scribbled furiously on the notepad.she huffed looking at the phone and picked it up with a sigh.”I will come by 6 they will be there by 7 naa then what’s the problem….no no I haven’t chosen a dress, you choose one and I will wear it…bye maa i have to complete my work to reach home on time”she sighed exasperated cutting the call.”may i come in mam?”the secretary asked peeking her head inside her cabin.she nodded and her secretary,aastha moved inside.”are you fine? you look exhausted”aastha said concerned seeing her rubbing her forehead to soothe the tension.”ragini you should have stayed at home today,a proposal is coming for you and you are working here”aastha suggested but ragini just nodded scrunching her eyebrows.ragini gadodia,age 29,a successful IAS officer of West Bengal who has devoted her previous 8 years for her work, hardworking, kind and generous she has handled her work and her life fairly well, dodging her family’s question of marriage for 5 years.she is ambitious and always wanted to be self dependent and financially free from her family support and once she got a job she never looked back at her timid self who obeyed everyone,now no one can dare to order her around and restrict her except her mother’s emotional blackmail.after 5 years of fighting against the urge to scream at her mom for her marriage rant she finally gave in when her mother threatened ragini with her life.she had been in madhya Pradesh for 5 years as she started her duty and was able to escape from her family’s’worry’for her but luckily or unluckily she was transferred to her home town and landed near to her family again who became more adamant to convince her.she had always believed that a girl she has transformed into won’t be able to sustain in a relationship where other wants to have dominance.
“ragini leave it all tell me have you seen his photo?”aastha asked excited trying to get her to leave her sulking.”come in”ragini spoke in neutral tone as a colleguea came in and handed her a file.”this is the hoogli river dam file,they want permission to retrieve water for irrigation,I told you yesterday”aastha spoke in a formal tone nodding at the collegeaue who came and handed a pen to ragini smiling formally.ragini read it and signed the file after which the person left.
“back to my question”aastha rubbed her hands in an excited manner while ragini gave her a sheepish smile shaking her head.aastha looked at her horrified covering her mouth.”don’t do overdrama you know I am not interested in all this,he is going to get rejected if he does not meets my standard so what is the point of falling just for his face”ragini chided her playfully while aastha gave her an amused look.”if you keep over reacting I will tell the whole office that you are not just my P.A. but my friend also then go away running from others who plead you to step up a meeting with me “ragini smirked seeing aastha gaping at her open mouthed.”I am going I have other work to do”aastha stood up acting as if she didn’t heard her last words.ragini sighed closing her eyes as the lunch time approached.’what if the guy turns out fine?I will have to get married…’ragini felt herself getting nostalgic.

a small girl with waist length hair tied tightly in a pony tail steps nervously in class 4A.she looks around with scared eyes as everyone eyes her curiously.”new admission?”she nods at the teacher who held the attendance register.”ragini gadodia…hmm ok go and sit on that vacant seat”the class teacher instructed her as she moved to the empty seat with voices dieing down around her as her heart beat raised in fear of an alien environment.she had settled her bag when a girl sitting in front desk turned around forwarding her hand”I am akriti, feel free to ask me for the work you have left behind”. ragini smiled shortly shaking her hand.her father was transferred to West Bengal and she had to leave her school and get admission here.she was an introvert with a fear of unknown strange people as she was raised in a protective environment when she stayed with her dadi in Rajasthan.”who is sitting on my seat?”a boy hissed behind her back making her jump in fear.”mam..mam told me.. to sit here”she stammered as he looked at her angrily.”sanskar sit down from now on she is your sitting partner,no excuses”teacher warned him and he huffed sitting beside her.”sanskar come on you can’t have the whole bench to yourself always and stop it you are scaring her with your coldness”akriti scolded him and he looked away.ragini felt she has committed a sin seeing him behaving weirdly and she felt like saying”sorry”.he looked at her puzzled with his anger fading as their eyes met.”it’s not your mistake,I am used to sitting alone that’s it”he said coldly and turned around saying”just keep to yourself and don’t try to befriend me”.she nodded timidly and the first day went like this.
“give me your notebook please”sanskar folded his hands speaking dramatically as ragini looked at him amused.he smiled brightly as ragini gave her the notebook.”sorry for my earlier behavior”he whispered returning her copy and ragini had to strain her ears to catch his words.she nodded smiling a real smile at him for the first time.
“you again”he sighed shaking his head as their new teacher in 5th made them sit together.ragini smiled sheepishly and got to her work.
“you made this? this is amazing”his eyes shined seeing her beautiful art file.she nodded and diverted her eyes.
“why are you smiling so much, you just gave an answer not won the world cup”he taunted her as she smiled brightly hearing teacher praising her.her smile faltered hearing him but she didn’t let him affect her and smiled again.
“what happened why are you not talking to me?”sanskar asked desperately as ragini didn’t talked to him for whole day.she turned her head giving him a tight smile and shrugging innocently.
“finally we won’t sit together anymore”sanskar smiled brightly as he came to her seat enjoying his joy but she felt a little sad with the reason unknown.”I thought I will be stuck up with you till my whole school life”he grinned but ragini glared daggers at him.taking a sigh to calm herself she spoke rudely”so go away why are you standing here?”.his smile faltered seeing her coldness but he walked away nonetheless.after that day they just stayed as classmates and not more than that.
“akriti we will be sitting together”ragini smiled widely as they settled on a desk.but her smile diminished as teacher made sanskar sit in front of them.he waved at them dramatically and sniggered seeing ragini flaring her nose.as time passed both left their childish behavior and sanskar apologized for his rude behavior for which ragini forgave him.they were now classmates with no cold feelings who sat in vicinity and sometimes enjoyed jokes.
sanskar came whistling to his seat singing a song ragini felt her cheeks heat up in amusement and she wanted to giggle but couldn’t due to food in her mouth.he left from there giving her a strange look.ragini turned to her friends and felt shocked as her friend said”why are you blushing?”.
“I am getting bored”ragini pouted looking at akriti’s empty seat and turning her attention back to the black board.she looked at the seat in front of her and sighed feeling a pain in her heart as sanskar was shifted to other end of the class.she was engrossed in her thoughts as someone came and sat beside her.”I was not able to see from there”he pointed to his seat and started writing in his copy as ragini nodded.ragini also wrote but inside her stomach was churning feeling him near.she felt her whole body heat up but took deep breath to calm her racing heart of which the reason she was unknown of.
“he is crying”pankhudi said looking at sanskar who had his head down on table.pankhudi had admitted to the whole class that she had a crush on sanskar but ragini felt miffed by pankhudi’s immature attraction.sanskar has sure grown handsome with broad shoulders thanks to puberty and all but she always saw him as the boy as he earlier was.”so what do I do”ragini said carelessly stealing a glance at him.her heart pricked seeing him so torn and miserable but she held her impassive facade.
with the sections divided based on streams ragini was parted from the whole class as she chose arts which others didn’t took up.she realized reflecting back on her old days that what she felt for him was attraction, infatuation that had been developing from years.but she was really good at controlling her emotions and hiding them so she threw his memory in darkest part of her mind so that her feelings don’t prove a hurdle in her studies.
“he has a girlfriend”pankhudi sobbed as ragini patted her head hearing her friend’s dilemma.”I would have proposed him but they seem to be too lost in each other”pankhudi sniffed wiping her eyes.ragini realized that she didn’t felt a pang of jealousy, nothing and patted her back mentally for overcoming her stupid feelings.
she was roaming around the corridor when her eyes fell on her prior class which included him and her heart skipped a beat making her curse her silly heart.she felt to run away as nobody had seen her but her urge to escape was destroyed as akriti waved her hand shouting her name.the whole class turned towards her and she gave a small smile walking towards them.”we were discussing to go somewhere on farewell, you will come?”ragini shook her head making akriti frown who nodded her head.everyone looked at her strangely but she felt his gaze Pierce a heart in her soul.she reprimanded her heart and saying goodbye went from there.
the farewell arrived and as expected by her friends she didn’t wore a Saree to show off her perfect figure.”I don’t want to wear saree,who can enjoy the party if they can’t handle a Saree,I am fine with this suit”she told pankhudi who nudged her for not wearing a Saree.”you would have looked the most beautiful and surely boys would have felt like giving their hearts to you”ragini glared her and said in a strict tone”I am in school to study and not steal hearts”.she could not help herself but felt herself craving to have a look at him.she stole a glance in his direction and felt herself weak in knees seeing him sporting a blue 3piece suit looking like a Greek god.she shook her head trying to let her goofy smile fall away and after few failed attempts she was successful in diverting her mind from him and enjoying the farewell.
year flew by as ragini concentrated hard on her studies to achieve her goal to be a civil servant.she was strolling her girls college’s lawn seeing around the decorations for the fest in amazement when her eyes fell on a particularly familiar face.her heart leapt in her throat as she felt her legs turning into jelly seeing him laughing with his friends in her college’s lawn.she felt like running away from there and that’s what she did.she hurried from there into the library not turning to look back.her buried feelings were again risen by just a glimpse of him.she admonished her heart which yearned to get a proper look at him but her legs worked on their own accord as she stood at a window in library getting the full view of the lawn with her heart thumping loudly.she felt disappointed not able to trace him in the growing crowd.and she realized that day that how much she tried she won’t be able to get rid of her silly infatuation.
years flew by and she kept him as a forbidden memory in her heart not wanting to look back at him.she knew she was being stupid for just a crush keeping him locked in her memory and not forgetting him but she tried and failed Everytime.

it had been years now but those memories seemed fresh as if they happened just yesterday.she would sometimes let her thoughts linger on him as to what he is doing and if he also would be thinking about her? but she got silence in return.she shook her head getting out of her memories.
“maa I am not going to wear this… this piece of cloth… not at all”ragini shrieked horrified at her mother’s choice.”it’s just a Saree, come on ragini don’t be a cry baby”janki pleaded her with puppy eyes so as ragini gives up.”ok”ragini sighed miserably.”I don’t even wear them to my duty, what is the problem with suits…. but remember I am just dolling up for you and you will accept my decision if I don’t like the guy”janki nodded at her daughter’s warning.
ragini was sitting on sofa with her mother stroking her hair with all praise for ragini.ragini so wanted to lift her head and stare straight into the guests’ eyes but as her mother advised her to behave like a girl she had to keep her head down.pleasantries were exchanged as the elders instructed her to show the boy the balcony.she nodded keeping her head down and moved upstairs feeling a presence after her which she didn’t dare to look at now or her mom will create a scene again.
“hi”she heard a voice behind her as she looked at the street smiling softly forgetting the presence of someone else.she didn’t remember for how much time she was standing silently with her back to him but soon she turned around to reply for his wish but her voice died in her throat seeing the prospective groom.”sanskar?”she whisper questioned as her eyes brows furrowed in confusion.”you are acting like you didn’t knew I was coming to see you”sanskar joked to ease the tension of the awkward situation.they had seen each other grow up,threw insults at each other,bickered like kids, turned strangers, know each other’s history in school and now they are standing in front of each other for a match.
sanskar smiled sheepishly seeing her guilty reaction and made himself comfortable on the swing.”ok so you might have not even heard a word about me, let me introduce myself I am sanskar maheshwari,CEO of one of the budding business company in India,I have achieved so much in such short time but I am still grounded thanks to my parents,I have not been in a relationship for last 8 years and once I get married I will devote myself to my family”sanskar spoke all this in one breath and took a deep breath after he was finished.ragini felt her lips curving in a smile seeing his nervousness.”I told about myself now you tell me about yourself”sanskar nodded at her persuading her to speak.”I…I am an IAS officer,I live my life independently but family can be such a pain…I don’t want to marry…I am a workaholic….i..I don’t know what else to say”ragini rocked to and fro biting her lower lip as even as shaky voice gave away that she is nervous.sanskar smiled sheepishly and nodded at a beet red ragini who felt as a bundle of nerves in so close of proximity with him.”you knew that you are sending proposal for me?”ragini asked fidgeting with her pallu.sanskar nodded speaking”I didn’t wanted to marry till I got successful in life and when my age came mom showed me pictures of girls and I saw you were also there.i was surprised as I didn’t heard of you from years but I said yes as mom also liked you in first glimpse.you know it’s better to be… married to someone known instead of stranger but I promise I have changed…I am not that sadu sanskar… you can even test me”. ragini shook her head asking another question”you…I mean your girlfriend?”. sanskar frowned but schooling his expression said”I don’t have any feelings for anyone lately and work doesn’t even allows me to engage with someone”. ragini nodded feeling a warmth settling in her heart hearing about him from him only.she so wanted to say yes now but for her crush she couldn’t just rush things forgetting the important questions.she shooted questions at him one by one to which he looked at her surprised.”I won’t be a hurdle in your work, you can work freely,I won’t let even my parents create problem but just inform them once,I don’t smoke but I drink a bit in parties I don’t have the habit to drink,I respect women and their choices and will never do anything to suppress anyone and I think marriage is a relation with 2equals who trust and respect each other,who make each other perfect by filling in for their flaws, supporting each other through thick and thin with a promise to stay beside each other all the time, they can fight but it’s also a way to strengthen their relation to make it memorable….I don’t promise that I won’t whine when something is not of my liking but I will respect and accommodate your views and I also need a promise that neither you nor me will dominate each other… I hope I gave answers according to your liking…. and if not then also I would like to stay friends with you….I hope this rejection thing won’t be a hurdle in our friendship which I hope to develop”sanskar spoke every word with conviction and sincerity that made ragini feel warm all over again.
after few moments of silence as sanskar fidgeted with his phone while she looked at him, seeing his eyebrows furrow in confusion then relax,his jaw twitching as he held himself from speaking, nibbling his lip to hide his discomfort in the heavy silence,his hands playing on the phone to keep himself steady,his nose scrunching due to her silence, ragini saw that he is still the same with all the moments he would do when she wouldn’t talk to him in school,a sign that he never liked silence and ragini had to give in to get him out of this discomfort.”so I am ready for this relation but if you back out from your words then be ready to face the consequences”ragini forwarded her hand speaking in a no nonsense tone.sanskar raised his head holding her hand in his grip as his eyes sparkled with joy and his lips curved in a smile.ragini left his hand and he brushed his name feeling giddy.
“and ragini you look really beautiful in saree”he whispered to her as they moved downstairs smiling softly.
ragini was sitting in her room after dinner resting as her mother was too excited that she fed her food that she was about to burst.’i can’t believe I am going to get married to my crush.but now he is a nice man.but akriti….ohho she is married and really happy.he assured me that he doesn’t love anyone now.what a game fate has played the person I tried to wipe completely from my memory today to make way for other guy turned out to be the same and I even said yes…..we will be husband and wife in some time…..why did I liked him in school and even today….he was not the best guy according to behavior then why?….. maybe we had spent 2years as seat partners and then his constant presence for years around me , and my friend always said that I had a knack for bad boys who have a pure heart they try to hide….I could see through him…. that he didn’t wanted to get hurt by letting anyone come to close to him and I granted his wish being away from him but couldn’t let him go from my heart…. but now he doesn’t seems to be scared of relationships… the way he said about himself…. answered my questions….it seemed he wanted this relationship more than me…..I am just pure lucky to get my crush as my husband’ ragini smiled softly as a message popped on her phone ‘goodnight sleep tight’ from sanskar.
after that they started meeting to talk about marriage preparations as they got to know each other.”hi sanskar”sanskar smiled as she settled down.”you know my meeting went horrible….i gave good presentation but that vinay kept on shooting questions and I was about to loose my patience but I composed but if I see him outside office I will punch him in the face”sanskar went on as his expression changed at every word making ragini giggle who tried hard to control her laugh at his cute antics.”come on ragini you are here used by this…i felt my knuckles turning white”sanskar pouted angrily as she finally broke into giggles.”you are 30 and you still behave like a kid”ragini pulled his cheeks making him glare her.”and you are as if 13 that you are giggling like a teenager when someone is sharing serious problem”sanskar made a sarcastic comment as ragini rolled her eyes at his touchy behavior.”i am not 13 but neither I am 30 who behaves like a kid…i am 29 and I behave like one”ragini spoke as sanskar raised his eyebrows.”oh you didn’t knew I was 29….what?a person can jump a class ok? now don’t keep this face or your lines will freeze and turn wrinkles making you look older”ragini chortled as sanskar scowled at her comment.sanskar smirked as he pulled her cheeks making ragini glare him now.he knew she certainly didn’t like this action and he did it purposefully to see her miffed and get payback.time passed as they sat at the same place till noon to dusk reminscing old moments and sharing about each other’s lives.
“sanskar it’s our engagement tomorrow and you have got me out for a date in this chilly night”ragini admonished him playfully as he chortled seeing through her facade that she is also excited for it as he is.”come my lady”he forwarded his hand stepping on a horse carriage that he arranged specially for them in the night.ragini scoffed and pushing his hand aside got on the carriage herself.”oh I forgot that you are the independent woman”sanskar said as he adjusted himself on the driver seat as ragini slid behind him holding a handle beside.”ragini were you anxious to come at this time with me?”sanskar spoke carefully as ragini raised her eyebrows.”listen here sanskar maheshwari if you try to do anything inappropriate then remember not only my tongue is sharp but I can also have really sharp movements to knock you out”ragini held his chin looking in his eyes directly with an expression’dare you challenge me’.sanskar gulped partially because of her strict tone and partially because of the closeness as she held his near to her that they could feel each other’s hot breath.”and I trust you enough to come with you”ragini left his cheek and looking straight said so.she stared at the beautiful night sky with the twinkling stars as her eyes shone with admiration for such pure beauty.sanskar was looking at her wide beautiful eyes which held innocence now which were filled with fierce determination few moments ago.he turned back to riding the carriage when he felt her hand around his arm and her head on his shoulder.sanskar felt his whole body numb with only his heart beating furiously as if it will jump out any moment then as ragini starting stroking his arm softly still gazing the night sky he felt current pass through his whole stature and felt more than alive.a gush of wind passed through them making ragini tighten her grip on him as she snuggled closer to him.sanskar cleared his throat to calm his racing heart but felt cold as ragini pulled herself back with a tinge of red on her cheeks.
“ragini you were the ideal student in school…. did…did you not have….any…any crush anytime?”sanskar spoke hesitantly after few moments of silence as both recovered themselves from prior physical contact.ragini widened her eyes but composing herself taking a deep calming breath she looked into his eyes with such intense passion that sanskar felt his mouth go dry and a shiver ran down his spine.”I liked someone… actually I still like him”sanskar felt something breaking inside him as he heard her confession.as if ragini read his mind she cupped his face stroking his cheeks in soothing manner speaking again”I am still not able to get him out of my mind…I guess I have fallen in love with him…. and he is such that no one can resist themselves from falling for him… the person I am in love with is you sanskar….I love you…I love your company…I love your whining about work stress….I love when you hold my hand asking for permission to do so…..I would love you hold your hand always…I would love to spend my night in your embrace and woke up with your face in my vision”ragini spoke all this with such fervor that sanskar felt heat rising from his toe to top of his head.ragini left his cheeks but looked at him intently.sanskar felt himself melting in his gaze and clearing his throat said”I have always found you attractive from school… and then when I saw your photo I felt like I got someone who I was searching from so long…I don’t know why I felt it…. and then talking to you at your home I felt respect and admiration for you…..I wanted to feel that for my wife and then I knew you are the perfect choice and after that when we went shopping and spent more time….. knowing you and hearing you was the best experience that I value and keep closest to my heart…..it has been a privilege to know you and now that I know your feelings I reckon that I feel the same….i…”. ragini cut him off kissing his lips softly and as sanskar slid his one hand in her hair and gripping her waist to pull her closer kissing her lips passionately she let her hands caress his soft black locks.they kissed each other pouring all their emotions in that single kiss.ragini felt him smile making her grin and moaned as he nibbled her lower lip.after few moments of heated kiss they broke the kiss taking deep breaths as the red colour faded from their cheeks.ragini smirked at him and in return he winked at her and hugged her immediately locking her in his warm embrace.”I love you”sanskar said breathing her sweet scent of roses.

well I want to tell you guys something,I don’t ever proof read my works,I just finish them and post them??.I get too impatient that I just go on to post the writing and I don’t think I am going to change this habit till people point it out ?. it’s nothing but me being lazy and crazy at same time.
zyada paka Diya naa ok I am going and please pardon me if you didn’t find this story up to mark.

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