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Kunj and Twinkle’s moment was broken by a knock on the door. Kunj unwillingly moved away from Twinkle. Twinkle ran towards the bathroom to compose herself and Kunj also composed himself in the office. 

Once Twinkle was out, Kunj asked her to sit and start working and he opened the door only to find Lisa there. As soon as Lisa entered, she was shocked to find Twinkle inside and she slowly asked Twinkle, about her where about as she has some work with her. Kunj came to cover up, that he has given some important work to Twinkle and she was busy with him. 

Lisa- Sir, you could have told me, Twinkle is new, she won’t know how to do it. Lisa said looking towards Twinkle with anger and disgust, which clearly indicated Twinkle that she did not liked Twinkle to be with Kunj. 

Kunj- I think Ms. Lisa, it should be my decision who will do what work? 

Lisa- Yes Sir. Though she said but the anger she carried was not hidden from Kunj and Twinkle both. 

Kunj- Why you are here, I never called you. 

Lisa- Sir, I actually need a signature on these documents. 

Kunj- Leave it, here will sign it later. 

As soon as Lisa left Twinkle stood to leave the cabin, but Kunj held her hand and said- You are not going without answering me. 

Twinkle struggled to come out of Kunj’s grip but he was not letting her leave when she almost shouted- Leave me please, already a lot of drama you have created, now I don’t want to listen anything. She said and ran out. 

She ran in her cabin only to be questioned by Lisa who was suspicious, but Twinkle maintained a very stern professional look and answered the same thing what Kunj said. 

The whole day went like this and Twinkle was also successful in hiding her marks from Lisa which Kunj gave her and she was thinking about the  

While leaving for home, she told UV and Chinki about the condition Kunj has put in front of her to stay with him and she agreed to that, though UV and Chinki were not satisfied and didn’t want her to leave, but after giving the reason that the kidnapper has known her location, it will be better to relocate rather, as she still remembers his torcher, how he mentally and physically tortured her, just for some amount of money, though she was unaware that a 50% of business and property was already named after Twinkle and her future children by Kunj’s father and uncle, because of which that man kidnapped her and was after her life, when he came to know about her condition, and Kunj was unaware of all these things and she did not want UV and Chinki to be harmed just because of her. She also conveyed to them that she still is in love with Kunj, but is not ready to forgive him so easily, because of the pain he gave her in the past. 

UV and Chinki agreed with a heavy heart, when Twinkle told each and every thing about her and they also thought it to be best for her to stay with Kunj as UV was now very much sure that intentionally a misunderstanding was created between them. 

Twinkle went to sleep, but today all the time her mind was going towards the intimate encounter they shared, though at time she felt bad that because of her Kunj will hurt his girlfriend but she was liking the closeness and the touches which they shared. 

Other side Kunj was also continuously thinking about how he was on the verge of losing control today, which he remembered every time whenever he was near Twinkle and especially on the day when Twinkle gave him that sweet surprise after returning from the party. 

Flashback (Mature Content Ahead- Please Do not read if you are not comfortable) 

After returning from the party and small make out in the car Kunj was ready to pound on her, though Twinkle had some other plans that day. She kept on asking him to wait though Kunj was not listening to her and continuously teasing her either by biting her or ticking her or by touching her sensually. Finally, she got a chance and pushed him out of the bathroom, when he wished to come inside and romance her.  

Kunj was eagerly waiting for her sitting on the edge of the bed and shouting Twinkle to come out. Twinkle after around half an hour slowly came out of the bathroom. 

Kunj was totally shocked after seeing the boldest side of her. She was fully wrapped in a silk sheet and was shying, not able to maintain eye contact with Kunj. 

Kunj- Twinkle….. He said while getting up from the bed and his eyes were wide open. He started to walk further, while Twinkle stood at her place. 

Kunj walked near her and kept one hand on her shoulder and one hand under her chin to pull her face up. 

Kunj- Look into my eyes. 

Twinkle slowly looked up and hugged him immediately as she was shy. 

Kunj hugged her back, smiled and said- You don’t have to do this. 

Twinkle- I want to Kunj. She said very slowly but audible to him and broke the hug. 

Kunj looked into her eyes with love and kissed her passionately and sensually, which made Twinkle’s eyes closed. 

Kunj- I don’t think so then you will see and gentle Kunj tonight then. He said while kissing. 

Twinkle- Then don’t. She said pushed him a little and went on the bed to lie down. Kunj smiled at the inviting Twinkle on the bed. He slowly pulled the sheet to get another surprise. 

Kunj- Lingerie…. 


Twinkle blushed while Kunj pulled her close to him and started kissing passionately. They kissed and kissed and no one was ready to break the moment.  

Finally, Kunj broke the kiss and looked at Twinkle who was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed. He again crashed his lips on hers and kissed, each and every part of the mouth biting and sucking her lower lips. 

Twinkle moaned in his mouth. He broke the kiss and continued to kiss and bite her neck. Kunj’s hand slowly went towards the thin straps and pulled it down, continuing kissing her on her shoulder and neck. He looked in her eyes intensely, smirked and pulled the cloth further down revealing her br***ts, then navel and finally the cloth was off from her body, revealing her curvaceous body.  

After removing hers, Kunj started to remove his cloth and came on top of her, stopped her from biting her lips and kissed her and this time the kiss was wild. He moved down kissing on her sweet spots torturing her.  

Kunj went further down kissing and sucking her b****ts. She moaned his name loudly when he bit her there and clutched the bed sheet tightly to control her sensations, though nothing was helping. 

Kunj further went down, kissed and sucked her navel. He moved a bit to remove her last piece of cloth on the body. Twinkle was really shy, though it was not the first time she was like this in front of Kunj, but every time she felt like it was the first time with him. Kunj immediately entered in her and started moving making Twinkle scream his name. 

“ aahhhhh……Kunjjjjj” moaned loudly all night as they made love with each other the whole night and Kunj was really wild that night. 

Flashback ended (Mature content ended) 

Kunj blushed about all those moments shared between them and was happy as well, but another moment sadness was visible in his eyes, as how he missed those precious 2 years without his love and how much he struggled to find her, with no one believing his innocence for once and he himself was not even aware what suddenly made his love his wife leave him and he is still devoid of all the answers. 

He also remembered after their intimate and hot encounter, she was so tired that she slept like baby and Kunj was just observing the love bites he gave her on her whole body.  

Next day Kunj went to office and straight away went to Twinkle’s office, only to find Lisa there. Kunj could not understand why she was there before her reporting time. As soon as she saw Kunj, she stood up and went to him. 

Lisa- Good Morning Sir. 

Kunj- Ya Morning. Where is Twinkle? 

Lisa- Sir, she has still not come to the office. She is Late sir. Lisa said purposefully so that Kunj can show his anger on Twinkle and she can impress him and woo him with her work. She smirked thinking this and was about to say that Kunj can give her Twinkle’s work and she will complete. 

Lisa- Sir, you can…. 

Kunj cut her in between and said- Whenever Twinkle comes, send her in my cabin. 

Lisa- Yes Sir, but….. Before she can complete, Kunj leaves without even listening to her. Lisa was really angry on Twinkle, as she was noticing from the time Twinkle as come Kunj is handing over all the work to her only and even not looking at her. 

Kunj inside his cabin was waiting impatiently. Twinkle was late by an hour. 

Kunj- Why can’t this girl report on the given time? 

Kunj was impatiently waiting for her. He opened the CCTV’s of the gates to see when Twinkle arrives.  

After 20 minutes Twinkle got down from a car, was looking happy and wished good- bye to the person inside car. 

Kunj was angry as he thought that might be that stupid so-called boyfriend of her came to drop her. He immediately went down to meet Twinkle before she enters the office campus.  

Twinkle’s eyes were wide opened as soon she saw Kunj running towards her. 

Twinkle- Good Morning….. 

Kunj with anger clearly visible in his eyes, straight away came to the point and asked- Who dropped you and why you were smiling at him? 

Twinkle- That’s none of your business. After saying this Twinkle was about to move inside the building but Kunj held hand and stopped her.  

Kunj- Answer what is asked? 

Random office guy- Hey Twinkle, Good Morning. He wished and also gave a side hug, just as a greeting and Twinkle relied back by accepting his hug and wishing him back. 

Kunj was beyond angry (in his thought)- How can a random girl hug my wife. She is struggling to come close to me but is hugging that guy?  

That guy left and Kunj now asked Twinkle, with anger in his voice- Why you hugged him? 

Twinkle (shocked to see Kunj’s weird behavior, but answered him)- Because he greeted me!!  

Kunj- Do you even know men, you are looking so gorgeous, what if he proposes you? 

Twinkle- Kunj, what is with you? You are behaving so weird. He just greeted me. 

Kunj- I can see that, he will propose you, the way he was looking at you. 

Kunj in his thoughts- What is with you Kunj, why are you behaving like this in front of her. I need to control, I cannot show her my possessive side like this to her. 

Kunj tried to change the topic and said- You are 1 hour and 20 minutes late? Where is your boyfriend? 

Twinkle with confused look now as she was not able to understand him, what he was trying to talk. 

Kunj just held her hand and took her near his car and asked her to sit. 

Twinkle- Kunj, I have work, let me go and report. 

Kunj- No one is going to say anything to you. Just come with me. 

Twinkle- Where? 

Kunj- You will know in few minutes. 

Kunj drove the car out of the office building and took his car on a silent road, where at that time hardly any car will be seen and he stopped. 

Twinkle- Kunj, why you stopped the car here? 

Kunj turned towards her and just said- This is the place where I want you to come with because…… 

Twinkle- Kunj, I am not understanding anything, why you are behaving in such an awkward manner and now this…….. Wait, are you drunk….. but you hardly drink in the morning….but…. 

I want to kiss you- Kunj interrupted before Twinkle could clear her understanding. 

Twinkle was shocked and also blushed on Kunj’s demand. She doesn’t know how to react, while Kunj unbuckled his seat belt and supped her face in his palm and kissed her, while Twinkle was blank when he kissed her. After coming to senses she tried to resist but Kunj pleaded with his innocent and cute eyes which melted her. 

Kunj tongue met with Twinkle’s and he devoured her mouth, playing and smooching each and every part. Their lips were moving in sync and heat was radiating from their body. She moaned when Kunj bit her lower lip sharply and pulled apart. Kunj relaxed on his seat back and Twinkle turned her face the other side as she doesn’t want Kunj to look at her blushing red cheeks. His touches still affect her and no matter how she wants to stay away with him, his touches and every move that he made affected her.  

Just one more kiss please and I will take you back to office- Kunj came near Twinkle’s ears and said in a husky voice. 

Twinkle turned towards him and before she could react, Kunj’s lips were on her lips again. Kunj was smooching her lips with all his love and care for her. His hands started to move on her waist. Kunj moaned in his mouth when Kunj deepened the kiss. Kunj was now almost over lying over Twinkle and Twinkle was lost in him. Both the eyes were closed and were enjoying the moment. After about 15 minutes both left each other.  

Kunj went back to his seat and was smiling, while Twinkle looked down. She was breathing heavily and was biting her lower lip, which was already swollen and wet because of the kiss. 

Kunj looked at her and said- Don’t do that. It’s turning me on. He said and kissed her on her cheeks. 

Twinkle widened her eyes and turned her face the other side. He could see her blushing. 

He turned her and hugged her passionately, Twinkle also hugged him back. 

Kunj- I missed you so much. He said while breaking the hug and gave a kiss on her forehead and drove back to the office. 


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