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Kunj was sitting in his cabin, going through the documents, and his case was same like that of Twinkle. He was trying to distract the thoughts of Twinkle, but was not able to. The feel of her skin, was turning him on. He was well aware that what he did was not correct but, Kunj was not able to keep himself away from her, after seeing her after a long time and that also in a totally changed and hot avataar and Kunj, totally and madly in love with her, was not able keep himself away from her. He knew that taking this kind of approach was not correct as Twinkle will never approve it and would never let him come near her like this, as they need to clear many things, which were left not known to him and untold to her. He needs to clear all those things first and also get some details, before clearing everything to her.

Kunj chain of thoughts were broken by a knock on the door of his cabin.

Kunj- Come in.

Lisa- Morning Sir. Lisa said and gave a fake and sensual smile to Kunj, which was not very much liked by Kunj.

Kunj is a bit irritated tone- Morning.

Lisa- These is your schedule for today and I have also emailed you some documents which are required for today’s meetings and also have forwarded you the updated presentation for the monthly meeting which will be held in sometime. Lisa said and was trying to bow down to give a good show to Kunj, but he was least interested.

Kunj- Ok, you may go now, and yes, I told you that Twinkle will be working with you in your cabin.

Lisa- Oh Yes sir, as my assistant and I have showed her the place where she needs to sit.

Kunj looked up and said- She will be just working with you Lisa, and she is not you assistant. Working together and being in the same cabin does not mean that she will be your assistant.

Lisa in a not so happy face and hesitant to ask- Oh, I did not mean that sir, just wanted to ask then who will act as your PA, then.

Kunj- You do the work as PA and she will be assigned work personally by me. You don’t need to know more than this and leave now.

Lisa left and Kunj kept working on his files but it was time for his coffee and as usual, he has to remind Lisa, to get his coffee. He actually wanted Twinkle to make for him, but he was well aware that Lisa will never allow her to pick the calls, which are from me as she always want the credit for all the work happening around.

After sometime Lis, brought the coffee for Kunj and in one sip he was able to make it out who prepared the coffee, which brought a big smile on his face. It was taste from Twinkle’s hand, she still remembers the type of coffee he likes and she prepared exactly the same way.

Kunj stopped Lisa to confirm who prepared the coffee- Lisa, who made this coffee today?

Lisa being very tensed- Oh, is there any problem sir?

Kunj with a smile- Yes, there is, as the coffee is the best till now what I had in this office.

Lisa smiled and said- Oh, thank you sir.

Kunj’s face went serious and did not liked that the credit of the coffee was taken by Lisa, he absolutely hated when she thanked as if she prepared the coffee.

Kunj and twinkle continued to do the work.

Other side Lisa reached in cabin and straight went near Twinkle’s place.

Lisa- Umm, Twinkle, do you mind telling the way you made coffee, actually I liked your coffee, that’s why. She said and gave fake smile.

Twinkle looked up at Lisa’s direction and then at her desk where her coffee was kept untouched and said- But Lisa…. I mean mam, you did not have even a sip of coffee till now. Twinkle said and thought- I know Kunj asked you and now this girl wanted to know how I make. Why she needs to lie, why can’t she say that Kunj liked and that’s why she wants to know the recipe to impress him. I am also not going to tell her anything.

Lisa got irritated and said- Listen, whatever I ask you just tell me, and….

Lisa and Twinkle stood up as Kunj came in their cabin and he looked at Lisa with stern look and then at Twinkle.

Lisa was shocked to see Kunj in his cabin, but composed and moved towards him and asked- Sir, you here? Do you need something, you would have called me, I would have got it for you?

Kunj who was not even looking at Lisa but Twinkle-Twinkle, how many reports are done?

Twinkle- Sir, 4th one is about to complete.

Kunj- Come in my cabin, also bring your laptop with you.

Twinkle- Yes sir.

Lisa- Sir, do you me coming as its first day of Twinkle, so I will…..

Kunj- Whatever is told just follow that. Kunj said cutting Lisa, in between and held a very stern look.

Twinkle started collecting her things as soon as Kunj left from their cabin and Lisa was shocked standing like a statue as Kunj never called her in the cabin like this before, and she was jealous with Twinkle also, because of the attention she was getting from Kunj.

Twinkle reached Kunj’s cabin and knocked the door.

Kunj called her in and had maintained a stern face, and asked her- How many files you said, have been completed?

Twinkle- 4th file is about to be completed, sir.

Kunj looked at Twinkle (as she again called him sir) and asked- Sit and complete rest of the work here.

Twinkle was shocked and said– No, I can complete in my office.

Kunj- I am not requesting you, but it’s my order.

Twinkle sat down quietly on chair and started completing rest of her work. It was about lunch time, but Twinkle busy in completing the work given to her, without looking in Kunj’s direction or without even speaking a word, whereas Kunj was continuously observing her that she was feeling uncomfortable and also not asking to go for lunch, so he though to break the ice and asked- Twinkle, which file is it now?

Twinkle said hesitantly- 5th one.

Kunj- Ok, leave this for now and come with me, we are going out.

Twinkle eyes widen and said- What?

Kunj- What, what, get up and come fast. I will wait for you near parking.

Twinkle got up from her seat and was about to go when Kunj suddenly pulled her and kissed her on the corner of her lips which made Twinkle really shocked.

Kunj- This is your punishment for calling me, sir. (After a brief pause), next time, if you call me sir again, the kiss will be on your lips, (he came very near her ears and said in his sensual and husky voice)- I hope you remember, the kiss will not be a peck, but a sensual, lingering, passionate, wet and deep kiss.

Kunj smirked and turned to see the priceless expression on Twinkle’s face, winked and walked out from his cabin.

In the cabin, Twinkle was in full shock and was trying to control herself by keeping her hands near her heart and clutching her dress tightly near her chest to control the heartbeat. She just was thinking about the kiss that Kunj just gave it to her, as she was not expecting something like this, which made her blush like older days.

Twinkle moved out of his cabin, and was just walking absent mindedly, when she collided with someone. She came out of her zone to see who she collided with and found that it was Lisa, who was giving her fake smile.

Twinkle- Oh, I am so sorry, Mam.

Lisa- No worries, Twinkle.

Twinkle just gave a nod and smiled and was about to walk away when Lisa called her again.

Lisa raising her eyebrows and asked in her bossy and a bit rude tone- Umm, Twinkle, why you are not in your room?

Twinkle in her thoughts- This girl, why she is acting like this? Kunj called me in front of her and now she is asking me the question.

Twinkle replied- Mam, Ku… I mean, Sir came in our cabin to call me, so that I can complete the work and he can check the reports as they are completed.

Lisa- Ok, so can you make another coffee for me. I actually want one right now.

Twinkle- I am sorry Mam, actually Sir, I am going out again with Sir, to meet some clients with him and he is waiting for me and I need to go with him.

Lisa was really shocked and almost shouted on Twinkle- WHATTT?? He asked you? (after composing herself)- O…okay…th…then….no problem. Lisa faked smile again, which clearly showed that she was jealous and angry on Twinkle.

Twinkle rushed down and saw Kunj waiting for her near his car. Twinkle remember the first time she was in car with Kunj, after coming to Australia, for a business party, though the memory of that party was not very good, because of that guy, who misbehaved with Twinkle and she also got some flashback of the last party they attended together, where some of Kunj’s ex insulted her badly.

Twinkle sat on the passenger seat and Kunj took the driver seat.

Kunj- So, shall I start?

Twinkle- Hmm. Twinkle looked towards Kunj and gave a confused look to Kunj.

Kunj smirked and said- I was talking about driving, shall I start driving?

Twinkle- Umm, yes of course. Though the double meaning statement of Kunj, was well understood by Twinkle which made her blush, she turned, facing the window, and smiled at the stupid thoughts that she was getting, because of the Kunj’s words. Kunj also observed her blushing and could not stop him from smiling. He started the car and while keeping his hands on the gear, he took Twinkle’s hand and kept on the gear and above that his hands.

Twinkle looked at her hands which were below Kunj’s hands, she tried moving it away, but was not able to as Kunj’s grip was firmer. All of the sudden the car came to stop to which Twinkle asked Kunj.

Twinkle- We reached?

Kunj- No.

Twinkle- Then why you stopped the car?

Kunj- Because, you are distracting me.

Twinkle- Means, what have I done.

Kunj did not say anything but started unbuckling his seat belt and leaned towards Twinkle.

Twinkle- Kunj, What…. are you doing? Why are………

Twinkle could not complete her sentence as Kunj locked her lips with his. He took both her lips and smooched every inch of it. Twinkle could feel her lips swelled because of the wild kiss. Kunj’s one hand was on Twinkle’s back and was leaning on her, moving his hands all over her back. He then moved his hands further down and touched the hem of her dress, caressing her thigh and slowly his hands went inside her dress. Twinkle moaned in his mouth, when Kunj squeezed her waist, giving full access to Kunj, to taste every corner of her mouth.

Twinkle felt a little shake on her shoulder and she came out of her wild dream which she just saw with Kunj. She saw Kunj shaking her to come out of her dream world. He was asking something and Twinkle eyes grew wide, thinking about the wild and dirty dream, she just saw. How can she think something like this about her and Kunj?

Kunj- Twinkle, Twinkle. Kunj again shook her to bring her out of her thinking.

Twinkle- Huh.

Kunj- Twinkle, are you fine?

Twinkle said while wiping some part of sweat which was on her forehead- Ye…yes, I am fine. Wh…what will happen to me? She said, not making eye contact with Kunj.

Kunj- No, you are not fine, why your breathing is uneven? Kunj asked worried for her.

Twinkle- N…no, I am fine.

Kunj- No, let’s go to the doctor.

Twinkle- No, I am fine, please nothing happened. Please let’s go.

Kunj- Twinkle, but….

Twinkle- I… I….hmm ya… I am ust exercising, it si good for lungs to take deep breaths, so, so , so just exercising, you know.

Kunj gives her a unbelievable look and said- Ok, if you say so.

Twinkle- How long it will take us to reach?

Kunj just smiled and said- Just 5 more minutes. (After a brief pause)- Whenever I have taken you out on a date you are always eager to know, why so?

Twinkle- Because you are unpredictable. Twinkle said absent mindedly, then realized and said- No, actually….ummm

Kunj- it’s ok, Twinkle. Kunj said and they shared a painful eye lock.

After 5 minutes Kunj and Twinkle reached the place. Twinkle came out of the car and was shocked to see the scenario in front of her. Kunj brought her to the most famous and romantic restaurant of Melbourne and was only for couples.

Twinkle was looking at restaurant in shock and Kunj was enjoying the expression that Twinkle was giving at that moment.

Twinkle with her wide eyes said- This restaurant is for…..

Kunj cut her in between and said with a smirk on his face- Couples only. Let’s go in. Kunj said and placed his hand on the back of Twinkle, holding her, trying to show that the girl next to him belongs to him only.

They made their way inside the restaurant, and Twinkle was in awe because of the ambience inside the restaurant was amazing and the dim lights and soft music made the ambience really romantic and shocked because Kunj had pre planned all these things.

Kunj- You liked it?

Twinkle who was all lost in the beautiful environment of restaurant said- Yes, it’s all so beautiful, just perfect as always.

Kunj- Thank you. (After a brief pause) Twinkle, if you are liking the ambience so, then I am quite sure you will like the food as well.

Twinkle came back and realized what she was doing and but did not say anything and bowed her head down, when Kunj again kept his hand on her lower back and they went in the room which was booked for them.

Kunj like a gentleman, pulled the chair for her to sit and while sitting Twinkle asked- Why this place is empty, I mean no one is seen at the peak hour?

Kunj smiled and said while taking the seat- I booked for us.

Twinkle- What, but why?

Kunj- Because, I want to spend some time alone with my love.

Twinkle- You know that it is not possible now?

Kunj facial expression changed from happy to serious and asked- Why, because……

Before Kunj can say anything else, the waiter came and introduced himself and took Kunj and Twinkle’s order.

After that Kunj and Twinkle was quiet, when out of nowhere Kunj asked- So?

Twinkle- Huh.

Kunj- So, do you l.…. love him?

Twinkle- I don’t think I need to answer my personal life questions.

Kunj raising his one eyebrow and said- Ohk, don’t answer that. Tell me at least were you fine these 2 years? Kunj asked with concern shown in his eyes.

Twinkle’s eyes were moist and said- Please Kunj, you don’t need to ask all this.

Kunj again had to be quite because the waiter brought them the drinks.

After he left Kunj again asked- You don’t want to tell me that how you were in last 2 years. You can skip the question that you love him, because I know you do.

Twinkle- P..Please..

Kunj- He must be caring right, not like me, who used to make you cryand get angry at you?

Twinkle did not say anything, but a lone tear dropped from her eye.

Kunj softened after seeing her crying and said- I don’t want to make you cry, please.

Twinkle composed and said- Oh no, please don’t think like that, it’s because of the dim lights, I have to strain my eyes, that’s why the tear.

Kunj was getting out of patience now and he said- Why Twinkle, why don’t you want to answer me anything I am asking? Tell me that this tear was because of me, tell me that the man you brought that day was just to make me jealous and he is not your boyfriend. Please tell me you still love me, miss me.

Twinkle- Nothing like that. I think I should leave. She started getting up when Kunj held her and stood up and continued the conversation.

Kunj- What you want me to do, tell me, because I am not going to lose you for any other stupid fellow and whom do you think will help you, that UV and Chinki. I will ruin them as well if they try to, and you are not going anywhere without answering me. Tell me why you left me without saying anything, leaving those divorce papers behind. Answer me right now, because you are only mine, did you get that.

Twinkle was now crying- I….it was…..n…not….my…….I w…was…h…

Before she could complete the waiter came with order. Kunj who was really hyper now, asked him to keep and leave immediately. Waiter was looking at Twinkle who had turned her face other side, when Kunj in a very strict voice told the waiter to leave immediately. As soon as the waiter left, Twinkle again tried running out of the room., but was not able to because Kunj had still held her arms in his.

Kunj- What you thought, that I will let you remain in peace Ms. Twinkle, I will make your life hell. This is just the beginning.

Twinkle’s eyes widen in shock and asked- What, this means all you asked was to hurt me?

Kunj- Yes, to hurt you, to make you feel what I fell when you left, leaving our relationship, without saying anything.

Twinkle- I….

Kunj with his jaws tight and in very angry voice- Don’t you dare utter a word. Let’s go.

Kunj went and Twinkle was behind him. They sat in the car and both were quiet. Kunj was angry and Twinkle had stopped crying but was really sad. Kunj proved himself a liar by showing that he was not at all concerned, but want to know the answers from her which she was not willing to tell. He was ready to do anything, any kind of punishment he was ready to bear, but want Twinkle back in his life. He needed Twinkle, a lot, as he was all alone, after his lovely Surjeet Chachu and Dad left he was all alone. He wanted Twinkle at that moment of time to be with him but she also left him all alone. Kunj was angry on Twinkle when she was not with him when he required her the most. Though after looking her in that office that day, all the anger left behind and he was happy to see her back and decided to get her back at any cost. But her actions are telling him that she has moved on and he has lost her, the last hope of his life, as she is in love with someone else. Kunj was really getting frustrated that how can Twinkle move on, leaving him and all those beautiful memories behind, how can she forget about all those romantic moments, how can she come over whenever we kissed or made love with each other. Kunj was thinking all this while driving the car and wanted to listen Twinkle’s anger and he won’t say anything, but just wanted to listen.

Kunj wished that he can tell Twinkle, the truth about how much he had missed, her being his side, every morning he just checked his emails and message box, that if Twinkle tried contacting him, every night he tried to sleep a peaceful sleep and try to convince that he is strong, but that was not the case, neither he was strong nor sleep was in his eyes. But now it was getting impossible to prove himself strong every other day, he really wanted Twinkle and missed her and same he also wished that she missed him as well.

Screen freezes on sad faces of Twinkle and Kunj.


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I have tried giving Kunj’s point of view, how he felt when Twinkle left him, I hope you all will like it.

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