Twinkle to Kunj- Sir, actually, I just was not aware about the directions here?

Kunj got up from his seat and started walking closer to Twinkle, decreasing the distance, while she started taking steps backward and moving away from Kunj.

Twinkle- Sir, wha…..what are you…. doing?

She asked as Kunj was decreasing the closeness between them and now the situation was that Kunj was so close to her and she was caged between the Kunj and the wall.

Twinkle was shocked as Kunj was dangerously close to her that there nose tips were touching.

Twinkle- Sir,…… wha…..

Twinkle could not complete her sentence as Kunj pressed her lips by her fingers, to stop her from speaking further and said- I heard you called me Sir and not by my name?

Twinkle- Hmmm.

Kunj- Are you finding ways to irritate me? Kunj said removing his finger from her lips.

Twinkle- Huh. Twinkle was standing speechless and confused.

Kunj- Ok, will be clearer. Call me by my name.

Twinkle- No Sir, I can’t do that. You are my boss and I can’t take your name.

Kunj- You will have to take Twinkle, else do you have any idea, what can I do?

Twinkle- Huh!! Twinkle again stood making an innocent face and just nodded her head in no.

Kunj also did not said anything just closed the distance between them more and now his lips bushed from her lips to cheeks and went near ear and said in his husky voice- If you will not call me by my name then….

Kunj was now breathing on her neck and Twinkle’ eyes were closed.

Kunj- Say it Twinkle.

Twinkle- Kunjjjjj…. Twinkle said and brought her hand near his chest to pull her away from him.

Kunj smirked and said- Save it now and remember to say my name like this only in future otherwise now you very well know the consequences.

Kunj- So Miss Twinkle, have heard that you are a multi tasker, so your task for today is to complete this report by today COB and these are the files which will explain the work you have to do.

Twinkle- Which files, there are so many files kept on your table.

Kunj went near his table and picked up 10 files and handed it to Twinkle.

Twinkle was shocked to look the number of files, she opened the first page to look into the work she has to do, was shocked and said- This is impossible in such a short time you want me summarize all the project details.

Kunj –You re very smart Ms. Twinkle, just by looking into the first page you made out what kind of work you have to do. By the way, that was just the first part of work that you have to do, look deeper there are more work that you have to complete. So, don’t waste time, start your work and make sure, you don’t do any kind of mistake as I hate mistakes in my work.

Twinkle was shocked and said- What are you talking it is so much impossible to all the work in one day.

Kunj smirked and started walking closer to her and said- I know and that is why I am giving you so that I have my own ways to punish you.

Twinkle understood what Kunj was trying to say- I should go and start my work.

She turned to go but Kunj grabbed her hand and pulled her in his arms by keeping his hand on her waist, pulled really close to her and buried his face in the crook of her neck and said in his husky voice- I won’t let you go anywhere now Twinkle, you are only and only mine.

He said really huskily near her ear and started roaming his hand very sensually near her waist.

Twinkle closed her eyes as he kept his hands moving, but tried to stop when Kunj pulled her one leg a little up and started caressing her bare legs and thighs.

Twinkle- Kk…uu.n..n.jjj….th.is….n…ot…..r…ig…ht. She said in while stammering and could not speak in one go as she herself was getting weak by Kunj’s touch.

Kunj smiled and loved as he saw his tuch still affected her and whispered being dangerously close to Twinkle’s lips- Twinkle, you don’t know what you are doing with me. Your change and your dresses are making me mad. I missed every single moment of being with you and your fragrance. It was my daily routine to wake up with you in front of my eyes.

Kunj said and started kissing her face and ears.

Twinkle- Kk…uu.n..n.jjj….le…ave….me… She was struggling and melting in his arms and Kunj was also losing his control. She somehow moved out of Kunj’s grip and ran out of his cabin.

Kunj didn’t liked because he really wanted to touch and feel her, but at the same time also loved to see the effect of his touch and said- I will get you back Twinkle, I love you soo very much. He said while moving his hands in his hair and smiling.

Next scene Twinkle ran outside after having some intimate moments with Kunj. She had the few files in her hand, which was kept right in front of her chest to control her heartbeat and spoke to her- This is wrong, I can’t feel for the way I used to, he is not my husband now, I can’t do this.

Twinkle was trying to forget what Kunj did in cabin but the effect his fragrance and his touch was still making her body shiver like anything. She was still feeling the touch he gave and remembered when he closed all the gaps between them and his lips brushing the corner of her lips and cheeks and the way he whispered near her ear, was a big turn on for Twinkle. She was melting in his arms and falling weak in front of him. She didn’t want to come close to Kunj and fall weak in front of him but Kunj was trying all the ways to come close to her. She composed herself in few minutes and started looking for Lisa, who can show her the way of her cabin where she can sit and start her work.

Lisa showed her the cabin which was Lisa’s cabin only. Lisa was explaining the work to Twinkle, in a very bossy way and was also checking out the dress Twinkle was wearing and was giving her looks which didn’t unnoticed by Twinkle. Though Twinkle thought she should have not listened Chinki and wear the dress.

Lisa- Anyways, I hope you are understanding what I am trying to explain you, right? The way you were working before will not be the same, as you don’t know about Mr. Kunj, he wants everything perfect and I already had a lot of pressure, that is why he appointed you as my assistant.

Twinkle- Ya, I know, he is way too har. Twinkle said in context, remembering the way he was trying hard to get close to her.

Lisa- Hmm. Lisa asked being confused as what Twinkle was trying to say.

Twinkle- I mean, he called me early today and gave these files to prepare till today COB. Twinkle said and was about to sit her place when Lisa stopped.

Lisa- Twinkle, I think you did not hear what I told you?

Twinkle gave a confused look and said- Sorry, but I didn’t get what you are trying to say?

Lisa said in a bit rude tone- You are my assistant, which means you can’t sit at my place.

Twinkle- But…

Lisa- If you have any issues go and talk to Mr. Kunj not me.

Twinkle was sad and didn’t said anything and thought that this must be Kunj’s way to make her life hell like this only and said- Ok

Twinkle went and took a seat which was in the corner of the room and started working on the tasks given to her by Kunj.

After sometime Lisa, called her and said- Twinkle, please prepare coffee for me and Kunj Sir. I just got a call from him. Go and get it.

Twinkle- Ok.

Lisa- And please make a good coffee, as Kunj Sir is quite particular about his coffee.

Twinkle just nodded her head and went to make coffee for Kunj and Lisa, and could clearly make out that Lisa was trying to be her boss and pretending that she is working, but the fact was Lisa was just pretending not working.

Twinkle- This Lisa is also some kind of headache, she has not even told me what kind coffee is preferred by Kunj, so I will make the kind I use to make for him at home and I don’t know how Lisa likes. I know, she just wants to scold me, I can make out form her look, she is nothing, but a b***ch and dominating.

Twinkle prepared coffee for Kunj and Lisa, in her style which she used to make and she was well aware that Kunj used to love anything made by her. She went in to give coffee to Lisa and asked very innocently- Lisa, this is your coffee and Kunj Sir’s coffee is also ready, should I go ad give it to him.

Lisa- No need, you complete your work, I will go and give it to him (brief pause) Twinkle, I am your boss, you should call me Mam, not by my first name. I hope you got my point.

Twinkle bowing her head said- Yes Mam.

Twinkle started thinking and said- I know she just want me to work and take the credit of the coffee made. Twinkle went back to her seat and started doing her work.

Twinkle was working but her mind was constantly thinking about the happier moments with Kunj and today after a small intimate session, was making her think about the last time when they both got intimate.

Flashback (Twinkle’s thought)

Twinkle knew that day Kunj had a very important meeting with some clients and he will be back really late, as that deal was very important for him. She was feeling tired that day because of she had to do all household work, as mostly all servants were on leave. She went to take a hot shower, so that she can relax her body and later realized, that she has forgotten her clothes in the closet only. She just wore her inner and bath robe, which reached just till her mid thighs and left the bathroom and reached her wardrobe, where she was busy taking her clothes. She felt someone’s gaze at her and turned to find her husband looking at her like she is a piece of meat. Kunj kept looking at her and took steps towards her, whereas Twinkle was scolding herself in mind, that how can she be so stupid and this was the second time, something like this has happened in front of Kunj.

Twinkle- Kk…u…nnjj I…. She was trying to say something, but words were not coming out from her mouth, because Kunj was continuously looking at her and taking slow steps towards her and Twinkle was taking steps backwards, and didn’t even realize when that she reached near wall and had no space to go. Twinkle clutched the robe more tightly to hide her from Kunj’s eyes that were ready to eat her and he closed the distance them and chuckled looking at her face.

Kunj- How can you blush so much.

Twinkle- Ku…nn…jjj

Kunj came closer and said in his husky voice- I love you a lot Twinkle, I really do. He said and held her hands removed her holds from the robe and gave her a wet kiss, near her cleavage.

Kunj- I am sorry Twinkle, for behaving rudely with you.

Twinkle- No I… can…und..derstand that you…

Kunj- Sorry, sorry for everything that I did. I was really tensed because of work and I took all on you, Sorry Twinkle,

Kunj was opening up and caressing her cheek with the back of his hand- I love you Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.

Twinkle was listening but feeling very shy- Kunj, pplease leave me. I need to ch….change. Twinkle was not speaking much but was very happy that Kunj was opening in front of her.

Kunj smirked and said- Why (after a brief pause), there is nothing to hide from me, I have seen everything. Kunj said kissed her eyes, her full face and then moved on her neck. He was giving her an open mouth kiss and before Twinkle could say something, she felt Kunj’s sucking her upper lips and her eyes got closed, he took her hands above her head and deepened the kiss.

Flashback ends

Twinkle came out of her thoughts smiling, as she was brought back by Lisa, who was tapping on her shoulder, and calling her.

Lisa- Are you alright?

Twinkle- Yes, I am fine. On no! Twinkle what were you doing, how can you think all these things, as I know, that was all fake. Just do your work and complete.

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I hope you all will understand.

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