Twinkle, this is gorgeous! Make Kunj buy these for you. Chinki said as she a held a beautiful diamond and ruby earrings.

Twinkle- Chinki, I am more in a mood of buying an expensive diamond ring, something exclusive. She said while walking towards the jewelry counter where the diamond rings were displayed.

Chinki- Ok. Well you know diamonds are girl’s best friends and like you I also love diamonds.

Twinkle- What do you think about this? Twinkle said eying a diamonds solitaire ring with a big diamond in the center of the ring.

Chinki- Twinkle earrings!

Twinkle- Uff Chinki! Look at this ring! Twinkle exclaimed with fake enthusiasm. She asked the man behind the counter to take out the row of rings.

Chinki- Which one?

Twinkle- This one, it has a big diamond in it as well. Twinkle said and showed the ring that she selected.

Chinki- But Twinkle, I don’t find this diamond big enough and it is also just thousand hundred dollars and just one diamond in it. You should see something really exclusive. Seeing this one Kunj will laugh at you, that you bought such a simple ring.

Twinkle- Ok, then tell me which one do you like? Twinkle asked Chinki to choose so as to give her more space and she can understand the ring which she will prefer to wear in her engagement and she can tell UV about it.

Chinki- Let’s see then. Chinki started to roam her eyes around to check if she can find any. “That one”- Chinki said with excitement.

The man behind the counter took out a beautiful diamonds ring which has lots of small diamonds encrusted throughout the platinum band.

Chinki- I wouldn’t mind wearing this ring for rest of my life.

Twinkle exclaimed- 8000 dollars.

Chinki- Twinkle, Kunj is a multi-millionaire. A few thousand dollars is not going to harm him. I wonder if UV will ever buy such precious gift for me.

Twinkle pulled out her phone and tried to pretend she was doing something, as she was trying to take picture of the ring from her phone and send it to UV and tell him that they have found the engagement ring. She sends all the details to UV.

Twinkle- You know what Kunj and my engagement came as a surprise for me, as we were not aware about it, so I couldn’t get a chance to select for me. I wished I could get a symbolic wedding ring.

Chinki- Aww that’s so sweet. Well you know an engagement ring is only temporary, so it should be a lot less intricate. I would prefer something really out of the world., but that’s me.

Twinkle laughed and said- So, let’s look something with detailed design and something out of this world.

Like this Twinkle and Chinki spent some time looking around at various diamond rings. Chinki kept convincing Twinkle that they should look more designs and that also modern ones and Twinkle openly listened every one of Chinki’s suggestions.

This is perfect. I want this this ring. Chinki almost shouted. She picked up a fourteen-carat white gold band which has small diamonds all around the ring and there was one big diamond on the center of the rings as well.

Twinkle- It’s great, but this is not my style. It has you written all over it. She pulled out her phone again and took a picture while Chinki was looking through other rings, whereas Twinkle sent the picture of the ring with the message- Bingo.

Both the girls roamed around the shop for some more time and then decided to get back to home as they were tired.

Chinki- Twinkle, are you not getting something for yourself. Chinki said as Twinkle started to move out of the shop.

Twinkle stopped as she had forgotten that she had brought Chinki to a jewelry store under that false pretense that she was getting revenge against Kunj.

Twinkle- Oh, yeah. I like this one. Twinkle said and purchased a simple ten- carat yellow gold solitaire that was only a thousand dollars much to Chinki’s dismay. Twinkle wasn’t really angry with Kunj and she didn’t feel right spending too much money on something she didn’t need.

Chinki- Let’s go and find some dresses Chinki said and rushed to one of the stores and Twinkle laughed and went behind Chinki.

Twinkle returned back to the mansion much later that she’d anticipated. She was surprised to find that Kunj hadn’t come home yet. She started pacing in her living room, trying to figure out an excuse to justify why she had purchased such an expensive diamond ring worth thousands of dollars. After a while she sat down on her sofa and propped her feet up, getting more impatient as the night went on. She thought of calling Kunj but then thought that he might be busy. After some time, she heard the door knob. She sprung her feet and rushed to the door. The door got open and there stood UV.

Twinkle, you are the best. I don’t have words to thank you. UV said and he walked in and engulfed Twinkle in a hug.

Ok UV, that’s enough- Kunj said walking up behind him.

UV- I need to properly thank Twinkle. UV said releasing Twinkle from a hug.

Kunj- She gets it.

UV- Ok, I will just hug you instead. UV walked to Kunj and now engulfed him in a hug.

Kunj- Ok, Ok UV, you have thanked everyone enough. Kunj said and pushed UV off of him.

UV- Twinkle, the rings are just perfect. I never thought that you will actually make her select the ring for her engagement. This is so good and I am so happy that I could kiss you right now. UV said animatedly.

Kunj- Don’t even think about it. Kunj said very sternly to UV.

UV- It was just an expression man.

Twinkle- It was actually lot of fun and I am so happy to help.

UV- Wait till you see Twinkle, what we have planned. You are going to wish I was proposing you instead of Chinki.

Kunj- No, she won’t.

Twinkle giggled at Kunj’s jealousy and said- I am sure it will be great.

Kunj- UV, don’t you have some other work?

UV- No, why? UV said and dropped himself on the sofa.

Kunj- UV leave. He said following into the living room.

UV- But I just got here.

Kunj took off his coat and shot a smirk at Twinkle. He threw his coat straight on the floor. Twinkle bent to pick it up but Kunj stopped her shaking his head silently.

Kunj- Ok, UV, you can stay. Kunj said slyly. He loosened the first few buttons of his shirt.

UV- Cool, so got anything to eat? I am starving. UV replied stretching out on the sofa.

Kunj- I will just let you know that I am about to have wild s*x with my wife on that very sofa you are sitting on. Kunj smirked.

Twinkle eye’s widened and her mouth dropped in shock. UV looked at Kunj in just as much shock as Twinkle was in. He grinned widely.

UV- That’s hot.

Kunj laughed- Get out.

UV stood up and said- Well, I hope you enjoy your…. evening. UV said, moving towards the door…… You dog- UV said at Kunj as he left.

Twinkle said as soon as UV left- Why you lie to him like that? He was so happy.

Kunj smirked- Who said I lied? Kunj smirked, taking a step closer to Twinkle.

Twinkle said while taking steps back- Kunj, please behave yourself.

Kunj smiled and said- Why, don’t you want to have wild s*x with me?

Twinkle looked down, blushing profusely. Kunj grabbed her hand and pulled her forward. She quickly pulled her hand away and sprinted up the stairs. Kunj looked surprised for a moment, then ran up the stairs after Twinkle. She ran into bedroom and slammed the door shut. Kunj started banging on it hard.

Kunj- Twinkle, open the door!

Twinkle backed away from the door, afraid to open it. She knew that Kunj was just kidding, but she couldn’t help but worry. Suddenly, the banging stopped. Twinkle looked at the door, wondering, if Kunj was still standing on the other side. She cautiously unlocked it and cracked it open, peeking outside. Kunj out of nowhere and forced the door all the way open. Twinkle let out an involuntarily squeal and backed away. Kunj had a devious look on his face. He slowly walked forward.

Kunj- Twinkle said unsurely.

Twinkle- Kunj countered with a grin. He continued to walk forward and Twinkle took a few steps back.

Twinkle was backed up against the wall. She saw no way to escape. Kunj walked closer and closer to her. He placed an arm on either side of her trapping her between himself and the wall. Twinkle looked pleasingly up at Kunj, silently negging him to behave himself. He leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead, then on her eyes one by one. He then kissed on both her cheeks and then her jaw and then a kiss on her neck. Twinkle eyes were opening and closing due to the sensations Kunj was giving her.

Kunj moved back and said- Twinkle, I’d never do anything you were uncomfortable with. I promised, remember?

Twinkle- Thank you. She didn’t know what else to say. She was blushing badly that she was not able to look into his eyes.

Kunj- Don’t thank me. Now, come on. I am hungry. Kunj laughed. He took Twinkle’s hand and they went downstairs to have a late dinner.

Once they were in kitchen, Twinkle suddenly remembered that she needed to tell Kunj about her shopping trip. Since the chef had already left, twinkle started heating up some food, while Kunj sat in living room. He decided that he needs to finish some of his office work as he and UV had spent so much time in making plans for Chinki. Twinkle walked into the living room as Kunj immediately closed his laptop.

Twinkle- Kunj, can I show you something?

Kunj- Sure.

Twinkle sat down beside him on the sofa. She pulled the box out which had the diamond ring which she bought while shopping with Chinki.

Twinkle- I needed an excuse to take Chinki to a jewelry shop, so I could find out what ring she liked.

Kunj- What did you tell her?

Twinkle then admitted- That I was angry on you…… because you called me fat.

Kunj- Twinkle! I would never say that. He felt hurt that Twinkle would even suggest that he had say something like that about her.

Twinkle- I know, I am sorry. But she believed it. I told her that needs to get some revenge.

Kunj- What kind of revenge?

Twinkle- The type that hits you right in the wallet.

Kunj asked now his eyes becoming wide- What did you buy? Now he was looking worried. Hopefully Twinkle didn’t spend too much money.

Twinkle looked down and said- I am sorry.

Kunj- twinkle, it’s ok, but what did you buy?

Twinkle replied- This. She showed the box that had the diamond ring, hoping that he would be angry on her.

Kunj- It’s nice. How much did it cost?

Twinkle- 1100 dollars.

Kunj- That’s it.

Twinkle- What. You are not angry, that I have spent so much of money?

Kunj –You looked so worried. I thought you spend few hundred thousand dollars or something. God Twinkle, it is just 1100 dollars, which is nothing.

Twinkle- But…

Kunj- But what? You don’t have to feel bad for spending 1100 dollars, you can spend this much amount of money daily if you want.

Twinkle looked down. She felt silly, of course, Kunj would not mind if she spends few thousands of dollars. Chinki had even told her that she had have to spend a lot more to get a reaction out of Kunj.

Twinkle- Sorry, I thought you would mind.

Kunj- Of course I won’t. Spend whatever you want. You are the wife of a very rich man, twinkle. Just remember that. Kunj winked.

Twinkle stood up to go back to kitchen but Kunj stopped her from leaving.

Kunj- Twinkle, I don’t like to lie. It is not a nice thing to do. Kunj said pulling her back to sofa.

Twinkle- What are you talking about?

Kunj said very innocently- Twinkle, you remember I told UV that we are going to have wild s*x with my wife on this couch.

Twinkle said skeptically- Kunj.

Kunj- I mean the least we could do is make out a little. Then it wouldn’t be a lie.

Twinkle looked down. She started to giggle as Kunj started to giggle as Kunj started to nuzzle her neck.

Twinkle- Ok, but only because lying is bad.

Kunj captured Twinkle’s lips with his. He kissed her full of passion, exploring his tongue in a dominating way.

Twinkle encircled her hand around his neck and kissed him back. He pushed her on the sofa and by now Twinkle had completely lost herself in this heated passion. Kunj left her for a moment only to capture her lips more aggressively. He showed how much he needs her.

He bit her lower lip before withdrawing. He started to bite her cheeks and neck. Twinkle was totally lost and she was feeling really hot. Kunj was going very wild and rough and he pressed his body harder to show how he was aroused by now. Twinkle who was moaning his name and was going mad. Her hands were roaming at his back and by now Kunj’s hand had started to rub all over her body. Kunj abruptly left Twinkle and got up.

Twinkle who was breathing heavily- What happened Kunj?

Kunj whose breath was also uneven- You go…. Twinkle, you please go before I cross the line.

Twinkle blushed and left from that place. Kunj also smiled and was just thinking that his wait gets over quickly.


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