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Hello! May I speak to Mrs. Sarna please? A female voice came from the other side of the phone when Twinkle answered the phone.

Twinkle- Yes, this is Mrs. Sarna here.

Mam, your husband has met with a car accident this afternoon. I am Nurse Kate. Could you please come down to the hospital? – The nurse said.

Twinkle- What? Twinkle was so shocked that she couldn’t respond more than that.

Nurse- Your husband, Kunj Sarna met with an accident.

Twinkle- Is he alright? – Tears were there by now in Twinkle’s eyes.

Nurse- He is in a critical condition right now. It would be really good if you come down to the hospital.

Twinkle- Yes, yes, I will be right there.

Twinkle was panicked but she tried to steady herself. Kunj had met with an accident. He was hurt and in critical condition. She tightly clutched the counter top trying to regain her composure. Her hand went to a nearby vase and it crashed on the floor breaking into pieces.

Bebe- Twinkle, my child are you alright? Bebe came running to Twinkle after seeing her condition. She made her sit down on the nearby chair.

Twinkle- I…. I am fine. I need to rush to the hospital.

Bebe- Hospital… why?

Twinkle- Kunj….. He was in a car accident. I need to go to him. She said but her voice was not coming out.

Bebe- Ok, don’t worry, I will immediately call the driver and he will take you to the hospital. Bebe hurried up and called the driver.

Once twinkle reached the hospital, she requested to speak to nurse Kath who called and informed her about Kunj’s health. Nurse Kate took her to the room where Kunj was admitted. Twinkle entered and was afraid. As she entered, she saw Kunj lying on the bed with several machines monitoring his heart beats and other body parts and he has bruises on his body with several bandages. One was on his head covering his head wound. He had scratches on his face and hands. One of his arm was covered with a big bandage and there were bottles of drips which he was given through his veins. His leg was also wrapped in bandages. He looked so pale and weak. Twinkle had tears in her eyes looking Kunj’s conditions.

Twinkle mumbled with tears in her eyes- Please be ok Kunj. Please be ok. She was whispering to herself. She and Kunj were the only ones in the room and Kunj was unconscious.

Please, please please- Twinkle said again and again as she was going closer to Kunj. She bit her lips and was trying every possible way not to cry and be strong but seeing Kunj in this stage she was not able to control her tears. She sat down beside Kunj’s mangled form. She placed her hands-on cheeks when she heard a low grunt form him which clearly showed he was in pain. She quickly removed her hand not wanting to give him more pain.

Twinkle- UV stood on the doorway, looking like he, himself was holding back his tears seeing his best friend in this condition.

Twinkle- Will he be ok?

UV- Doctors are not telling me anything. They say I am not a family member so they reveal anything to me.

Twinkle- Why, you should have told him that you are his brother. This is what Kunj considers you. She said letting some tears drop from her eyes.

Uv had a small smile on his face as it was the nicest thing someone had told him till date, but still had traces of sadness on his face. Twinkle went to the doctors to ask about Kunj’s health condition.

Doctor- He is in a very critical condition. We will have to keep him under observation. We will monitor him 24/7. As of now he had some broken ribs and broken arm. He also had some internal bleeding but that has stopped and we have been taking care of that. He has also hurt his leg badly, we just have done an X-ray to check whether there is any fracture or simple sprain is there. Also, because of shock and head injury we cannot say for how long he will be unconscious. We are trying to wake him up otherwise anything serious can take place.

Twinkle- Doctor, please try to do your best.

Doctor- Yes Mrs. Sarna we are trying our best. The best thing is that he is responding to our medication and treatment in a positive so I am confident in this case, that we will get success.

Twinkle- Thank you doctor.

Twinkle came back to Kunj’s ward after talking to the doctor. She was just adjusting her eyes as because of tears her vision was not cleared. At that moment she just wanted Kunj to open his eyes and smile at her and tell her that he is absolutely fine. She wanted him to comfort her at that moment. She wanted him to open his eyes so that she can tell him that she won’t let anything happen to him and will take his proper care.

The doctor also came and told Twinkle- Mrs. Sarna, we need to wake him up please.

Twinkle- Kunj (she whispered), Kunj (a little louder).

Kunj made no movement. Twinkle kept her hand on his shoulder carefully not to cause him pain and tried again to wake him up- Kunj, please wake up.

Twinkle- She heard him whisper. His brows furrowed, but his eyes didn’t open.

Twinkle placed a hand on top of Kunj’s hand. He held her hand and finally opened his eyes. He looked confused for a moment, and then all remembered back. How he was not able to concentrate on his work, how he decided to go out on a care drive and how he met with an accident and now he was lying down on a hospital bed and saw Twinkle on his side.

Twinkle stood up quickly and asked Kunj- Kunj, are you alright? how are you feeling?

Kunj said in a very less audible voice- I am fine.

He was able to see how much hurt Twinkle was and her tears were also visible.

Twinkle- Kunj you are badly hurt.

Kunj- Twinkle, don’t worry I will be ok.

Twinkle didn’t say anything but her tears were saying a lot. She was really sad at that moment. Kunj understood that seeing him on the hospital bed was causing her a lot of grief and to be honest he was also not feeling good.

Kunj- Damn, I must be looking like an idiot. Everything hurts.

Twinkle asked being more concerned towards him- Is there something I can do for you?

Kunj- Nothing would make me feel better like a kiss.

Twinkle blushed but quickly wiped her tears away and said- Kunj, are you serious? You are hurt and you are making a joke.

Kunj- Who is joking Twinkle. A kiss would honestly make me feel better.

Twinkle leaned down and kissed Kunj. His lips felt stiff against hers for a moment before he shifted to get a better angle. The kiss was slow and passionate. It lasted longer that Twinkle had thought. Kunj felt his mind focusing on his wife rather than the pains that he was getting from his body at that moment. He lifted his and placed a hand on Twinkle’s waist, bringing her closer to him. He felt Twinkle pulling away and nipped at her lips. She leaned in and gave another soft kiss before backing away from him.

Kunj- Damn, who needs a doctor when I have a wife? Kunj commented after a kiss.

Twinkle- I just hope you are feeling better.

Kunj- A lot better. He said with a smirk.

Over the next few weeks Twinkle was on Kunj’s side and others were regularly paying visits to Kunj which included Mahi and Karan also. UV was the one who was with them for most of his time. Sid and Roshni had just stopped to check Kunj.

Roshni- Twinkle, how is Kunj doing now?

Twinkle- He is getting better day by day and I am happy to see his recovery.

Roshni- Twinkle, there is something I need to tell you but in front of Kunj. I seriously wanted to know before whether is lot fine as compared to before.

Twinkle- He is fine Roshni, is there anything serious.

Roshni- Come inside I will let you know.

Roshni Sid and Twinkle went inside Kunj’s room. They all greeted Kunj and for some time they had some words then Sid signed Roshni to go ahead and tell what they have found out.

Roshni- Twinkle and Kunj, the accident that Kunj had was actually done by Shaurya. He was released with the help of his lawyers and that day he as just waiting outside Kunj’s office for an opportunity to kill Kunj but fortunately he was hurt but nothing worse happened to him.

Twinkle- What? How you know all this.

Roshni- Twinkle, Sid found out about this. The bus which collided with Kunj’s car saw Shaury and gave a statement against him which made case of an attempt to murder case and he is in jail again and now with an eye witness one of his lawyer will be able to get him out that easily

Twinkle was angry whereas Kunj was just looking very seriously but didn’t say anything as what Shaurya had tried to do has already been punished for. He looked over Twinkle who was very angry at that time, so he just held her hand and asked her to calm down. She was sad that Kunj got hurt because of that person. She shivered with the thought of something worse that could have happened.

Twinkle- That was not fair what happened to him.

Roshni said casually- May be that was karma, that’s why it happened to him.

Twinkle gave a sharp look to Roshni and said- Kunj doesn’t deserve this no matter what he did to me. Kunj was overwhelmed looking at Twinkle’s care towards him and he was happy must be an understatement, as to what he was feeling right at that moment what Twinkle said.

Sid and Roshni stayed there for some more time. Twinkle went to see off them and then went back to Kunj’s rom.

Good news Mrs. Sarna, your husband can go home – The doctor announced as soon as Twinkle stepped in Kunj’s room.

Twinkle- Really. She asked in disbelief.

Doctor- Yes, and your husband has agreed for a full- time nurse also to monitor his progress.

Twinkle- A nurse?

Doctor- Yes, a nurse, who will be full- time monitoring him and will see that he is properly taken care of.

Twinkle thanked the doctor and was left alone in the room with Kunj. She walked never to Kunj.

Twinkle- Why do you need a nurse?

Kunj- Doctor said that I can only go home if someone looked after me the whole day and night.

Twinkle- But why nurse?

Kunj- I can’t understand.

Twinkle- Why you want nurse to take your care and why not me?

Kunj smiled at her and said- Twinkle, I don’t want to bother you more. Think about it, taking care of me in this condition, sometimes I will need you in middle of night or anytime.

Twinkle- I don’t mind at that but I am going to take care of you not nurse. I am your wife and it is my job to care of you.

Kunj- Ok, but what about this? Kunj had a challenging smile on his face- Who is going to give me a sponge bath?

Twinkle blushed at the thought of giving Kunj a sponge bath, wiping his naked body with a wet cloth made her shiver. However, the thought of nurse giving Kunj giving a sponge bath made her angry.

Kunj just smiled and said- Ok Twinkle, I don’t need a sponge bath, was just kidding. I can move. I am not immobile. I don’t want to be a burden on you.

Twinkle said quickly- That’s not possible. You don’t need a nurse. She said while thinking that nurse will never think about Kunj the way she will.

Kunj- But Twinkle.

Twinkle- No nurse

Kunj just smiled. Twinkle was being too feisty and that was s*xy.

Ok Mam- Kunj said obediently.

They all reached Kunj’s mansion and UV helped him to his room.

UV- Are you sure you will ok?

Kunj- I am fine UV. I am just going to take a nap or something.

UV- Ok. UV said and slowly walked out of Kunj’s room- maybe you can make a conference call to India about the business deal was supposed to confirm it last week.

Kunj looked at UV in shock- What? Before he can pick up a pillow and throw at him, Uv dashed out of the door.

Twinkle- What was that?

Kunj said angrily- He didn’t finalize the deal. Idiot!

Twinkle- Kunj, be nice.

Kunj pouted- I am nice.

Twinkle- I need to change you bandage.

Kunj- Can’t it wait.

Twinkle- Stop being childish Kunj.

Kunj pouted. Changing his bandage took a long time and he was getting bored. Twinkle unwrapped the bandages around his head. The bruises had healed. Twinkle re wrapped his bandage around his head. She then moved onto his ankle. She moved the bandage from his leg and applied antiseptic spray.

Kunj- Shit, it stings.

Twinkle- Sorry, she gave a mischievous smile.

Kunj was watching her intensely. She was so focused in taking care of him that she didn’t noticed his eyes on her. After applying the medicine, she re wrapped his ankle and she also changed small bandages that covered his other wounds. She reached his shoulder but stopped, hesitating slightly.

Kunj- What happened?

Twinkle- I need…. I need to take your shirt off.

Kunj- Ok, then take it off. Kunj said and opened his arms so that Twinkle can take his shirt off while he was smirking.

Twinkle hesitatingly started to unbutton his shirt and peeled it off his body. She changed his bandage on shoulder. She motioned for him to lean forward and he obeyed, leaning onto her as she unwrapped the bandages around her abdomen.

Kunj- You know, you are going to have to do this every day, get close to me, take my shirt off. He whispered in her ears.

Twinkle- Kunj. She started to move away from him.

Kunj said stopping her- You haven’t finished yet.

Twinkle finished wrapping bandages around Kunj abdomen and stood up.

Twinkle- Maybe I will ask Bebe to change your bandages.

Kunj- But you are my wife and you are supposed to take care of me.

Twinkle- i am taking care of you.

Kunj- twinkle, I am in pain, ahhh.

Twinkle- It is not going to work second time. She said referring to the kiss they shared in the hospital last time when Kunj complained that he was in pain

Kunj pouted and said- Fine then.

Twinkle stifled a laugh watching Kunj behaving like a kid.

Twinkle- Take your medicine. She said giving him his medicine.

Kunj- No way they are yuck.

Twinkle- Kunj, you have to take it otherwise you won’t get better.

Kunj- I don’t want it.

Twinkle- You are so childish.

Kunj- You already said that once.

Twinkle Ok, I will make deal with you.

Kunj interest peaked- What deal?

Twinkle –I will change your bandage every day, getting close you as I need to without any hesitation, but you need to take your medicine like a champ, without any complaints and no tantrums.

Kunj smirked. He could have a lot of fun with this- Ok deal.

Twinkle gave him his medicine and he took it willingly, only made face once.

Twinkle- Good boy. Twinkle teased him as she stood to leave.

Kunj- Twinkle.

Twinkle turned around waiting for Kunj to continue.

Kunj- Are you still angry with me? Kunj asked.


So, what do you guys think about this chapter? Kunj is fine, no memory loss. But it was sad that it was done by that idiot Shaurya. Twinkle taking such a good care of Kunj.

Do you think she is still angry with Kunj? Should she forgive him?

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Love you all !! 🙂

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