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Kunj and Twinkle were standing awkwardly in the changing room as they were told to get ready for the steam.

Kunj- Do you want me to go out while you get ready? Kunj asked but Twinkle shook her head in no.

Kunj- Are you Ok? Kunj asked in concern whereas Twinkle nodded her head yes giving a small smile to hi,

Kunj- We don’t have to do this Twinkle. I can see you are not comfortable.

Twinkle- No, I want to.

Kunj- Twinkle, you are not fine.

Twinkle- Kunj, I am trying to. I…. I want to be your wife.

Kunj- twinkle, you are already my wife.

Twinkle- No, I mean to say… I…

Kunj- I know and I appreciate the effort Twinkle. But believe me I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. Let’s just skip the steam bath. There is no need for us to be almost naked in a hot room together, not now at least. Kunj said with a smirk on his face.

Twinkle blushed at the thought of it. She didn’t protest but was relived. Kunj went to the receptionist to talk about certain changes they wanted to make. He went to receptionist to talk about skipping the steam. The receptionist informed about the spa facial will be the next thing to be done.

Kunj turned to Twinkle and said- Twinkle, I am not going to have a facial done of course.

Twinkle- Why not?

Kunj with all his seriousness- Because that is for girls and I am a man.

Twinkle couldn’t control and started to laugh. Kunj watched her with offended expression trying hard to hide his amusement.

Twinkle- I will still consider you a man, if you get a facial done.

Kunj- Thank you so much Twinkle, but still I will not get it done.

Receptionist- May I make a suggestion.

Kunj and Twinkle turned and looked at the receptionist.

Receptionist- Sir why don’t you take a steam bath and Man can go have facial done in that time. This way none of you will waste time and both will be ready by the time the massage had to be done.

Kunj- That’s actually a great idea!

After Kunj had his team bath and Twinkle finished her facial, they met in a private room for the massage. The room was dimly lit with candles with soft and soothing music to relax and bowls with water and roses in it. Overall the ambience was very romantic Two massage tables were there side by side, so that the couple can be that close that they can hold each other’s hand. Kunj came in a long bath robe after taking the steam bath where Twinkle was waiting for him and she had not changed her clothes. She was in her antique bronze colored net saree.

Kunj- I will leave while you change. Kunj started to go out of the room.

Twinkle stopped her and said- Kunj, I can’t wear this.

Kunj- What, wear a towel? I knew you can’t wear it. So, didn’t you get your massage done when you came for your facial?

Twinkle- No, not massage.

Kunj- Hmm, so we have a problem here.

Twinkle looked down. Kunj walked over to her and turned her around so that her back was facing him and he started to undo the strings that kept her blouse tied up. Twinkle quickly turned and pushed Kunj’s hand.

Twinkle- What are you doing?

Kunj- Twinkle, you need to trust me on this.

Twinkle- But…

Kunj- Twinkle, you yourself said that you wanted to be more close and open with me. So, you have to trust me on this.

Twinkle- Hmm

She turned back and Kunj started to untie the strings of her blouse again. He liked the way Twinkle was not showing any resistance. Kunj eyes wandered over Twinkle’s back. He looked away knowing that he might get carried away if he keeps staring her back. He walked around to face her. He looked at her face which clearly showed that she was nervous and also was not clear about his intentions. Kunj removed the drape of her saree and gave her to hold it. Twinkle’s eyes were following Kunj’s hands.

Kunj- Hold this. She did as Kunj instructed, she held the drape up to her chest.

Kunj peeled off her blouse from her shoulders. He notices Twinkle constantly biting her lower lip and smiling nervously.

Kunj- Twinkle, it’s ok. I am making you ready for a nice a relaxing massage.

He pulled her blouse a little more down. She clutched the drape tightly that she was holding. Kunj took her hand and pulled her to massage table. He told her to lay down and walked to the other massage table and united his bathrobe. Twinkle turned her face away. Kunj laid down on the table and turned to look at Twinkle.

Kunj- Twinkle, it’s Ok. I am a decent guy. He chuckled.

Twinkle blushed. Kunj laid on the table without shirt and his lower body was concealed under the blanket that was on the massage table. Twinkle felt a lot better that she didn’t have to lay half naked on the table. Only her shoulders and back was exposed. She felt a little uncomfortable but trusted Kunj. The masseuses had magical hands and were doing great. None of them commented anything on why Twinkle was not undressed. Twinkle had never felt so relaxed. Kunj was also feeling really relaxed but had a worry that might be Twinkle was not enjoying. He looked over Twinkle who looked so calm and enjoying herself. He reached out and placed a hand on her arm. Twinkle opened her eyes and looked at Kunj with a curious expression. Kunj’s hand traveled down her arm and grasped her hand. Twinkle linked her fingers with Kunj’s and they stayed like that throughout their massage.

Twinkle- That was so relaxing.

Kunj and Twinkle were now fully dressed and waiting for the dinners to be served. Kunj was quite impressed with the set up and was happy the way UV has planned out all the things.

Kunj- I am hungry. He said eyeing the menu.

Twinkle- Me too.

They quickly ordered the dinner which was served rather quickly but could not enjoy much as the restaurant was crowded. Kunj was not very happy as he wanted some privacy with Twinkle. Though they finished up their dinner but decided to stay there and talk as they were enjoying each other’s company.

The restaurant was about to close and Twinkle and Kunj were the only remaining in that restaurant. A loud thunder crashed and it started raining.

Kunj- Shit! It is impossible to get a cab and reach our hotel.

Twinkle- What about that one. She said pointing to a cab standing at the parking lot.

Kunj somehow reached the cab driver and started talking to him.

Driver- Hell, it’s so far. I am not going that side.

Kunj- Ok, take this and drive. Kunj kept a good number of notes so that he can take them. The driver ageed. Kunj signaled twinkle to come.

The driver started driving continuously ranting about how far the place was.

Kunj convinced him that to drive as far as possible. The strong winds combined with rain and it became impossible to drive for him.

Driver- That’s it, I can drive this far only.

Kunj- C’mon a little bit more.

Driver- No, it’s dangerous to drive in this kind of weather.

Ok, take us to a nearest hotel here- Kunj said angrily.

Driver agreed and took them to the nearest hotel or you can say a motel.

Kunj was not happy but he knew that he doesn’t have any other option and he went inside the motel with Twinkle.

Kunj- Two rooms please. He told the man present at the reception there.

The man who was busy in a magazine looked up and gave a disgusted look for disturbing him,

Man- We have only one room available.

Kunj- Ok, we will take that.

Man- Credit cards only.

Kunj handed him his platinum credit card. The man’s eyes travelled to Twinkle’s dripping wet body, stopping at her chest. Kunj saw that and came in front of her obstructing his view. The man handed Kunj the keys of his room. The man again gave him a disgusted look for obstructing his view.

Kunj quickly took the keys from him and protectively held Twinkle and left from there in search of his room.

Kunj- Twinkle, there was only one room left. I hope you won’t have problem with that.

Twinkle just nodded her head in no. She didn’t have any problem sharing the room with Kunj as they had done it when Mahi was with them. Even she was disappointed that Kunj has shifted her room back to her old one.

Kunj- This is the one. Kunj said stopping in front of a room. He unlocked the door with the key and opened the door.

The room was not like the one he was used to be. A good well maintained, five- star suites. The room was a small one with no TV, no mini refrigerator and only a single queen size bed, also small in sie.

Kunj- Damn.

Twinkle- It’s…

It’s disgusting- Kunj finished her sentence- but this is the only thing we have. Just because of this terrible weather we have to be in this small room. Anyways, it’s good that we found this. We need to be out of these wet clothes.

Twinkle- But we don’t have any.

Kunj- We might have bathrobes. I will just check in the bathroom.

Twinkle started to fell cold. She wrapped her arms around her torso in an effort to get warmer. She eyed the bed wishing she could just get under the covers.

Kunj- Damn, they don’t even have bathrobes. If this would have been a five-star hotel they would have it. He came to Twinkle and said- Twinkle there are no robes in here.

Twinkle- So, now what we will do?

Kunj- We don’t have any choice, we can’t stay in these wet clothes. We are going to get sick if we keep it.

Twinkle- The what we will wear?

Kunj- Umm…. nothing.

Twinkle- Kunj…

Kunj- I mean, we can change and wear towels that has been provided by the hotel. See we will stay under the blanket the whole night. I won’t see anything you don’t want me to.

Twinkle- No we can’t do that. She said feeling the heat rising to her cheeks as she imagined a night with Kunj without clothes.

Kunj- Then what we will do? Kunj asked being frustrated as Twinkle was not ready to understand the situation and being difficult again.

Twinkle was quiet. She has no other solution.

Kunj- You undress here and get under the blanket. I will change in the bathroom. He walked over to the bathroom and took one large towel and handed to Twinkle.

Kunj- Here take this towel and wrap yourself. It’s better than nothing. We will hang your saree in the bathroom to dry. He didn’t wait for her to reply and walked in the bathroom and closed the door.

Twinkle stood there for some time. She had no other choice. She was already feeling very cold and she didn’t want to fall sick as she will ruin the whole trip falling sick. She started to unwrap her saree and untied her blouse and let it fall on the floor. She felt colder as she undressed. She reached the towel and wrapped around her. She felt naked as the towel reached till her knees and her shoulders were exposed. She gathered all of her clothes and walked towards the bathroom. She knocked on the door. Kunj opened but Twinkle stopped it before he could open fully enough to see her.

Twinkle- I need to use the bathroom.

Kunj- Ok.

Twinkle hid behind the door so that Kunj cannot see her in that state. Kunj opened the door fully to come out of the bathroom. He was wearing nothing but a towel was wrapped around his waist showing his hot 6 pack abs. Twinkle watched his muscular back and a blush crept up her neck. She made no effort to move behind the door so that she can have a clear view of Kunj.

Kunj- Don’t worry Twinkle, I am not turning back. You go inside.

Twinkle came back to her senses and quickly made her way inside the bathroom. She took a deep breath as she stepped inside the bathroom and closed the door. She hung her saree next to Kunj’s clothes. She took one of the small towel to dry her body and hair. Once she was done with drying herself she checked her towel tightly wrapped around her. She opened the door and peeked outside.

Kunj- Twinkle called him.

Kunj turned to look towards bathroom. Twinkle quickly closed the door. She looked down at herself. The towel barely covered her and she didn’t want to get embarrassed once again in front of Kunj. She heard a knock on the door.

Kunj- Twinkle, it’s ok, you can come out.

Twinkle opened the door again to look out.

Kunj- Twinkle, you can get in the blankets. I am not looking at your side.

Twinkle came out, keeping her eyes on Kunj who was facing away from her. She quickly made her way to the bed and covered herself from the blankets quickly.

Twinkle- You can turn now. She said clutching the blanket near her torso.

Kunj slowly turned to find Twinkle inside the blanket but shivering. He walked over to the bed and carefully lifted the blanket just enough to squeeze under them. Kunj hadn’t realized how cold he was feeling until he was inside the blanket.

Kunj- Twinkle just relax. I am not going to do anything.

He tried to make her comfortable. He thought they were so much comfortable during spa time and now she was all uncomfortable again next to him and it’s not like they have not been on the same bed before. They have shared he bed when Mahi was with them. Obviously not like that the way they were in without clothes just wrapped in towel. He thought that Twinkle was acting like he is planning to take advantage of her. He saw Twinkle shivering.

Kunj- Twinkle. He said and moved closer to her but didn’t touch her- You are feeling cold, come here. He kept his hand on her side of blanket which covered her shoulder.

Twinkle moved away from him.

Kunj- Twinkle, please look at me. Kunj held her shoulder and turned her face so that she can face him.

Twinkle not making any eye contact- Kunj, I am not liking this.

Kunj- I know you are not liking it but we don’t have any other option right, and you do trust me?

Twinkle- Hmm.

Kunj- Twinkle, you are shivering because of getting wet in the rains and also because of the weather. Winters have started. You will fall sick. Please come to me, I am not going to do anything with you.

Kunj held his arms out and took Twinkle in his embrace, to keep her warm. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Twinkle felt relived as she felt the heat radiated off of Kunj’s body.

Twinkle- Kunj, I do trust you. She said as she nestled into his bare chest.

Kunj- thanks. He said smiling but suddenly seeing Twinkle so close, he felt an urge to kiss her. He kissed on her forehead. Twinkle looked up in surprise. He placed another soft kiss on her cheek.

Twinkle- Kunj. She failed to resist Kunj’s affection.

Kunj realized what he was doing. He was taking advantage of their close proximity after what he had promised her.

Kunj- I am sorry Twinkle. I shouldn’t have….

He was interrupted by Twinkle’s kiss. She immediately pulled away and looked into his eyes. He looked at her, shocked by what she had done. She had never been the one to initiate a kiss before. He could that she blushing and was no more uncomfortable. Twinkle waited for Kunj to react but when he didn’t say anything she felt embarrassed and pulled away from him feeling what she just did.

Kunj- No wait. Don’t move away. Kunj said once twinkle began to shift away from Kunj. She remained in Kunj’s arm only after him asking her to be in the same position.

Kunj- What do you want to happen tonight? He asked bluntly.

Twinkle- I…. I don’t know. Whatever happens, let it happen. She answered blushing.


Wow, so Kunj and Twinkle getting romantic. Twinkle started opening up in front of Kunj.

Kunj and Twinkle in an embarrassing situation, so what do you thing will they consummate their marriage or not? Looks like the things are heading that ways only.

But let’s see Kunj better confess her.

I hope you all liked the episode. I am really happy with the responses. Sia and Chiku, this episode for you both especially. I am always late so tried giving a quick post to all of you.

Thank you for liking it and commenting it. Really appreciated and please keep giving your love the same way you have given me till now.

Please share your views on this chapter as well and ignore the grammatical errors.

Love to all. 🙂

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