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Twinkle moved behind Kunj, and he could feel her fear at once. Shaurya stepped forward and continued to talk.

Shaurya- Welcome to Coffs harbor. Can I offer you a ride? Twinkle was really afraid. She did not want to be in Shaurya’s car.

No Thanks- Kunj said curtly.

Shaurya- Why not Kunj? I am trying to be hospitable here and you are…. anyways send Twinkle with me. He said with a smirk.

Twinkle was taken a back with what Shaurya said and Kunj was shocked too at his shamelessness but he controlled his anger as he does not want to create any kind of scene at public place.

Kunj- We are capable of finding our own way. Thanks for the concern. Kunj said and started to walk away.

Kunj- Don’t worry Twinkle, I had booked a hotel where he won’t be able to find us. He reassured and left in a taxi. He didn’t prefer hiring a car from the hotel he booked as he was not willing to give any kind of clue where he and Twinkle will be staying.

Twinkle was grateful that Kunj was so clever. She had no idea that Shaurya would be here otherwise she would have not come with Kunj to attend this business conference. After nearly an hour they finally reached to the hotel. It was a fancy five-star resort, probably the most luxurious in the town. Kunj had booked two suites for them which were adjacent to each other with a glass sliding door which connected both the rooms.

Choose which ever you want to choose- Kunj said once they entered the suites. They looked identical, except the one next door had the bed positioned so that the person could look through the glass double doors when they laid down. Twinkle decided to go for that one for no particular reason.

They arrived a day ahead of the start of the conference but Kunj didn’t feel like touring the place, instead he wanted to relax in the hotel. Twinkle heard the sound of the door sliding as Kunj opened it and entered her room.

Kunj- I wonder why this is here.

Twinkle- Probably for the married couples who don’t stay in the same room. There was sarcasm in her tone.

Kunj laughed. It was the first time when he Twinkle speak with him in a sarcastic tone. He liked this side of her.

Kunj- But actually there is no privacy.

Twinkle- There is, there is a curtain that can be drawn. She said pointing to the curtains.

Kunj- There is no need for it. We are not strangers. He said puling Twinkle closer to him.

Twinkle- Kunj, what are you doing?

Kunj- What do you think I am doing? He didn’t give Twinkle a chance to reply and gently placed a kiss on her lips. Twinkle was surprised but gave in and clutched his shirt tightly. Both were enoying the moment when Kunj’s phone started to ring. He sighed as he answered the phone. He saw Twinkle who was blushing.

Kunj- Hello?

Kunj…. where are you staying? UV’s voice came from the other side of the phone.

Kunj- UV? Are you here in Coffs harbor?

UV- Yup! What you thought that I will not be able to find you. UV said dramatically- Tell me, where are you?

Kunj told UV where the resort is located. UV agreed to come to the same resort after some complaining about how far the resort is located and after some convincing from Kunj’s side.

UV found us- Kunj told Twinkle, who smiled back in response.

Twinkle- When is the conference starting?

Kunj- This evening. Let’s hope UV comes on time otherwise we won’t be able to reach on time.

UV literally bribed the driver to drive as fast as possible so that he can reach the resort soon.

Twinkle- UV came and hugged her tightly when she opened the door for him.

UV- Kunj said in a serious tone.

UV looked up at Kunj.

Kunj- Uv said leaving Twinkle and hugged him in a more big and tight hug.

Kunj shrugged him off.

Kunj- It took so long to come. Kunj commented as UV pouted.

UV- See Twinkle, how this man treats me. UV turned to Twinkle for support.

Kunj- Where is your room?

UV- Obviously, next to your room. What’s this? UV asked as he walked inside the room and went to take a closer look at the sliding glass door.

Kunj- It’s a door.

UV- But why this door is here? This should be considered as two rooms. That’s not fair.

Twinkle tried to suppress her laugh. UV keep looking at the things in their rooms.

Kunj- C’mon we need to go, else we will be late.

UV- Fine let’s go.

Three of them left for the conference where UV keep complaining about the distance of the hotel from the place where conference was going to be held. He didn’t understand why Twinkle needs to stay away from Shaurya.

UV- Just the opening and it’s so boring.

Kunj- Yes, we actually have to do nothing but to listen to them, that’s it. Kunj was explaining to Twinkle.

Twinkle took all information about the business conference and it did not sound any fun.

When they arrived at the venue they couldn’t find Shaurya there as he was the only one who wanted them to attend the business conference. Kunj was finding it really weird. The conference was being held in order to convince large MNC’s to go green. Go green was the initiative that Kunj and UV’s company had started few years back so they don’t need to be here.

UV- Can anyone be more boring? He said under his breath.

Kunj- Uv, you can’t be that rude.

Twinkle- But he is right.

UV laughed out loud, which grabbed some unwanted attention. Kunj started coughing trying to cover up but it didn’t work. Kunj, Twinkle and UV walked out before they could be kicked off from that place.

Kunj- What the hell were you trying to do? Kunj asked trying to stop not to laugh at UV.

UV- What? Twinkle is so funny!

Twinkle in return gave an innocent look to Kunj, showing that she didn’t do anything.

UV- Why the hell are we here? We are just losing out our energy here for nothing. As soon as he said that he remembered that they are here because of that Shaurya, who tried to blackmail them and got them in that conference.

Twinkle was confused but didn’t said anything.

UV- Let’s got out in some night club. I bet I will find one of the best night club here.

Kunj- UV. He said like he was giving a warning to UV and himself also as he remembered last time he went to a night- club and cheated Twinkle. So, he promised himself that he will never keep a foot in the night club.

UV- C’mon we will have a good time.

Twinkle- And what about Chinki?

Kunj- Yeah! I bet she won’t like you to be going out to night clubs’ late night.

UV paused- Damn! I didn’t even think for a second. UV was actually quite serious about her and he was really willing to take his relationship with Chinki further and he don’t want to make her upset by any of his deeds.

UV- Good point, so now what do we do?

Kunj began to think and he thought that they should go and have dinner then they will roam around the town. He started to speak but was again stopped by UV.

He started his drama again- Oh My God!

Kunj- Now, what happened?

UV I am the third person. That’s why you didn’t told me where you are staying. It’s because you wanted to get all romantic with Twinkle and here I am playing the gooseberry.

Kunj- What the hell are you talking about UV?

UV- Kunj, I know you consider me a very good friend of yours, that’s why you are not saying anything to me, but I am in your way. You planned all this, conference was just an excuse but you wanted to spend time with Twinkle, a romantic time with her.

Kunj understood. UV had said that Kunj should make an excuse that conference was just an excuse and he wanted to spend some time with Twinkle which he told when Kunj told him about Shaurya’s blackmailing. UV continued with his drama which Kunj was not able to understand. He also was not able to focus on Twinkle as well as his mind was what surprise was Shaurya was talking about and why blackmailed him to attend this conference.

UV- I should leave now. He said and dramatically left them.

Kunj saw the message which just beeped. It was a message from UV who gave him directions of some place. Kunj asked him about the place but he just said that they should go for Twinkle’s sake.

Kunj- Twinkle let’s go.

Twinkle- Where?

Kunj-It’s a surprise.

Kunj called a cab and they proceeded to a place which Kunj told him. After few minutes they reached a place which was a kind of a spa resort. Kunj came out of the taxi hesitantly as he was not knowing exactly what UV has planned for them. After moving inside near the reception, he turned around to see whether he has reached correct place or not. he reached near the reception making Twinkle sit at the lobby area.

Kunj at reception- Hi, my friend has made boking here.

Receptionist- Your name please Sir?

Kunj- Um, Kunj Sarna.

Receptionist-Oh, yes sir! You are booked for the sweetheart valentine package.

Kunj- The what package?

Receptionist- It includes the steam bath with complimentary champagne as well, a rejuvenation full body massage followed by a spa facial and a candlelight dinner for two.

Kunj- Please give me a moment.

Kunj went near Twinkle and explained her the package. She looked hesitant.

Kunj- Don’t you like the surprise? he asked though he himself was not very keen on it. UV meant well but this was something not meant for Kunj and Twinkle.

Twinkle- It sounds lovely. But…

Kunj- But?

Twinkle- It’s very intimate. She said lowering her gaze.

These were Kunj’s thought as well. He didn’t like the idea of strangers massaging his back and watching stranger touching his wife. He was a man of action. If he wanted some romance he would make it happen like he did on his first date. Also, he knew that Twinkle won’t appreciate being unclothed during steam session and massage session and also this was a couple package so he would be in the room as well with her.

Kunj- don’t worry, we will cancel it.

Twinkle- No… we should…..um but I. She tried to say but she thought that Kunj had planned all this and she is again becoming reluctant, so he might feel bad again. – We should not cancel it. It’s a great surprise planned.

Kunj couldn’t believe what he heard but he didn’t question her. He was surprised that she agreed to go ahead with him in such an intimate package. Maybe she was changing for him.


Finally Kunj and Twinkle on a romantic gateway. Isn’t it cute. I am really excited to write. Hope you all are excited to read it also. UV is such a sweet heart, he planned it for them. 🙂

Shaurya’s drama coming up with Kunj’s confession which most of you really want it but in next chapter a quite intense romance coming up.

Hope you all will like it.

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