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Roshni- Come get ready, we are going shopping right now!

Twinkle- No I… I can’t.

Roshni- C’mon Twinkle, it won hurt if you look around and just tell Kunj that you went for lingerie shopping. That would be enough for him to get excited.

Twinkle- But…. I can’t wear such things.

Roshni- You think you can’t, but one day you are going to want to get s*xy for him. You are not going to lose anything just by looking around. Ok, I will ask Mahi to come around if you are so uncomfortable.

Twinkle- No don’t call her. She is not even married. She remembered last time shopping with Mahi for jeans and dresses she got so excited and if she liked something at the lingerie store what Twinkle would do?

Roshni- Ok, I won’t call her. We will just have a shopping trip for married women and that is us only. She said laughing.

Twinkle- Ok I will change and come. She said and rushed upstairs.

Twinkle at the store- No, no, no, I can’t wear something like that. It is transparent. Twinkle straight away rejected the body stocking Roshni was holding.

Roshni- Ok, what about this? You can take this it has got lace.

Twinkle- I don’t know.

Roshni- Ok. She said sadly as Twinkle was rejecting all sort of items she showed but her face lit up with the idea she got- Ok, I will take it for myself. Sid will be so happy.

Roshni- Here take this. It is giving some coverage, so you won’t be uncomfortable. Take this corset.

Twinkle- They are restricting, aren’t they?

Roshni- Twinkle what are you planning on doing that, you are so worried about restrictions? She asked suspiciously.

Twinkle blushed and looked down- Nothing.

Roshni- Just kidding! Finally, you are taking this a silk chemise. This is quite modest.

Twinkle and Roshni spent another hour in shopping and she somehow made Twinkle to agree for the silk chemise and Roshni purchased few more items for Twinkle when she was not looking, just wishing that that all fits her perfectly.

Roshni- So when is Kunj going to see you in this. Roshni asked once they were back to Kunj’s mansion.

Twinkle- I don’t know.

Roshni- Twinkle, stop being reluctant. You are a married woman.

Twinkle didn’t have any answer. She knew that what Roshni was telling was right. Kunj had told her directly that he wants to consummate their marriage but she was not ready and she knew that eventually she will have to do it, but yet she was not able to.

Twinkle said absent mindedly- Kunj was so sweet in the morning.

Roshni- Idea! Go and have lunch with him at his office. He will be really happy that you thought of him

Twinkle- That is a really good idea. Do you really think that he will like it?

Roshni- Of course! He will really like it.

Twinkle bid Roshni good bye and called the driver and instructed him to take her to Kunj’s office.

On the other side at Kunj’s office

Receptionist- Sir, there is a woman down there to see you. She is not giving her name but said that it’s urgent and you also want to meet her.

Kunj’s receptionist told this on phone.

Kunj- Ok, send her in.

Kunj was thinking who the woman was when he heard a woman calling his name wearing white sheer saree entered Kunj office, came in and locked the door.

Kunj- What the hell are you doing here? Kunj was shocked to see her and quickly got up from his place.

I needed to see you- She said

Kunj- You need to leave from here Alisha. I don’t want to see you.

Alisha- Why, why you don’t want to see me? Did you wife find out?

Kunj- No, just leave right now. Kunj was very much frustrated- I can’t do this anymore.

Alisha pushed Kunj and tried kissing Kunj. Kunj resisted and pushed her hard making her fall on the floor. She got up and went near Kunj trying to kiss him again. He tried pushing but she tightened her grip. He pushed her again. She quickly pulled off the drape of her saree and began to undo her blouse.

Kunj- What the hell are you doing? He shouted.

Alisha- Showing you how much you want me. Alisha replied and she was breathless.

Kunj- Stop it Alisha and just get out from here!

Alisha went near Kunj desk and ran her hands over the desk making sure everything spilled of the desk. Kunj was growing really angry. She was making a mess in his office.

Alisha in a very seductive voice- Didn’t you want to do it in your office on your desk. She dropped her blouse on the floor. Kunj turned away not to look at her. He spoke after making sure he is not seeing her.

Kunj- No, I don’t and you may leave from here. Kunj’s never mixed his personal life with professional. He never brought any women in his office. If anyone came to meet him also, they never came inside his personal cabin. Twinkle was the first one to enter.

Alisha- let me tell you Kunj, you always wanted. Every man desires this. She sounded closer like she was standing right behind Kunj. Kunj felt her arms around his waist from behind. He turned and easily removed her hands. Alisha was ready for this reaction so she readily kissed him when he turned to remove her hands. Kunj groaned in frustration.

Kunj- Alisha, stop it. He said pulling her away from him.

Alisha- Why can’t we? Who is going to stop us? My foolish husband or your filthy idiot wife. She said getting angry on Kunj as he was not allowing her to come near him and was pushing her all the time.

Alishaaa! – Kunj shouted on her raising his hand almost slapping her for using such adjective for Twinkle. Though he controlled his feeling of not slapping her as he thought it would not be appropriate to raise hand on her. He brought his hand down. But before Kunj could say anything or Alisha react more his phone on desk began ringing. Kunj didn’t make a move to answer fearing that Alisha will create a scene because of which his secretary will hear.

Kunj turned to Alisha again and replied seeing her angry face- Look Alisha, I can’t do this. Once it happened but I can’t cheat on my wife again. He said and then thought that Twinkle don’t deserve this and he won’t be able to handle the guilt.

Alisha being adamant on what she wanted controlled her anger and grabbed Kunj’s hand and pressed it near her chest- See Kunj, what you are doing to me? See how fast my heart is beating?

There was a knock at the door. Kunj quickly picked up Alisha’s discarded blouse and gave it in her hand and pushed her into the closet in his office.

Don’t say a word- Kunj said warning her before closing the door.

He opened his cabin’s door.

Twinkle? What are you doing here? – Kunj was surprised to see his wife arrive unannounced at his office.

Twinkle- Surprise… She came inside but was unsure whether Kunj was happy to see her or not?

Kunj- Come in.

Twinkle- What happened here? She said looking around the mess around Kunj’s desk. All the things that should be on Kunj’s desk were on floor.

Kunj- I…. um…. I… Twinkle a deal didn’t worked out and I lost my temper so this. Kunj made up a story.

Twinkle looked at him concerned. She didn’t think that Kunj’s temper was this bad.

Kunj- It’s fine though I have bigger thins planned. He covered and asked to change the topic- So, how come you are here?

Twinkle- I thought maybe we can go out for lunch together?

Kunj smiled but it disappeared as soon as he realized that Alisha is hiding there in the closet.

Kunj- I can’t, I have lot of work to do. Kunj said but he knew he had enough time.

Twinkle looked visibly disappointed. She tried to hide it behind her smile, but Kunj could tell she was not happy.

Twinkle- Ok, its fine. I will see you at home then. She said and turned to leave.

Kunj- Twinkle. Kunj stopped her. There was a slight thud that came from the closet. Kunj automatically turned towards the closet door. Another thud, this time a bit louder, came from the closet.

Twinkle- What was that?

Kunj- Nothing, most probably something is falling. He knew that he need to take Twinkle to some other place otherwise he was afraid that she would grow suspicious, also he needed to discuss something with her that Alisha should not hear.

Kunj- Come with me. He said and took her out of his cabin.

Kunj- UV, are you in there? Kunj walked in UV’s office without knocking. Once he was sure that only he and Twinkle were there in the room, he pulled Twinkle inside and closed the door. He continued- Thanks for making the effort Twinkle, I would love to have lunch with you.

Twinkle- But you said that you are busy?

Kunj- Not enough to keep me away from you. He smirked

Twinkle couldn’t help but blush. Kunj remembered how he had vowed to himself that he will treat Twinkle like a queen. If she wishes to have lunch with him, then he would make it happen. He just need to throw Alisha out of his office

Kunj- Just give me an hour. He lied as he didn’t need an hour. He just need few minutes to kick Alisha out of his office, but he needed to make sure that Twinkle wouldn’t want to hang around or wait for him.

Twinkle- An hour? Where should I wait?

Kunj- Go out and do something. We are here in the city. You can go and do shopping. Tere are so many shops at a walking distance. Kunj suggested silently hoping that Twinkle agrees to leave.

Twinkle wasn’t too keen on the idea of going shopping again but it will be better than waiting in the office and doing nothing.

Twinkle- Ok, I will find something to do.

Kunj- I am sorry for making you wait.

Twinkle- It’s ok. I guess next I will know to call first and then come.

Kunj- No, I loved the surprise. You should do it more often. Kunj smiled. He appreciated the gesture and wouldn’t mind going out with Twinkle more often, just as long as Alisha wasn’t around.

Twinkle thought back to what Roshni had said and realized that she knew what she was talking about. She was ecstatic that Kunj was happy that she had surprised him.

Twinkle- Kunj I….

Kunj- what is it Twinkle?

Twinkle- I like the way we are right now.

Kunj- I am glad. I really am. He said though he couldn’t agree with her. He knew that he wanted to be more intimate with her, but he was happy that she liked where they were in their relationship.

Once Twinkle left and Kunj made sure that she had left the premises. Kunj walked back into his office only to find Alisha sitting on his chair.

So, did you had fun with your wife- Alisha said in a malicious tone.

Kunj- It’s none of your business what I do with my wife.

Alisha got up from her chair and walked closer to him. She was dangerously close.

Alisha whispered in his ears in a husky tone- We both know Kunj, that foolish wife of yours won’t let you do much. Come to me, I will give you each and everything.

Kunj got angry and he pulled away Alisha from him and exploded- Just get out!

Kunj! I was going over…. What the hell? UV opened the door and walk into Kunj’s office. Kunj and UV never thought it necessary to knock when entering each other’s offices. UV also followed the whole “don’t mix personal and professional life together” rule or can say “no mixing of business with pleasure”. So, there was never any threat of walking in on an awkward situation until now.

I… – Kunj was at loss of words to find UV inside his office.

UV scolded- Is this the girls from….

Kunj- UV, I didn’t…. UV didn’t let him complete and walked out of his office.

Kunj turned- U leave or I will call the security.

Alisha- You will regret for this. Alisha said and walked out of his office and was very angry.

Kunj rushed to UV’s office.

Kunj- UV, it is not what you think. She just showed up. I never called her and I didn’t even let anything happen.

UV- You are an idiot.

Kunj- UV, I…

UV- No listen!, this is getting too much. You need to eitgetting too much. You need to either stop having an affair or come clean. Twinkle doesnt deserve this and you know it.

Kunj- UV, it’s not an affair. It was one time and it will never happen again. When Twinkle came aI almost lost it.

UV- What Twinkle came here?

Kunj- Yeah, she stopped to give me a surprise. We are going to have lunch in about half an hour.

UV- Twinkle is so sweet. She cares so much about you and you, what are you doing is absolutely not right.

Kunj- i know, that’s why I am trying to make up for it.

UV- You can try how much you want, but when she will find out all heel will break out.

Kunj knew UV was right. He needed his best to keep Twinkle really happy no matter what happens.

Kunj called Twinkle before the expected time. He had his chauffeur bring Twinkle to a posh, restaurant near his office.

Kunj- So, what did you do all day? Kunj asked trying to make some conversation after they had ordered their lunch.

Twinkle- I went shopping with Roshni.

Kunj- Damn, all you women ever do is go shopping. Kunj commented jokingly- Anyways, what did you buy?

Twinkle blushed- Li… Lingerie.

Kunj almost choked his wine he was sipping- Did she just say lingerie?

Kunj who couldn’t believe asked- You mean to say you bought lingerie?

Twinkle nodded blushing and smiling.

What kind- Kunj was genuinely curious.

Twinkle- A silk…. um… yes silk chemise. I think that is what Roshni said.

Kunj just stared at her.

Twinkle asked, looking down- What?

Kunj- I just can’t imagine you in lingerie.

Twinkle blushed at the thought of Kunj trying to imagine her in lingerie.

Kunj- So, when can I see you in it?

It was Twinkle’s turn to choke on her drink. There was no way she was going to wear any such kind of lingerie in front of Kunj.


Damn Alisha, always comes up and UV always catches them.

Twinkle in lingerie? Will she wear it.

I hope you all liked the episode as I thought last episode was not much liked by you all may be because of the track going on.

Thank you to all my readers also who all commented. Love you all.

Please do hit like buttons and share your reviews also please ignore any grammatical errors. 🙂

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    1. SSK

      Thank you so much Sia. I loved your comment. I am trying my best to write and post as soon as possible. 🙂

  2. what type of women alisha is.she directly came to kunj office and again start her cheap work..huh i just hate her…how much i wish that kunj would slap her but he stop in the middle…uv isreally awesome..hope kunj himself tell everything to twinkle about alisha…
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    1. SSK

      Your suggestion is taken Sidmin78 and thank you such a lovely comment. 🙂

  3. Twinj scene was awesome but that idiot alisha kamini come to kunj office twinkle is so sweet
    I want this track to end soon yaar

    1. SSK

      Thank you zara, dont worry dear, I wont show you any Kunj and Alisha scenes.

  4. It was awesome
    Twinj moments??
    Alisha is such a blo*dy woman. She is now going beyond her limits. I just hate her to the core
    I feel like kunj should tell her about what happened bcz she is gonna break down any way after knowing the truth and knowing the truth from someone else may make it worse
    Very excited for upcoming episode
    Post ASAP
    Love u loads❤❤❤

    1. SSK

      Thank you Cindy 🙂

  5. epi was superb…but this alisha is definetly going to do something very cheap because she us really angry on kunj ………
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    1. SSK

      Thank you Yashika. 🙂

  6. I really like the way story is going on …. it’s feels so realistic …..
    Twinkle is soo sweet and caring…..

    1. SSK

      Thank you Riya 🙂

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    1. SSK

      Thank you Sofia 🙂 I will try posting asap. 🙂

    1. SSK

      Thank you Presha 🙂

  8. Kiya1234

    Sorry for not to comment dear. And thanks for episode for me really means lot. And I love the episodes all. And this Alisha Chii plz don’t do anything to make twinj separate.

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    sorry for small comment I hope you understand me.. you are really amazing writer..

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    1. SSK

      No worries dear, you can take your time. I can understand and regarding Kunj and Twinkle scenes please read the next episode. I have tried giving Twinj romantic scenes and many more to come. 🙂

  9. Anusha

    Awesome episode dear
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    1. SSK

      Thanks Anusha, I know Alisha is one such bad girl and she deserved a good treatment. I will post other episodes real soon dear. 🙂

  10. Vibhu

    Alisha is such a cheapester. Damn, how can a woman be so shameless ??
    And then UV caught them together again.
    You know what, when the receptionist called Kunj I thought that lady is twinkle but then yes … Everyone in the office might know twinkle. ..!!!
    Kunj and twinkle’s talks were amazing. Loving the way they are proceeding.
    Eager to know how will twinkle react to Alisha’s truth when she will know about it.
    Post soon dear

    1. SSK

      Thank you Vibhu, just keep showering your love like this. 🙂

  11. Shalu Choudhary

    Awazing episode dear

    1. SSK

      Thank you Shalu 🙂

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    1. SSK

      Thank you Newbie. 🙂

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    1. SSK

      Thank you so much Chiku for commenting. I am trying my best to give you all updates as soon as possible. thank you so much for commenting and giving so much love to the FF. 🙂

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    1. SSK

      Thank you Ramya. DOnt worry wont give any Alisha and Kunj scenes together. 🙂

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