Jiji Maa 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati suggests a DNA test

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The Episode starts with Uttara saying everyone knows Suyash is decent. Shreya says Suyash knows me, he is Chiku’s dad, see our pic, we were college mates. Falguni sees the pic and asks what does this proof. Shreya says I want to remind Suyash the truth, we were not best friends, but we had common friends, everyone knew that I loved Suyash a lot, our friends spiked our drinks on farewell party night, we went to a friend’s house, we don’t know how we lost control, it was a beautiful night for me, when I woke up in morning, I knew my love is one sided, I didn’t tell anything to Suyash and left, I felt he will miss me and call me, my love can’t be weak, he will also love me, but he never called, I understood we had no love between us, I learnt that I m having his child, I decided to give birth to the child. Falguni says you are lying, Suyash can’t do this.

Shreya says I didn’t wish to tell anything to Suyash, Chiku has to study, I can’t afford her studies, so I have sent her to Suyash, I thought Suyash will read my letter and recall me. Uttara asks Jayant to say something. Jayant says what can I say, just Suyash can say if this girl is saying true. Uttara says there is no truth, we don’t want to listen. Shreya falls down. Suyash shouts and runs to hold her. Vidhaan angrily goes to room and packs bags. His friend calls him and asks why did you ask about Aaliya. Niyati comes. He says I m going away from your life. She asks him to forgive her. He says I don’t want to stay. Uttara apologizes to him.

He says when blame is on Suyash, the girl is looking fraud, no one believed me, I didn’t lie and accept that I had relations with girls. He goes. Uttara asks Niyati to convince him. Doctor checks Shreya. He asks them to keep Shreya away from tension, she will get fine. Uttara says we should send her to police. Falguni says we will talk to her when she gets conscious. Chiku asks Shreya to wake up. Falguni goes to Suyash. He says I don’t remember, its true that we went to friend’s house, Shreya was with me, she just said bye and went, my friends were there, I didn’t ask her anything, I m not lying, I had female friends, but I never had such relation, else I would remember, but Shreya is a simple girl, how will she lie such a big thing, if she is true then…. she says there will be some way, don’t worry.

Niyati stops Vidhaan and asks him to forgive her first. He gets keys and opens the lock. He says you think everything will get fine, sorry, you have not trusted me. He goes. Niyati cries. Falguni asks what’s the matter, why are you crying. Niyati says he is angry on me, I didn’t trust him, I wish I heard you, I m also praying to Lord to prove Suyash innocent. Niyati suggests the DNA test. Falguni says yes, we should get the test done. Shreya gets conscious. Jayant says we give lakhs in charity, if anyone cheats us, we don’t give any money, don’t think to cheat us. Shreya says I don’t want anything from Suyash, I just came here to leave Chiku here, I have no money to raise her, I will go, just accept Chiku. Falguni comes with doctor. She says I want to get Chiku’s DNA test done to know if Shreya is saying truth of false.

Uttara asks Shreya to be ready to go to jail. Falguni and Niyati get shocked checking reports.

Update Credit to: Amena

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