Jiji Maa 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Piyali learns Suyash’s illness

Jiji Maa 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suyash meeting Vidhaan. Suyash sees the line. Jayant says Niyati has made this for Falguni. Suyash goes to Falguni. She apologizes. He thinks you have to forgive me. He gets rude to her. He scolds her and says I m tired of our relation. She cries. His envelope falls. Falguni goes to pick. Piyali picks the envelope. He worries and asks her to give it. She goes and calls doctor. Falguni thinks what’s Suyash hiding. Piyali asks were you hiding this, you should tell this to Falguni, she loves you a lot. He asks her not to play games. He tells all the ongoing problems. He says you want me to tell everyone about my cancer disease. They see Niyati at the door. Niyati doesn’t hear anything.

Falguni thinks of Suyash’s words and cries. Piyali comes. Falguni says you don’t deserve

anyone’s love. Piyali says its big thing to deserve hatred, don’t you want to know about the envelope, it can change your life. Falguni asks her what happened to Suyash. Piyali asks her to massage her leg. Falguni does so. Uttara comes there and looks on. Piyali says maybe Suyash has a love letter. Uttara says Piyali has got Falguni in her feet, she is becoming powerful, I have to stop her. Piyali refuses to say and leaves. Falguni requests her. Suyash comes to Vidhaan and cries thinking of him. Jayant pacifies him. Suyash goes out and cries.

Jayant gets the envelope. Suyash comes back and takes it. Falguni stays worried. Uttara asks Jayant will he do what Uttara’s spirit told him. She says Suyash’s problems are increasing. Shom comes and says I have seen you somewhere. Jayant says he is Sheikh, where did you see him. Shom jokes. Niyati says I don’t care for any relation now. Falguni cries hearing her. She says Niyati has got hatred for me, I have to do something. Shom asks Uttara if her beard is fake. Uttara asks did you do my work. Shom says yes madam, I kept the girls in your room. She says good, ask Piyali to come to my room. Jayant sees them talking and smiles. Uttara says Shom is very interesting. Jayant asks Shom to take the files. Shom comes in Piyali’s way. She scolds him. He gives her Uttara’s message. She goes. Uttara gets Piyali’s servants to serve her. Piyali asks why did you call me here.

Uttara says I thought if you are staying here, your servants won’t do anything in your haveli. Uttara angers Piyali. She thinks these people have raised you, I have made them servant, this is your weakness. Piyali thinks to strike Uttara. She goes to Suyash and says I want to support you, if you don’t want to tell everyone about your disease. Falguni thinks to make Suyash’s fav dish. The dish falls down. She worries for Suyash. Suyash and Piyali go for tests. He thanks her. She asks him to get friendly to her. She asks what shall I tell Falguni, you love her a lot. Suyash says more than my life, so I have to take a big step for my love. Falguni plans a surprise for Suyash. She gets divorce papers and gets shocked. She recalls Suyash’s words. She cries.

Suyash says I want to give you divorce. Falguni asks why. He says you aren’t that Falguni whom I loved. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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