Jiji Maa 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni and Niyati meet with an accident

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Jiji Maa 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uttara and Dilip meeting some man and asking him to drive the balloon high. She says my bahu likes to fly, this time she will be gone, she listens to my son who listens to me. The man says the bomb will blast when the balloon flies high. Falguni gets a gift from Punjabi couple. Uttara asks Falguni why is she wearing a cheap ordinary bangle when she can buy anything. Falguni says its precious, and wears it. The couple blesses her and goes. Suyash takes Falguni to the balloon and says there is a surprise for you in this basket. She says I will be sitting in this balloon for the first time. He says I promise I will always do everything with you, even my last breath will be with you. She stops him from saying so.

The man sees Suyash with her and informs Dilip. Dilip calls Uttara and says your son is still with her. Uttara worries. Falguni gets inside the basket. Before Suyash could jump in, he gets Uttara’s call. Uttara asks him to just come, its imp. Suyash goes. The man says I will open the balloon on time. Dilip laughs and says how will she get saved. Uttara tells work problems and asks Suyash to sort it. Suyash attends a call. Falguni gets a gift hamper from Suyash and smiles. Niyati comes there and asks is she going alone. Falguni says Suyash is coming alone. Niyati complains about Vidhaan. Falguni says he loves you. Niyati says you are leaving me and going. Falguni says you are pregnant. Niyati insists and joins her. Vidhaan and Jayant stop on the way. Vidhaan says I will buy a toy, I didn’t let Niyati buy it, I will surprise it. Jayant asks when will you stop these kiddish things. They have a talk. Falguni and Niyati recall their mum and get emotional.

The man asks Dilip what to do now. Dilip asks him to fly the balloon on time, else Uttara won’t leave them. Niyati says I feel scared. Falguni says when we are together, no need to get scared. The man releases the balloon in air. Niyati says this is going upwards. Falguni shouts to Suyash for help. Uttara smiles. She gets shocked seeing Niyati with Falguni. Suyash turns and sees Falguni and Niyati. Uttara asks what’s Niyati doing there, she is pregnant, do something. Suyash says we will follow the balloon by the car. Suyash follows the balloon. Falguni shouts. Suyash shouts to them and asks them to turn the knob to lower the gas level. He asks Uttara to call aviation unit to take help. Uttara thinks if anything happens to Niyati, Vidhaan’s child….. no, nothing should happen to Niyati. Vidhaan asks what shall I buy. Jayant says baby will like any color. Vidhaan says my son will be choosy. Jayant gets a call and gets shocked.

Vidhaan asks what happened. Jayant says come fast, Niyati and Falguni are inside the balloon without a pilot. The bomb is fixed to the basket. Falguni asks Niyati not to worry. Niyati asks Falguni to control the gas, the balloon can fall anywhere, save me, I have to live for my child. Falguni says don’t lose courage, there will be some way. She hugs Niyati. Suyash shouts to them. The bomb blasts. The basket shatters. Falguni and Niyati hang down. Falguni gets saved by the bangle she has worn. Suyash and Uttara get shocked. Uttara says they didn’t fall, do something please. Suyash says don’t lose courage, I m coming. Vidhaan and Jayant drive there and see them hanging down the balloon. Niyati says my hand is slipping, I don’t want to die, I m scared.

Suyash says the balloon is going towards the valley. Uttara says they are sending rescue team, do something Suyash, this shouldn’t happen. Falguni’s hand starts bleeding. Falguni sees the valley approaching. She worries and thinks if I hold Niyati, we both will fall down, if I leave Niyati, her life can get saved. She says I have to leave you, its a valley ahead, you have to get saved else we both will die. Niyati shouts no. Falguni says you have to live, I m leaving you. Niyati gets scared. Falguni leaves her hand. Niyati falls down and shouts Jiji maa. She rolls down. Vidhaan, Suyash and everyone get shocked. Niyati gets hit to a stone. She faints.

Falguni sees Suyash and prays for Niyati and Suyash in her last moment. Suyash shouts Falguni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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