Jiji Maa 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara threatens Shreya

Jiji Maa 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com
The Episode starts with Falguni asking the man about the dancer. He says she is dancer Pooja, she would be in changing room. She goes to meet her. She calls out Shreya. Shreya leaves. Falguni looks for her. Uttara pulls Shreya’s hand. She says I told you to hide for few days instead this dance number, you know what would happen if Falguni has seen you, I have given you much money. Shreya asks would I get a dream that you would come to Mumbai with Falguni, its your mistake. Uttara asks her to think about Chiku. Shreya says don’t do anything to Chiku, I will do whatever you say. Falguni comes in. Uttara and Shreya hide. Falguni leaves. Uttara asks Shreya to sit inside the room all day and not make any mistake, else it will be bad for her and Chiku. She leaves.

She comes to hospital. Falguni comes there and sees Uttara. Uttara asks where did you go, I was finding you, we won’t get the operation done and go home. Falguni says no, a boy has snatched my idol, I went after him, I felt like I have seen Shreya there. Uttara says Shreya died in your lap, so maybe you are seeing her everywhere. Falguni says yes. Suyash calls them and asks are you in temple, why is no bells ringings. Uttara plays bell sound. She says we just came inside temple, we will talk later. She says I m lying to him so much. Falguni says I will tell everything to Suyash after going to Jaipur. Doctor says sorry, I can’t do this operation now, my son is unwell, I will make evening schedule.

Niyati calls Falguni and asks about operation. Falguni says operation will happen in evening. Niyati says this is happening for the third time. Falguni says I will come back and talk to you. Niyati asks her to take care. Uttara asks Falguni to have some food. Shreya is with her friends. She takes a selfie. Falguni says we will get food in our room. Uttara says we shall have something here. Shreya goes to clean her dress. Shreya gets shocked seeing Uttara and Falguni. She rushes and drops the phone. Falguni picks the phone and asks manager to check whose phone is it. Manager takes it and goes. Shreya says its good Uttara didn’t see me. Uttara goes to her and threatens with a knife. She acts in front of people.

Shreya says I just came with my film staff for lunch, forgive me, I did a big mistake, I won’t do this again. She smiles and says you think I have gone mad, you will come to senses, you are using Chiku, I will show what I have. She plays Uttara’s voice recording. She threatens Uttara. Uttara says I will see you and runs to Falguni. Falguni plays the recording and hears a song. Uttara comes. Falguni asks what happened, are you fine. Uttara says yes, there was a long queue in restaurant. Shreya calls her and says thinks if I had really sent the audio, don’t think to hurt Chiku, else I will send the audio to Suyash and Jayant as well. Uttara says deal went wrong, its fine, I will manage later, you have food. Falguni nods.

Doctor tells Uttara that Falguni couldn’t survive the operation, she is dead. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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