Jiji Maa 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash hides his illness

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The Episode starts with Suyash and Falguni attending Vidhaan. She cries. Sun raha hai….plays….. Suyash goes and sleeps. She helps him and gives a pillow. He asks her to call nurse for Vidhaan. He goes out coughing. She asks are you fine. She calls nurse. She goes to look for Suyash. Vidhaan’s condition gets worse when he is left unattended. Falguni gets dizzy and faints. Suyash comes back and gets shocked seeing Vidhaan. He shouts to doctor. Doctor asks where were you, you have to sit and keep a watch on drip, else I can keep nurse here, you don’t care for him at all. Suyash apologizes.

Suyash looks for Falguni and finds her. He asks how can you sleep here, I told you to call nurse, you know what happened there, blood was going to the drip, you couldn’t manage, how could you get

so careless. She says I went to call nurse, I got dizzy suddenly. He says enough of this useless explanations, I should have not given you any responsibility. She cries. Jayant comes to talk to Uttara. He says I decided to permit Uttara’s spirit to return in this house, can you make me talk to Uttara once. She gets tensed and takes disguise. She asks him to think again. He says yes, can you make me talk to Uttara. She agrees. Suyash finds Piyali with Vidhaan.

Piyali asks him not to tell anything to Niyati. Suyash asks Falguni to leave. He goes. Falguni asks what did you add in food. Piyali says a lot of hatred and a drop of sleep medicine, I m not foolish to give you much medicines, if anything happens to you, just I will be responsible. Uttara thanks Jayant for calling her. She promises to return the house’s happiness. She says give me a chance to stay here. He cries. She asks him to open his eyes now. She asks what’s his decision. Falguni recalls Suyash’s words and cries. He comes home and rushes to room.

Falguni comes to him. He coughs and turns away. She asks did you not believe me. He feels sick. He asks her to just go. She asks him to listen to her once, open the door. He asks her to leave. She begs him to listen. He coughs. He goes to take some medicines and gets dizzy. Jayant asks what happened. She says Suyash isn’t opening the door, don’t know what happened, he never does this. Jayant knocks door and asks Suyash to open the door. Suyash takes medicines. Jayant asks are you fine. Suyash says don’t know till when will I hide this from family. He opens the door and scolds Falguni for getting Jayant. She says its between me and Falguni, what she did today, I will never forgive her.

Suyash meets the doctor and talks about his illness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The writers of Jiji Maa can surely not be seeious. It is not that easy to break relations in real life just because of one mistake. They have once again portrayed Suyash to be fickle. He breaks his trust at will. Falguni is his wife. This has become so boring. People don’t change that esilt except the love and trust was not real to begin with

  2. Seriously… is it every time Falguni is accused of doing something Suyash breaks his relationship with Falguni…. anyways wants to see how Suyash having lung cancer would play off in the show…

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