Jiji Maa 13th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash and Piyali get engaged

Jiji Maa 13th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suyash returning the ring to Falguni. She cries. Piyali looks on and smiles. Uttara thinks don’t be so happy Piyali, nothing will happen as you want, no engagement and no marriage. The man beats officers and tries to run away from the prison. Pandit asks them to come for the havan before puja. The guy beats the constables. Pandit asks Suyash and Piyali to exchange rings now. Suyash thinks of Falguni. Falguni looks on. The ring falls down. Vidhaan asks him to keep it and use another one as of now. Suyash exchanges rings with Piyali sadly. Falguni smiles. Niyati asks why are you smiling. Falguni says he just has me in his heart right now. Suyash closes heart and thinks of Falguni.

Suyash thinks I will do this engagement and marriage thinking of Falguni, I just want Falguni

to live without me. The guy runs away. He climbs the bridge once again and says its not so easy to reach me. He leaves in the truck. Uttara says we should have celebrations. Uttara dances with the girls. Dil ne dooba dooba….plays….

Piyali thinks why is Uttara getting so happy in my marriage. Uttara dances around Piyali. She makes Suyash and Piyali dance. She takes their pictures. She goes. Falguni imagines dancing with Suyash on Lag jaa gale…. She sees Suyash with Piyali. Uttara meets the guy and says you got late, its real pic, Piyali and Suyash danced well in the party. He throws things. Uttara thinks now how will Piyali marry Suyash.

The guy tries to get angry inside Rawat mansion. He beats the people and ruins the fuse box. The lights go. The guy ignites fire to Suyash’s name. Uttara says I got a gift for you, will you like to see. The decorations catch fire. Everyone gets shocked knowing about the fire. They try to blow off the fire. Suyash and Vidhaan put the fire off. Piyali hugs Suyash and asks how did this happen, I m scared. She gets shocked seeing the guy coming. The guy says you have blown off this fire, but some fires ruin things to ashes. Suyash warns him and asks him to leave.

The guy laughs and asks Piyali to see. Jayant asks do you know him. The guy asks Piyali will she refuse to know him. Suyash catches his neck. Piyali stops Suyash. The guy asks Piyali to introduce him.

Falguni asks who is he. Piyali tells them something. Uttara thinks how will you marry Suyash now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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