Jiji Maa 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni manages to save Suyash and child

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Jiji Maa 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Falguni fighting with goons and running away. Uttara says I have to free Falguni from this world. Falguni gets hit by a knife. She falls down. Goons check her. Falguni wakes up later and prays for her child. Baby is lying in floral basket. Niyati says its strange, we couldn’t talk to Suyash and Falguni. Vidhaan says caretaker said they didn’t reach the farmhouse. She says how can this happen, mom had told us that they have reached safely. Uttara comes and says Suyash and Falguni have run away, they don’t want to give their child to you, they have planned this, they lied to me, they didn’t go to farmhouse, they have changed their intention. Vidhaan says Suyash won’t change. Uttara says I got to know this by the lady who delivered the baby, its a son, I will make you

talk to doctor. She calls the doctor.

Doctor lies to them that she did Falguni’s delivery, Suyash refused to inform you, he got adamant to get Falguni discharged soon, he said he doesn’t want to give you the child, so he is going away forever. Uttara thanks her. Niyati and Vidhaan get shocked. The lady heals Falguni’s wounds. Falguni says I have to find my husband. The lady comes and says I got to know that some city guy is caught by goons. Falguni says I can fight even Yamraj for the sake of my husband and child. Suyash is tied up to the tree. Falguni comes there and sees him tied. She asks them to leave her husband. She points gun at them. The goons leave Suyash. The goon scolds her. The men start fainting. She recalls putting the herbs in their food. She asks them about her child. The goon says I don’t have your child. She says don’t lie to me.

Suyash says they are not lying, they don’t have our child, he is somewhere else. Suyash catches a goon and leaves from there. Falguni cries and says I lost my son. He says we will soon find our child. The village women stop them. The lady asks is this your husband, you are brave to save him from dacoits. Falguni says but I didn’t get my child. Suyash asks did you see any new born baby. Falguni hears baby crying. The lady says I didn’t hear this sound before, we shall go and see. They go and see the child with some lady. Falguni smiles and says this is my child. The lady asks what’s the proof. Falguni says I have made him wear Lord idol locket. She shows the locket and gets her child. The lady praises her. She asks them to stay with them at night and go in morning. Suyash says everything got fine now. Falguni says we have to give him to Niyati and Vidhaan. They smile.

Inspector arrests Suyash and Falguni for kidnapping Niyati and Vidhaan’s baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What type of Brother and sister are Niyati and Vidhan? They trusted Uttaradevi so quickly. How can they forget that she did so many wrong things? Moreover, they should be grateful that Suyash and Falguni are giving their child to them. Before getting them arrested they should have investigated at least once. When they will get to know the truth that Falguni and Suyash gave their to them then they will realize the mistake of trusting Uttaradevi.

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