Jiji Maa 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni wants to find truth

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The Episode starts with Vidhaan saying Falguni left the hope, so she signed the divorce papers, we shall talk to her. Falguni comes to Vidhaan and Niyati, and says you really think so, that I have given up, I didn’t lose my hope on love, I know Suyash is helpless, I know he loves me a lot, he is doing this for some reason, he is much helpless so he is going to this extent. He says so you did this so that you can stay here. Its morning, Falguni asks Suyash to get marriage mahurat. Suyash says any mahurat will work. She asks him to marry on right mahurat, else he can get divorced again. Pandit looks for mahurat and says mahurat is there after one week.

He blesses Falguni and Suyash’s pairing. Falguni says I m getting my husband married to his lover, who thought he will fall in love with my sister,

his happiness matters a lot to me. She gives him Dakshina. Pandit finds it strange. She asks pandit to chant mantras well so that Devis and Devtas bless the couple. She thinks Suyash is not marrying by his wish, there is something. Suyash goes away and cries. He says Falguni doesn’t know what I m going through right now. Jayant comes to him and asks about his decision. He says you take some more time and think well. Suyash says I have no time, I decided to marry Piyali this week.

Piyali says you think Falguni is believing our drama. Suyash says yes, just some time more, then Falguni will leave. They see Falguni at the door. Falguni gets clothes for their engagement. Suyash says anything will work. Falguni says you are marrying your love by your wish. Uttara says I know why is Suyash marrying, I won’t let Piyali become my bahu. Falguni selects a suit for Suyash. Piyali selects the clothes and sends Falguni. She asks Suyash what is he doing. Falguni says I know he is hiding something, I will find out. She shows the rings to Suyash and asks her to select it. He asks why are you doing this. She says I can do everything for your happiness, I want to see if your love is strong as my love, since you are leaving me.

He says so you are doing this for my happiness, then prove it, give me your ring for Piyali. She gets shocked. He says if you want me to get married happily, then give me this ring. Falguni removes the ring and gives it to him. She cries. She goes. They both go away and cry. Chann se jo tuta….plays….

Vidhaan and Niyati have a talk. He asks if she will do rituals with Falguni. She says I have to prepare for Piyali’s engagement. He says I know you are annoyed with Falguni, the reason isn’t too big to break the old relation, we can just think of loved ones, you lost your mum and now you are making Falguni away, you can regret for this. Piyali looks on and thinks he is pushing Niyati towards Falguni. Uttara says Piyali isn’t getting affected even when I threatened her. Shom comes to meet her. She asks him why did he get dogs bicsuits. He says I wanted to get rid of rats and got a cat, now cat is troubling me, so I got a dog home. She smiles and says great Shom, have this money tip, I have to get a dog to deal with the cat Piyali. A prisoners runs. Police and dogs chase him. The prisoners gets on the bridge and flees.

Suyash takes sindoor for Piyali. Chunri falls on Suyash. The sindoor falls on Falguni’s maang.

Update Credit to: Amena

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