Jiji Maa 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suyyash gets impressed by Phalguni

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The Episode starts with pandit asking Phalguni to leave. Uttara does the aarti. Phalguni leaves and walks on the roads. She helps some kids in getting their stuck balloons. Suyyash sees her and smiles. Music plays……. He leaves. Uttara is on the way and asks driver to drive fast. He says way is rough. She asks him to take by lane. He says car can’t go there. She insists. The car hits a man. Phalguni stops him. She asks driver how can he get in no entry. Uttara recalls seeing her at temple and slaps driver angrily.

She insults the poor people and slaps driver. Phalguni asks why are you beating him, you got him drive in this lane and beating him for accident, its your mistake, you should apologize. All the people ask Uttara to apologize. She apologizes to them and folds hands. The old man falls. People take him in her car. Shom says how will you go now. She says other car…. Shom asks will you go there yourself. She asks is there any other option, take him to hospital.

Suyyash is at the factory and takes picture with the workers. The workers say he is the owner. Suyyash says we will get equal then and wears the uniform. He says we cab get photo clicked now. Uttara walks on the road. She finds the place dirty and recalls Suyyash.
She steps in dirt. Driver tells Suyyash that his mum is unwell. Suyyash says there is nothing imp than mum, take car, keep this money, don’t worry for me, I like driving. Driver thanks him and goes. Suyyash leaves.

A lady acts like Uttara and says my focus is on Suyyash and Vidhaan, you both have to become big house bahus. Uttara comes home and gets anger out of all servants. Driver asks Shom where is he going. Shom says I won’t go hospital, madam doesn’t mean what she said. He asks driver to drop man to hospital and then get car washed well.

Phalguni is on the way. A car passes by and dirt falls on her. She says does this rich people buy cars to put dirt on others. Suyyash is on the way. His car breaks down. He checks the car. Phalguni passes by. He holds her dupatta to clean hands, assuming it to be some cloth. He turns and sees her. He gets shocked seeing her. She gets her dupatta and asks what’s this bad behavior, why was he cleaning hand by her dupatta. He says sorry, I was changing air filter. She says if any rich man did this, I would have taken his class, but you are poor, why to trouble you. He asks poor man? She says yes, you are a driver, don’t feel bad, no work is big or poor, I don’t like rich people. He says I m poor, I m a driver. She asks him not to say that again and again. He asks then what to say. She says don’t say, you look poor, anyone can trust you, as rich can’t be trusted, greed and mean nature comes with money, I can forgive you, don’t hold anyone’s dupatta again. She goes. He smiles seeing her.

Shom comes and hears about Uttara’s anger. Uttara stops him. He gets tensed. Phalguni tells aunty about the fun to argue with the poor guy. Niyati studies. She says I lost the keys. Aunty says I told her she didn’t grow up. Niyati says I lost keys because of you. Zeenat Aunty gets angry on Phalguni for climbing the temple. Phalguni says you get tension for us. Niyati acts like Zeenat. They smile. Zeenat asks them to get prasad and goes.

Phalguni smells new books and likes it. Niyati shows the books. Phalguni tries to read. Niyati helps her. She reads out. Phalguni smiles hearing her. She recalls making Niyati study. Uttara recalls her insult. Shom says car got washed. She gets angry and gets the car burnt. She says my insult sign has no right to stay here. She ignites fire. The car burns. Uttara says Phalguni doesn’t know she did big mistake, this lava will not leave her, that girl will get ruined now.

Uttara says I met an ill mannered girl. Suyyash says I met a good natured girl. Uttara says I will see her destruction’s live telecast. Phalguni gets a work.

Update Credit to: Amena

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