Jhansi Ki Rani 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar and Lakshmi Bai dance in party, Manjiri helps her

Jhansi Ki Rani 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ross introducing Gangadhar and Lakshmi bai to Saimen frazer and his wife Betty Frazer. Gangadhar says it is pleasure to meet you. Manu and betty frazer greet each other. Ross shows the champagne and says cheers to our new life and tells that they are going to inaugurate rail rod tomorrow. Gangadhar greets Saimen frazer for rail road inauguration. Saimen thanks him. Ross says they are starting a train in Jhansi and says they are transporting the seized animals from public as tax. Everyone claps. Manu thinks I won’t let this happen. Betty tells others that she wears just designer’s clothes. They laugh. Ross tells that Queen might be happy today and thinks something is going on in her mind. Manu refuses to drink wine. Betty tells that wine is good for health. Manu says it is about following her customs. Betty asks her to dance with Maharaj. She asks Gangadhar to come to Manu and dance. Gangadhar comes to Manu and holds her to dance. Saimen- Betty and other couple also dance. Gangadhar gets impressed with her behavior and says he is very happy today. Manu thinks she wants to get the map anyhow. Ross calls the engineers and introduces to Saimen. Saimen appreciates their work. Ross calls Gangadhar and asks him to join them. Manu thinks to go and check.

Gangadhar asks her to drink sherbet. Manu thinks if I don’t go then can’t go. Ross thinks not to think about Queen and spoil his mood. Gangadhar turns and thinks where is Rani lakshmi bai. Manu comes to the commissary office cabin and searches for the map. Ross also looks for her and thinks where is she? Gangadhar is also looking for Manu. Manjiri comes and keeps hand on Manu’s shoulder. She keeps hand on her mouth. Ross comes there and feels someone came here. Manu and Manjiri are hiding there. Ross takes out the map and thinks it is not safe to keep it here. He takes the map with him. Gangadhar thinks where is lakshmi Bai? Manu and Manjiri come out. Manu asks Manjiri how did she come here? Manjiri says I will tell you later. Manu asks why did you come to british commissary. Manjiri says I will tell you at right time and says if Ross have seen you then would have done a drama. Manu tells that she came to get the map and tells that her plan is ruined. Manjiri says she heard Ross saying that they will use the other track and that is around the mountain. Manu thanks her and asks her to take care.

Ross thinks Gangadhar is restless and he doesn’t know how troublesome his wife is. He asks Gangadhar why they treat their wives as slaves. He says seems like they drapes bedsheet on themselves. He says such a useless culture. He asks him to look at british woman and says they are so modern and smart. Gangadhar says captain Ross…Manu comes and asks him to hear about their customs. She says you britishers think your wife as your wealth and shows right on their body, heart and wealth, but in our Hindustan, wife is called as Ardhangini. She says wife is called as the half portion of husband and that’s why husband and wife are incomplete with each other. She says every woman is like Devi. She says Maa Durga, Maa Parvati, Maa Sita, and Saraswati etc are devis and not Devtas. She asks him to give equal rights to british woman before judging them. All the british ladies clap for Manu. Gangadhar gets impressed with her. He tells Ross that they shall leave. Ross asks Maharani if she will come tomorrow.

Ghouse Khan tells Manu that the information is useful. She says we will change the railway track so that the train fell in the valley after some time. Manu says even animals will be killed which is inside the train. She says I have a plan and will make the train bogie separate and asks him to make the engine fall in the valley. Ghouse khan says it is not that easy and says train will be speedy and if we couldn’t separate the bogie’s at the right time then all train can fall in the valley together. Manu says animals shall not be hurt in any circumstances. Ghouse khan says we have to search some other say. Tatya guru asks how? Manu says I know how to save the innocent animals.

Precap: Manjiri hears Ross telling Robb that they are taking humans as slave in the train. She informs moropant and Manu. Gangadhar waves the flag to show green signal to the train.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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