Jhansi Ki Rani 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu shows truth to Gangadhar

Jhansi Ki Rani 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Moropant telling Manu that whom she was questioning was Maharaj and her would be husband. Manu asks what wrong did I do, I wanted those 11 villages back. She says my marriage mission is freedom and says her anger boils seeing britishers. Moropant asks him to keep her anger in control and tells about Ram’s story. Manu says you have taught me Maryada Purushottam Ram’s story. She tells that she will walk on the freedom mission with patience. Kashi comes and says all Jhansi people are praising her. Moropant thinks Manu has listened to her heart and made place in people’s heart. He blesses Manu and leaves. Kashi asks did I say anything wrong? Manu smiles.

Ross gets angry at janki and says I am so proud of you. He says according to you, she is a commoner and docile.

Janki says I didn’t know about her. Ross says then why did you claim that day, that you have cross checked her. He says you worn rope to get hanged and asks her to get ready. He tells that Manu was the girl who challenged him in Bhitoor and played krantikari in the play on Peshwa’s birthday. He asks did you find that girl in whole Bhitoor. He says what do you say that you trust just yourself in betrayal game and says your trust is heavy on us. He says Manu was not only a teekhi mirchi, but a fireball of freedom. He says nobody can get her scared or stop her and says Ross is never wrong.

Gangadhar recalls Rama telling him that she is worried about their future. She tells that he couldn’t see the enemies near him, like it is said that near things looked blurred. She asks him to use his power and destroy the enemies, and asks him to remember that one liar friend is more dangerous than 100 enemies. Fb ends. Gangadhar recalls Manu telling the same thing and gets thinking. Janki comes to Raj guru and says I didn’t hope this big mistake from you, says it seems you have no love for your daughter, and says she will not be fine anymore. Raj guru Tatya Dikshit thinks he shall not be afraid of her threat. He tells that even he was unaware that she has this avatar. Janki asks him to go and tell them that the marriage is not possible. Raj guru says it is impossible to stop this marriage and says Peshwa calls her as his daughter Chabili. Janki says so shall I put me in danger. Raj guru says if you refuse the marriage then all Maratha will unite and defeat us, and says we along with british can’t face them. Janki asks if you are trying to scare me? Raj guru reminds her that Saku bai is also in bundelkhand and can meet Peshwa. Janki thinks Raj guru is right.

Kashi thanks Manu for freeing her villager. Manu calls her friend. Kashi says you are the first Rani to refer as dasi as friend and says she can’t lower her friends. Kashi says nobody can get good Maharani than you and shouts saying I regard you as Maharani. Manu says I shall go and talk to Maharaj, informing him why I went to the playground. Janki comes there and scolds Manu, asking her not to forget that she is not married to Gangadhar. Manu says I thought you will appreciate me. Janki asks her to call her Rani Saheb. Manu says I didn’t do anything wrong. Janki asks her to go and not to show her face to her or maharaj. Manu thinks to have patience. Servant comes and says maharaj called Manikarnika and Rani Saheb for the meeting.

Manu goes there. Gangadhar asks what truth she wants to convey to him. Manu apologizes to him. Gangadhar says I want to know the truth. Ross and janki are there. Manu asks if british are his friends. Gangadhar says yes, I am proud of them as they don’t let any trouble come on me or Jhansi. Manu says they are selfish. Gangadhar says they never asked for anything. Manu tells that they tried to snatch with a conspiracy. She says they snatched 11 villages before from you and now wanted to defeat you in Polo match and wanted to get 11 more villages. Gangadhar says you couldn’t know that I gave those 11 villages for the business so that my people gets employed and prosper. Manu asks did you personally go and check. She says your people have become homeless and unemployed. She says those farms in which grains were cultivated, now cocaine is getting cultivated and the britishers are gaining and your people are in pain. Gangadhar asks Ross and Janki why they are silent. Janki recalls getting his stamp. Gangadhar asks Ross, did you betrayed my trust on the pretext of the business. Ross says yes, we are doing cocaine cultivation in these 11 villages. Gangadhar is shocked.

Precap: Manu says you are cultivating cocaine by cheat. Gangadhar shouts and says I have chosen you to be my Maharani and I am forced to think if you are suitable or not.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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