Jhansi Ki Rani 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manjiri comes to Commissary to spy

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Jhansi Ki Rani 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manu thinking Maharaj said that I shall get a second chance and I got it in Ghouse khan’s avatar. Kashi thinks what Maharani might be feeling reading maharaj’s letter. Manu asks Kashi to stay in her room and goes to meet Maharaj. Kashi finds the letter near the bed and thinks if she read the letter or not. Manu comes to Gangadhar and smiles. She hugs him happily and says everything is fine because of you. Gangadhar thinks Manu might have a change of heart for their marriage and holds her. Kashi smiles seeing them. She thinks this letter made us worried and it is better if she don’t read it. She thinks to hide the letter. Gangadhar smiles looking at Manu. Manu smiles and goes.

Manjiri comes to Commissary and tells that she wants to meet to the superior. Robb hears her and thinks what a sweet voice and thinks she is an untouched beauty. An indian employee scolds her and asks her to go. Robb scolds him for misbehaving with the girl. Manjiri says I need a job to support my family. Robb holds her hands and then says sorry. He takes her to Ross and says she needs job. Ross asks what job she will do. Robb says he will teach her what to do. Ross agrees. Robb asks her to come to his cabin. Ross comes to Palace and tells that they are going to inaugurate the railways, tomorrow is big day for britisher and progress day for Indians. He says we do what we decide and tells about the party at the commissary. He invites Gangadhar and Manu for the party and gives credit to Manu for the progress. Manu thinks Ross wants me to accept defeat and says I will fight till the end. Gangadhar thanks Ross and says I will attend the party with Maharani.

Manu meets Tatya guru and asks him to meet Ghouse Khan. She says we have to ruin britishers plan with Ghouse baba’s help. Ghouse Khan comes to his house and reminisces his daughter Fatima and recalls how she was murdered. He shouts Fatima. Tatya guru comes there and says I thought you will be here. Ghouse Khan asks what he thought about the rail ways. Tatya guru tells him about their failed plan to blast the railways through tunnel. Ghouse Khan says they shall be carefree as Maharani Lakshmi bai is with them. He says we will cut the rail tracks using the map to locate which it is placed. Tatya asks where we will get the map? Ghouse Khan says who is the british officer here. Tatya guru says Captain Ross. Ghouse Khan says the map is in his office.

Gangadhar tells Manu that he got all the things ready. He says your wishes will be fulfilled here, you can do sword fighting, archer, horse riding etc here. Manu feels caged here. Gangadhar asks her to get ready for the commissary and says I have many hopes pinned on you.

Robb takes Manjiri to his room. Manjiri says she has cleaned his room. Robb gets attracted to her. Manjiri hears Ross telling his juniors that everyone will think that they will make the train run on the first track, but they will make the train run on the other track. Manjiri thinks to inform Bharat. Manu meets Tatya guru. He asks her to go to Ross cabin secretly and get the map anyhow. She says our hardwork will pay off, I will get that map.

In the party, Gangadhar and Lakshmi Bai come. Gangadhar asks her to keep his respect in mind. Ross thinks I will transport bonded laborers from right infront of you. Manu thinks Ross is doing something wrong.

Update in ProgressPrecap: Ross tells that they will transport animals tomorrow. Manu searches for the map. Ross thinks to keep an eye on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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