Jhansi Ki Rani 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu asks Gangadhar to give her a chance

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Jhansi Ki Rani 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manu trying to read the letter, but it flies from her hand and vanishes. Manu thinks whose letter is this and who had kept this in my room. She thinks she has to think about Railway project now. In the morning, Manu thinks to apologize to Gangadhar. Laccho Bai, Janki and Saku Bai wait for Manu to leave from the Palace. Saku Bai says she hits in our eyes like a stone. They come to Manu’s room. Manu asks what are they searching? Saku Bai says Laccho Bai loses her things like a kid, we were searching her anklet. Manu says in my room? She asks Laccho when did you come here? Laccho Bai thinks what to say? Janki says she goes here and there in Palace and that is why we are searching the anklet. Manu goes to talk Gangadhar. Saku Bai, Janki and Laccho are surprised. Laccho says she is not worried at all. Janki says she has so self respect.

Manu comes to Gangadhar. Gangadhar thinks why did she come here? I asked her to leave from the Palace if she has any respect for me in her heart. Manu apologizes to her and tells that she will follow the rules of Maharani and asks him to give a chance to her. Gangadhar thinks I asked her to go, but she wants to change herself. Manu thinks right now Maharaj can’t understand what is going on in her heart. Gangadhar refuses to forgive her. Manu asks for a chance. Gangadhar says I will give you a chance and asks her to be successful. Manu thanks Maharaj and says leaves. Janki, Laccho and Saku bai hear them shockingly. Laccho says we shall hide else she will understand that we were listening to her talks. Manu calls Janki and hugs her. she then hugs Saku and Laccho Bai. She says you are shubh for me and says Maharaj gave me a new hope. She says I was very sad before meeting him, but now I am very happy. She thanks them. Laccho Bai says Manu changed Gangadhar’s heart overnight.

Shiva and Moropant talk about the railway project. He says they want spy to work in commissary for them. Shiva says british knows me. Moropant says they know me also. Manjiri comes and says she will go to commissary as the spy and says if she is caught then also she will not open her mouth. Laccho Bai, Janki and Saku Bai talk about Gangadhar and manu’s love. Janki asks if some ghost or jin is helping Manu. Laccho gets scared and says it will come here. Saku bai asks her to close the door else jin will come. Laccho Bai is about to close the door and sees Ghouse Khan, think him as Jin and shouts. She runs inside and sits telling Janki and Saku Bai that she saw Jin there. Saku bai asks Jin..Laccho Bai says I have seen Pathan jin for the first time in my life. Ghouse Khan thinks where is Maharani’s room.

Saku bai reads mantras and using chillies to get Laccho bai’s fear go. Janki says you are reading ghost mantras, how jin will understand. Ghouse Khan comes to Manu’s room and says I want to apologize to you. Manu says you fled from karagar to apologize to me. Ghouse Khan tells that he wants to help her in her mission and can give his life for the mission. Manu asks how he changed his decision overnight. He says he will tell her later. Manu thanks him calling him baba.

Precap: Manu and Gangadhar come to the commissary. Gangadhar asks Manu not to do anything. Ross tells that they will transport the seized animals as tax through railways. Manu tries to get the map. Ross comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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