Jhansi Ki Rani 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu finds out Ross plan behind railways

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The Episode starts with Manu blindfolding herself and aims at the target. Dasi comes and tells him that Tailor came and asks her to select the dress for her for engagement. Manu is still blindfolded. Tailor shows her dress. Manu asks where it is made? Tailor says englistaan. He shows another clothes made in London. Manu is silent. Tailor shows the cloth made in India. Manu likes it and aims the arrow. She tells that she wants the clothes made in India and not in British’s place. Tailor says I will make clothes for you with this cloth. Dasi asks why is she upset? Manu tells her about the rail service and tells that british don’t want our benefit and asks why they will think of our betterment. She says she will go to commissioner office. Dasi says soldiers get changed every two hours. Janki tells Gangadhar that Manu is after social service and she is doing all the arrangements. Gangadhar thinks of her words, and then asks if she sent the invite to Laccho Bai and Saku Bai Vahini. Janki thinks he is inviting the enemies and tells that she has sent the invite already.

Sakubai is shown. She comes somewhere. A man tells her, you have become a cook after getting kicked out from Jhansi. A snake comes out from Sakubai’s saree and it bites the man, and goes inside her saree. The man tells Sakubai, how dare you to kill our brother. Sakubai says she can smell the betrayal man and asks him to check in his pocket. They find british coin in his pocket. Saku bai tells that he was informer to britishers. Man asks if you really wanted to go to Jhansi for Gangadhar’s marriage. Saku bai shows the invite and tells that she will go to Jhansi and will rule on it. She tells that she was defeated by Janki last time, but this time she will take help from Bundels and will get the throne. Man says you are forgetting Laccho Bai and says she is your dewrano. Saku bai says she has poison in herself and asks him why she shall afraid of Naagin. She asks the man to come with him like a bodyguard.

Gangadhar tells that he is sure Saku bai and Laccho Bai have changed and says Ali bahadur is Newalkar’s blood and says why shall he suffer. Janki thinks who sends invite to enemies, and hopes they don’t come to Jhansi.

Ali Bahadur is shown, Laccho Bai comes to meet him and gives him something to drink. She shows the invite and tells that your Chacha and my Dewar sent us invite of his marriage to us. He says he has a big heart and called us to his marriage, forgetting our mistake. He says Janki Bai was involved behind the conspiracy which kicked us from Jhansi. Ali Bahadur tells that Janki Bai was jealous of you as she couldn’t give birth to anyone. Laccho bai tells that they have to good and asks him to trust God. Ali Bahadur tells that they have to careful with Janki and Saku Bai.

Manu comes to the britishers’ tent where Ross meets Governor General. She peeps inside through the window and hears Ross telling the commissioner that they will transport all precious things from India to England, and says they will produce finished items in Britain, and then they have to buy everything from us. He says these foolish Indians will buy britishers stuff and will wear britishers cloth etc. Governor General gives him permissions. Ross says raw material will be brought tomorrow and says they will start the project from tomorrow, when Maharaj Sakarpura will happen. They laugh. Governor general tells that they have to export animals to China first through railways. Manu hears him and gets shocked.

Precap: Manu informs Tatya guru about britishers’ conspiracy. Sakubai plans to kill Gangadhar. Janki says Manu will be fighting in the Palace, that she will be left with no time to go out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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