Jhansi Ki Rani 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar decides to ask Manu to leave Jhansi

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Jhansi Ki Rani 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manu telling that she gets to know about Gangadhar’s interest in acting and he has many colors in himself. She says I have seen a little kid in him who was very excited to share his liking with her. She says she never saw maharaj so much happy. Tatya guru comes there and says there is a bad news, the rail way is inaugurating two days prior to the decided date. He says we can’t do anything. Manu tells that they have more powerful Ghouse Khan and tells that they have to make him flee from the karagaar. Tatya guru says Maharaj’s eyes are on you after the tunnel incident. Manu says we have to think something. Tatya guru asks her to give sleeping pills to Maharaj to make him sleep until they return to palace. Manjiri looks at herself in the mirror and smiles, thinks of Abha Tai’s words. Shiva and Moropant smile seeing her happy.

Manu thinks she doesn’t want to give sleeping medicine to Maharaj, but if she don’t give then how she will go out from the palace. Gangadhar thinks of Manu’s words while enacting Shakuntala play and laughs. Manu comes there and brings milk. Maharaj says Dasis are there to do work. Manu says I can do this small work, I am your wife. Gangadhar is about to drink milk. Manu snatches the glass and throws it afar. She thinks she can’t betray him. Gangadhar gets up and asks what did you do? Manu says housefly fell in your glass, I have just seen. She says I will bring another glass and thinks she will be awake till Maharaj sleeps.

Later in the night, Manu sees Gangadhar sleeping from her room and thinks to go. Manu changes her clothes and leave from the Palace. Gangadhar sees her leaving and gets tensed. Manu asks Tatya guru, how they will make Ghouse Khan flee from the karagar. They look at the buffaloess and get an idea. She thinks Ghouse Baba, I am coming. Gangadhar thinks if Lakshmi Bai will go secretly every night, If I will be awake with helpless in my eyes. He thinks people will laugh on me and they will say that his wife secretly goes from the palace every night, I don’t stop her and don’t know even the reason.

The britisher jailer is reciting hanuman mantra, when the jail shaken up. They see the buffaloes attacking the karagar. All the prisoners wake up hearing the sound. Manu and Tatya guru walking fast with the buffaloess. Ghouse Khan gets up and looks on. The soldiers is about to shoot the bull. The jailer comes and stops them, says the buffalo is yamraj’s ride and asks them to fight with the buffaloes with the lathi. The buffaloes break the door and get inside. Jailer asks what do you want? He hides. Manu and Tatya guru also enter there. Gangadhar calls his vahinis. He says until when I will be silent and says time has come to punish. Laccho Bai says she has stolen just 3-4 batasas from kitchen.

Manu and Tatya guru come to Jailer’s room and take the keys to the karagaar. Jailer is hiding under the blanket and reciting the mantra. Gangadhar tells them that his wife goes out of Palace secretly even now. Janki says which tunnel she is making now, widows went. Saku Bai says if commoner is married in royal family then this thing happens. Laccho Bai says it is not necessary and says some people have all the qualities. Gangadhar says I want you all to do some difficult work. He says Rani Lakshmi bai have to leave from here.

Manu and Tatya guru open the door of the karagaar. Ghouse Khan asks who are you? Tatya guru goes inside and shows his face. He says I am Tatya Tope and says we used to fight together. He says this is Rani Lakshmi Bai, Jhansi’s Maharani and her role is important in kranti work. Janki Bai says Lakshmi Bai used to do mistake and you used to forgive her. Gangadhar says I can’t tell her and asks them to tell her to leave on his behalf.

Precap: Ghouse Khan tells that he don’t help rich and royal family. Gangadhar gives the letter to Janki and asks her to give it to Rani Lakshmi Bai. Janki keeps the letter in Manu’s room. Manu reads it and gets teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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