Jhansi Ki Rani 3rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar confesses his love to Manu, Shiva is alive

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The Episode starts with Moropant bringing Manjiri and Gangadhar to injured Shiva. Shiva greets Gangadhar signing him. Manjiri comes to Shiva. Moropant tells that Raj guru informed him immediately about Robb attacking Shiva and he brought him here and got him treated by the Raj vaidya. He says Shiva is saved as the bullet just touched her head. Janki and Saku bai talk about Manu’s good destiny. Laccho tells that widows live nicely in Suraj Mahal. Janki says we are talking about Manu. Laccho says before Manu kicks us out, we shall visit Suraj Mahal once. Janki says you are talking nonsense. Laccho asks them to stop it and live life peacefully. Saku asks her to close her mouth. Janki thinks to meet Ross and plan against Manu.

Gangadhar tells that once Shiva gets fine fully, he will give them new identity to make them away from britishers’ view. He says I will give you home and employment. He says you both shall not be scared, you are our responsibility now. Manu says I told you that I will make your life happy and asks her to leave worry and make her life happy. Manjiri says how to thank you, you gave me a new life. She tells Gangadhar that she is very thankful to him for his historic decision and tells that she will pray for them all. Gangadhar says let Shiva take rest. Manjiri comes to Manu, you are very lucky to have maharaj as a husband and says he supports you always. Manu thinks if Maharaj has not helped me, then I wouldn’t have done this. She thinks to thank Gangadhar.

Ross tells Janki that he never saw selfish person like her. He says you are enjoying royal life because of me. Janki asks him to listen and understand her helplessness. Ross says you would have told that Maharani killed my brother. Janki says how to tell against her, she was staying in the same palace. She says you would have told me about your plan, it is your mistake. Ross asks her to leave before he commits one more mistake. Janki thinks Ross might harm him and leaves.

Manu comes to Gangadhar and thanks him for whatever he did. Gangadhar asks what do you think of yourself and asks why can’t you keep your anger in control. He says you started training women on the chauraha and then punished Robb without thinking. He asks if she ever thought what could have happen if the people of Jhansi haven’t supported her. He asks did you ever think what would have happen to me if something happens to you. He holds her hand and says I don’t want to lose you. He says you don’t know how much I love you and says I can’t think of life without you. Manu is teary eyes. Gangadhar says you are not alone, your breath and destiny is related to me now. He asks her to promise him that she will not do anything without informing him. Manu hugs him and says Manjiri and Shiva’s life are happu because of you. Saku bai, Laccho and Janki look at them upset. Gangadhar says I shall thank you, as I am feeling that I am Maharaj because of you. Manu says she is very happy and feeling proud to have husband like her. Janki says if we don’t stop their love then it will be too late. She thinks whom to ask help, Ross is not trusting her. Ross is drunk and thinks to take revenge from Maharani. he says I will kill her and sleeps. He gets a dream in which Manu comes infront of him as Goddess Durga and kills him with Trishul. He wakes up shockingly and says Queen will kill me, before she kills me, I will kill her. It is do or die.

Manu is making rangoli outside the temple. Moropant comes there and praises her. Manu says Maharaj will come for puja. Moropant says he feels proud of her and asks her to concentrate on his wife duties. He tells that Manjiri is happy with Shiva and you are happy seeing them happy as you have understood that husband is very important in wife’s life. He shows her saree and says it is special as I gave it to your Aai on her godh bharayi . he says when you was born, she was very happy. He gets emotional. Manu takes the saree and thinks she will fulfill the duties of a wife and daughter with honesty.

Precap: Gangadhar and Manu are about to get closer. Janki asks them not to come closer as tomorrow is Rama bai’s birthday. She tells maidservant that she will not let Maharani become a mother. Manu asks what you will get and says you will not get anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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