Jhansi Ki Rani 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu defeats Ross and gets all animals freed

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The Episode starts with Manu coming back to palace. Smith thinks where is she going and thinks there is definitely something fishy and follows her. Janki thinks Manikarnika troubled her a lot and says where to search her. Moropant comes infront of her. Janki asks if she caugh the illness in the Palace or it is since childhood. Moropant asks what? Janki says she vanishes often and asks where is she? Moropant says even I was searching her. Janki says marriage is fixed again with much difficulty, but your daughter doesn’t care. Moropant says she is a little girl. Janki says but she is going to be Maharani soon. She says they need her here for the arrangements. Moropant says I will make her understand and says we shall search her there. Manu comes to meet Manjiri. Manjiri says you came in the ordinary dress. Manu says I will tell you later. They ask what you want to eat and asks her to have sweets. Manu says she came to kitchen to get kathal vegetable. Manjiri gives her. Manu asks them about Maharaj’s liking and thanks them. Smith thinks what the cook is doing here? Manu thanks them and is leaving, when Smith comes infront of her. He asks what are you doing in the Palace and what is in the basket. Manu says you don’t have anything in your English rasoi so I came to get kathal. Smith says you have to make meat. Manu says what you will feed to vegetarian people and asks him to move from her way. He thinks vegetarian people are few then so much kathal. He thinks something is fishy and thinks to talk to Ross.

Manu and Kashi cut the kathal. Kashi asks if it tastes like meat. Manu says if it is cooked in sarso oil then it tastes like meat. Smith hears her and goes to inform Ross. He comes to Ross and says I have to tell you something very important. Just then an announcement is made that Maharaj Gangadhar is coming there. Ross welcomes there and says I am happy to see you here. Smith tries to tell Ross again, but Ross asks him if he invited Manu. Smith says he couldn’t find her, and says he wants to tell something important. Ross asks him to shut up. Smith thinks how to find out about the cook, Ross is not ready to hear. Gangadhar and Ross sit to have food. Manu and Kashi come there hiding their face and serve food to them. Ross says it is smelling good, I hope the dish is as tasty as its smell. Gangadhar looks at the food and says it is my favorite and asks Ross how he came to know. Manu says I found it. Gangadhar tastes it and says it is very tasty. Ross asks how do you know that it is maharaj’s favorite dish. Manu says just like Maharaj takes care of us, we as his praja takes care of him. Ross coughs and says it is very spicy. He says I didn’t have such tasty meat in his life before. Smith says I need to tell you something. Ross asks him to pass the water. Manu and Kashi smile from outside.

Ross coughs and gets teary eyes, and eats it. Kashi says he didn’t know that he is eating kathal. Manu says he will know in the morning about the indian spice effect. Kashi says I think that we will get caught when you opened your mouth. Gangadhar says food is really tasty. Kashi asks how do you handle everything nicely. Manu says with self confidence as it is the first step to success. Tatya asks them to come from there and says we have won. Manu says Ross got the defeat. Ross gets sweating and wipes his face. Gangadhar says it is very tasty. Ross says somebody defeated from me today, and asks him to guess who is she? Gangadhar asks who was she? Ross says your would be queen, and tells about their challenge. He says Ross is never wrong. Gangadhar looks on. Janki comes infront of Manu and recognizes seeing her chin. Moropant understands she is Manu. Janki lifts her veil and sees her face. Moropant says Manu and asks why did you wear such clothes. Janki says her silence will be broken infront of Maharaj and take her with her. Tatya guru is hiding and thinks to do something. Ross asks Smith where are those amazing cooks, they made such amazing food, it was very spicy, but very tasty. He says I want to give them prize. Smith says they left. Ross asks him to call them. Gangadhar says even I want to give them prize, call them. Smith says but sir.

Janki brings Manu and Kashi there. Ross and Gangadhar see their face and are shocked. Ross gets up from his chair. Gangadhar asks what are you doing here in commoner’s clothes. Ross says would be queen likes to act, now fancy dress show. He says what was the need to become cook, she could have become Rani or Pari. He smiles and says that lamb’s name was Pari also, whom you wanted to save, but couldn’t save it. Manu says who told you that I couldn’t save our Pari. Ross asks really, you started lying. He says it happens when someone loses, and goes in trauma. Manu says you will be in trauma. She signs Kashi. Kashi brings lamb Pari there. Ross is shocked. Gangadhar is surprised. Manu tells the doha and says whom Sai wants to be alive, nobody can harm him. She asks how he liked their Hindustani Dawat. Smith recalls Manu telling that they have nothing in his british kitchen. Manu asks Ross to see Pari and says it is alive. Ross says just now I eat it, now it became alive. Smith says that I wanted to tell you and says whatever you just had is a vegetable. Manu asks him to listen to his chamchas and says our Hindustani masala defeated your English taste. Ross asks what?

Gangadhar thinks so this was the reason for Maharani’s avatar to save a lamb and she made my favorite food too. He smiles thinking of her words that she wants to become Jhansi ki rani. Ross says take the lamb
back. Manu asks him to stop and reminds him about their challenge. He says you lost the challenged and I have won it. Ross says but you have cheated. Manu says what you have done on the pretext of Lagaan/tax. She tells Gangadhar that britishers wanted to brutally kill innocent Pari and other animals. Ross asks Gangadhar to make her understand and says she won the challenge by trick and now complaining to you. Gangadhar says I was not a part of this challenge and don’t want to become part of the decision here.

Janki asks Manu what is the daily drama? Manu says britishers want to kill all animals. Janki says I am talking about your clothes and says these clothes doesn’t suit for would be Maharani. Manu says I have just changed the clothes for good and gives example of Chatrapati Shivaji who had hidden in fruits basket with his son, and says he had created history. Janki thinks to make her history soon. Manu tells gangadhar about their challenge. Ross says ok, I will free this lamb. Manu says not only this lamb, but all the animals. Khoob ladi mardani woh toh Jhansi wali rani plays….

Precap: Ross couldn’t bear the defeat and thinks his English mind will ruin her cleverless. Janki says she will poisoned Maharaj’s mind against Manikarnika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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