Jhansi Ki Rani 29th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Ross indisguise attacks Gangadhar to convince him to pay tax

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The Episode starts with Gangadhar apologizing to Ross and tells that he is his friend, but also a king and his people is his valuable. He tells that they love and keeps the animals as pet, and asks him to value his words. Ross gets upset. Janki meets Ross and says she thinks Manu did magic which is working on Gangadhar. Ross tells that everything shall be in his favour. Janki says I am always in your favour, but Maharaj doesn’t listen to her. Ross says it is danger for you. Janki says danger is for you too, and says what you will tell to Governor General that your puppet becomes Maharaj in real means. Ross says he will make him Servant and tells that he will twist his finger to get his aim filled.

A man is wearing clothes like krantikari and ornaments etc. Gangadhar wakes up in night and drinks water. The man donning such avatar is none other than Ross ewho changed his get up and blackened himself . He comes to Gangadhar’s room holding the knife. Gangadhar is pretending to sleep and holds his hand. He calls his Sainik and tries to see his face. He scratches on his neck. Ross attacks Gangadhar with knife and runs. Manu hears him and sees Ross running away in disguise. She thinks if Gangadhar is fine? She runs to his room and sees injury. She asks him to sit. He says vaid is coming. Manu asks him to sit. She tears her saree and ties on his hand. Gangadhar looks at him.

Sainiks come there and tell that they couldn’t find the attacker. Ross comes there in his british avatar and tells that his soldiers couldn’t catch the attacker. He looks at the knife and says it is bundelkhand’s knife. He says you got saved, and tells that they must have understood that you disagree to pay the tax. He says Governor will take back the support and says when there is no support then it will be easy for your enemies to kill you. Manu tells him that his security is good to let the attacker come inside and attack. Ross asks if she thinks some insider is involved. Manu tells that someone feigning to be closer is the culprit.

Ross tells that Bundels attacked Maharaj. Manu asks how can you be so sure? Gangadhar says seeing their mark on the knife. Manu says the attacker will never leave the clue and says it is like a children’s story. Ross says a criminal might be clever, but leaves proof always. Manu says proofs are not left intentionally and says attacker is insider. Ross says she don’t know about anything. Manu says I know what you don’t know. She says attacker went inside the Palace where there is no way. Ross asks what is the proof? Manu says my eyes which can see the flying bird also. Gangadhar asks her to stay away from Politics. Manu looks at Ross.

Ross asks Gangadhar to consider his decision. Janki tells Gangadhar that his life is not more than the tax and says she feels that they shall agree to Ross demand. Gangadhar gets thinking and says may be you are right, and says I am giving permission that my people will pay the tax. Manu asks how he can agree? Janki asks him to come and get his hand bandaged by Raj Vaid. Manu looks at Ross and thinks she will bring their truth infront of Maharaj. She sees blue mark on his hand and thinks she is sure now, and will bring his truth. She says a lie can be powerful, but truth always wins. Ross hears her and leaves.

An announcement is made for the people to pay tax for their animals to the brtishers else their animals will be snatched from them. The people come to Palace and insist to meet Maharaj. Janki asks Ross to see the people and says they are honeybee who are humming after someone hit stone on them. Ross says they have to treat Manu. Janki tells that she will handle her. Sainiks stop her. Jack asks Ross if Krantikari oppose then? Ross says we will expose them before they oppose. He asks Jack to keep eye on Krantikaris. He says we will snatch all the animals, and then will make all humans as their Servants.

Kashi tells Manu that britishers are snatching animals. She says Pari will be snatched too. Manu says she will sit in darbar. Gangadhar opposes her decision to sit in the court with him. Manu tells him that she will expose Ross and will show him the right solution for every problem.

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