Jhansi Ki Rani 27th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu celebrates holi with widows

Jhansi Ki Rani 27th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Janki taunting Moropant for not teaching Manu about the importance of time. Gangadhar says we shall not wait for anyone and asks Pandit ji to start the puja. Manu comes there. Moropant asks where did she go? Gangadhar says this place and time is not right to ask a question. Manu greets Gangadhar. Pandit ji asks them to give fire to holika together. Manu recalls his conditions and hold the fire wood to give fire to holika. Everyone fold their hands. Manus sees widows standing far away in the balcony. Tatya guru tells that Maharaj will apply holi to Maharani first. Janki tells that customs shall change now and tells that he shall apply colors to his people also. Tatya Guru tells that this is special holi and first holi of maharaj and maharani together. Gangadhar says some customs shall be change now. Manu looks at widows and tells that Maharaj said right, and tells that they have given a big gift to the people and that is by changing the customs. She says Maharaj will apply color to his people, all people and looks at widows. Maharaj says yes, I will apply color to every people. Manu swears to make him know of his responsibilities and open his eyes.

Next day, Manu and Gangadhar are sitting to celebrate the holi. Moropant thinks they are hiding something. Janki hopes their relation will break. She comes to Gangadhar and makes him touch the color. She stumbles and the color falls on Manu’s forehead. Manu tells that whatever is meant for someone is meant for that person only and says she is the resident of Jhansi, and his Praja. She says one more thing and tells that destiny wanted her to have the first color. She takes the plate from her hand and says she will splash color for the people. Gangadhar, Moropant and Tatya greet each other for holi. Manu wishes happy holi and splashes color in air for the people. Manu comes and applies color to Moropant and Tatya. She comes to Gangadhar and wishes him happy holi and applies Tilak on her forehead. She says they shall forget everything for holi. Gangadhar wishes her happy holi.

Ross tells that Indians are stupid, the more is the population, the more is their festivals. He says they named this nuisance as festival and tells that he reached with much difficulty and wanted to make them play holi with their blood. Commssioner General tells that this is your job. Ross says I can’t compare my nation with this cheap nation. Commissioner laughs and appreciates him for coming to meet him.

Janki looks at Manu and tells that when low status people gets high place then their show their different colors. Manu applies color to the Sevaks and Sevikas. Tatya Guru appreciates Gangadhar and tells that he has taken a right decision of marrying Manu and tells that she don’t differentiate between the people. Manu looks at the widows. Commissioner tells that Indians are closer to animals and think of them as pets. Ross says I have a plan about the animal fat bullets. Janki asks her Servant to search Manu. Manu comes to widows’ place. Manjiri asks why did you come here and says if Abha Tai sees you her? Manu says she came to celebrate holi with them. She applies her holi shocking the other widows. Manu tells that God made the other colors, so that if one color is lost then they can have other colors. She says God never wanted their people to be bad. She splashes colors on the widows. They play it happily and apply color to each other. Manu and the widows are happy. She thinks this is just the start. The widows come out and play holi with Manu. Manu asks where is Abha Tai. A widow tells that she is in the temple. Manu says where is it written that widows can’t play holi. Janki’s Servant Bhairavi sees manu playing holi colors with the widows and goes to inform Janki. Abha tai comes and holds Manu’s hand.

Precap: Abha Tai asks Manu who permitted her to celebrate holi. Manu says Maharaj. Abha Tai questions Gangadhar. Gangadhar says I didn’t give permission for such thing. Manu says only you had given the permission. Gangadhar says I didn’t. Manu asks what is this customs, if a husband loses his wife then also he can play holi, but if a wife loses her husband then all the colors and rights are snatched from her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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