Jhansi Ki Rani 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar approves of Manjiri and Shiva’s marriage

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Jhansi Ki Rani 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laccho, Saku and Janki Bai coming to Manu’s room and see Manjiri in widow’s clothes. Manu thinks it is good that she made her wear widow’s clothes, now they will not identify her. They ask why she is here? Kashi says manjiri is getting married. The trio comes to Gangadhar and tells that Manu wanted to make widow remarry and says it is not in their customs. Saku Bai says Maharani knows that Maharaj will not disagree with her. Raj guru asks Gangadhar not to permit Manu to get Manjiri remarried. Gangadhar says he will not give permission. Janki thinks to meet Ross and goes to tell him. She goes to the commissary and tells about Manu. Robb turns to her. Janki says ghost, faint and falls down. Robb laughs. Ross comes there and asks Robb to go, asks him not to ruin his plan. Janki gains consciousness and says she saw Robb’s ghost. Ross says his funeral is done. A soldier comes and tells that they have found krantikari emblem and widow saree in the house very far from here. Ross says bharat is hiring even widows in his team. Janki says everywhere is widows. Ross asks her about the widow which she is talking about? Janki tells that her age might be 18 years and tells about her height. Ross shows her sketch. Janki says she is wearing colorful clothes so I can’t tell. Ross covers her head with red color and asks Janki to say. Janki says I can’t be sure. He asks her to find out. Janki says when Maharani was convincing Maharaj, I will search in her room.

Gangadhar tells Manu that he can’t give her permission to get Manjiri remarried. Manu tells that Shiva Bhao loves her so much and asks if widows don’t have the right to live. Dasi asks Janki to search in Maharani’s room. Janki goes. Manu tells Gangadhar that he shall change the customs and then his name will be remembered in all eras. Gangadhar says we will bring change, but the society will not accept the change and us. Manu says just like you need to remarry after Rama Bai left, then why can’t Manjiri remarried. Gangadhar asks how dare you to compare me with that widow. Janki searches for the proofs in Manu’s room. Manu tells Gangadhar that she can never compare him with anybody. She asks him to understand. Gangadhar thinks she has decided and asks her to keep the marriage simple then nobody will object. Manu hugs him and says you are really good. Gangadhar smiles.

Janki finds the blood soaked clothes and thinks my next step will defeat you. Manu and Moropant come to Raj guru Tatya Dikshit. Tatya Dikshit tells that he don’t approve of widow’s marriage and tells that it is adharm. Moropant tells that it is dharm to make someone’s life good. Manu asks him if he had said the same thing if Manjiri was his daughter. Raj guru agrees and asks why you want me to get the marriage done. Manu says Maharaj asked us not to attend the wedding. Raj guru says how manjiri will be taken to temple from palace, it is difficult.

Manu tells Manjiri that she is happy for her marriage, and says don’t know when she will meet her. Kashi comes to her and says Ross came to meet Maharaj. Manu thinks if Ross came to know about Manjiri.

Precap: Manu and Moropant taking Manjiri in a fruit trunk. Janki stops her and asks what they are taking hiding. Manu says they are going to fulfill her mannat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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