Jhansi Ki Rani 26th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu visits Jhansi to meets the people

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The Episode starts with Gangadhar telling Janki that mahurat is fixed and says only you will handle the invitation, jewelery and clothes and says I have nobody at my side except you. Janki says even I have nobody except you. She says she is worried about his future. Gangadhar says I had a fight between my mind and heart and you know that heart always wins. Janki thinks I won’t let you both win and asks what did Manikarnika said to you that you changed your decision. Gangadhar recalls putting forth the condition before Manu and thinks he shall not tell the truth to Vahini Saheb and don’t want to trouble her. He says I hope that everything will be fine. Janki asks him to think again. He asks about holika dahan arrangements. Janki says it will be done.

Manu leaves Manjiri in the widows’ place and tells that she is feeling more bad than her and asks her to have patience, says she will not let her drown. Widow Abha Tai scolds the women working there and tells about the widows customs that they shall follow and tells that women are made to follow the customs made by the society. Manu opposes her ideas. Abha Tai tells that widow will not play holi Manu tells that everyone has the right to play holi and thinks she will change the people’s mindset. Janki uses ice to calm herself down. Ross comes and asks why she is wasting ice which is brought from Calcutta. Janki tells that she is dying because of the Manikarnika. She tells that she had killed Rama Bai and her son, and now she will kill Manu also. Ross tells that Manu is not afraid of death and tells that her defeat is her death and he will defeat her daily. Ross receives a message and goes.

Abha Tai asks Manjiri to come inside and says she shall work four times a day. She asks what is in her hand and sees sesame laddoos. She throws it and scolds Manjiri. Manu opposes her. Abha Tai tells that her customs is followed by everyone, including Janki Bai and asks her to learn something from her. Manu says nobody shall follow such strict customs. Abha Tai asks her to go and handle the second chance which she got rather than interfering there. Manu says whoever makes the other’s life better, God himself makes that person life better. Ross meets China men. They tell that as he failed to provide them opium, the contract goes to Afghanistan. Ross gets upset. They tell that they have more lucrative offers and ask him to supply pig skin for making cartridges. A man tells that it will be wrong. Ross scolds him and thinks now that Queen will see the real color of British.

Gangadhar is in his court and tells Janki that she did good arrangements for holika dahan. Moropant comes and greets him, gives shagun. He then thanks her for accepting the alliance again. Gangadhar nods. Janki thinks where is the troubling girl. Manu visits the village with Kashi surprising the villagers. They think Maharani is here at our houses. They keep the chairs for them. Manu says it is not needed and plays with the lamp there. A woman brings milk in a pot. Manu tells that she can’t drink now. Woman says she wants to wash her feet. Kashi asks Manu to let her do. Manu sees a hungry baby in his baby’s lap and tells the woman that she shall not waste the food item like milk and feed some hungry people. She accepts the pot and feeds the boy. Everyone cheers for her.

Janki comes and asks where is Manikarnika? She asks Moropant where is she? And says she shall be here for the rituals. Gangadhar recalls manu telling that she wants to be rani of all Jhansi. He thinks he don’t want to come infront of me because of my conditions. The woman asks her to celebrate holika dahan. Kashi asks Manu to go to palace and says Raja starts the festival after applying color to Maharani. Manu thinks why Maharaj will wait.

Precap: Tatya Guru tells that Maharaj will apply color to maharani first. Janki says Maharaj shall apply color to his people first and is taking plate near the people, when she slips and color gets splashed on manu’s forehead. Manu takes the place and pours it on the people.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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