Jhansi Ki Rani 25th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu convinces Gangadhar to marry her

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The Episode starts with Sadhu telling Manu that it is good’s big sign and tells that God has chosen you for Jhansi and Jhansi has chosen you for it. He says only you are competent to lift this sword and tells that Gangadhar’s heart is soft and thoughts his enemies as his friends. Manu asks why he is not seeing this. Sadhu says there is nobody who can make him see the truth. Manu says he don’t listen to me also. Sadhu says it takes time and says only you can make him understand, not for Jhansi or Maharaj, but for the whole India. Manu asks if I will win. Sadhu says yes, you will win and will become Jhansi ki Rani. Manu tells that she will leave Jhansi only when she leaves her life. Gangadhar sees a dream in which he is dead, and Rama is crying sitting near his body and crying, telling him how he will save Jhansi now, as he threw the sword away from Jhansi and didn’t understand her signs. He wakes up shockingly and looks at Rama’s pic. He asks what kind of dream is this, what you wanted to tell me.

Manu says you said right that my aim is right but the way was wrong. She says she will pluck out the enemies from their roots. Sadhu tells that all kings are just name sake kings and tells that foreigners are ruling on them, so how Kings will protect their people. Manu says I can’t leave my aim. Sadhu says entire India will remember you always. Manu takes his blessings. Sadhu blesses her.

Gangadhar is tensed and tells the dream about Tatya Dikshit. Tatya tells that the dream is showing you right path. Gangadhar says what do you mean that I did wrong? Tatya tells that Maharani ji had signed you to marry Manikarnika and says she might be hurt when you kicked her out. Pandit ji says you are right. Tatya Dikshit says you are just seeing the present, but Maharani is seeing your future and asks him to call Manu back. Janki thinks Rama bai is not letting her live even after her death. Manu is going towards the Palace. Tatya tells Moropant that someone saw Manu going towards the Palace. Janki and her Sevika see Manu returning on her horse. Janki says see how daring she is and asks Sevika to make sure that no door shall be opened for her. Gangadhar is on the terrace of his Palace. Janki asks soldiers to stop Manu. She comes down and tells Manu that Maharaj punished you to stay out of Jhansi, and asks her to respect atleast his decision. Manu says I will decide that and says it is between Maharaj and me. Janki asks if she made her politeness blow in air. Manu says I request you that I want to meet Maharaj now itself. Ross comes and says it seems she has no self respect. Manu asks what are you, uninvited ghost and says they stay in others’ house forcefully. Sevak comes and tells Janki that Maharaj wants to meet you. Janki thinks if Maharaj saw her. Moropant and Tatya come there and ask why she came there? Manu says she is shaping her aim. She tells that she will not break her relation with Jhansi or maharaj.

Janki comes to Gangadhar and asks him not to take the dream seriously. She reminds him that he is King and says he shall not agree even if Manu rubs her nose on her feet. Gangadhar tells that the storm is laughing on her. Manu tells that her self respect is not more than Jhansi. Tatya says I will make her understand, just then they see Manu climbing the wall. They try to stop her. Gangadhar looks at Rama’s painting and asks her to show some sign. Just then he sees Manu’s reflection on the painting. He says you and turns to her. He recalls his decision to cancel his decision. He asks how come you are here? He sees Manu having the sword of Devi Maa and thinks how she could lift the Divya talwar of Devimaa. Sevika comes to Janki and tells that she has returned, Manikarnika. Ross asks where is she now? Sevika says she is with Maharaj. Manu apologizes to him and tells that she is ready to apologize to him and his people. She asks him to accept her as his Maharani. He thinks of Janki, Rama bai, Tatya Dikshit’s words and says I accept your proposal, but even I have a condition and says you have broken my trust and also my people’s trust and that’s why I want you to handover those two criminals to me. Manu says I didn’t save them to handover them to you. He says I will marry you, but will not be with you as a husband, will not love you, and says there will be marriage signs etc, but you will live life as a widow and this will be your punishment. Manu recalls Sadhu’s words. She says nothing is more than Jhansi.

She says I agree for my Jhansi and says even I have a condition. She says I will not only become your Rani, but want to become jhansi’s rani. She says she wants all rights of a Maharani. Gangadhar accepts her condition and asks her to remember that she will not become Maharani by true means. Manu thinks even I will burn to make you realize the truth. She says she will not accept defeat. Gangadhar asks what are you thinking? Manu says I am seeing what you can’t see, and thinks a new morning where jhansi’s flag is swinging in air. Janki thinks don’t know what they’re talking. Manu comes to her and touches her feet. She tells that maharaj agreed to make her Maharani. Janki is shocked and thinks how can Maharaj agree. Ross comes infront of Manu. Manu says she will make the chess game turn into reality. She says I raised my eye and your flag’s identity is missing. Ross sees their flag missing. Manu says Pawan Dev helped me today. She asks him to hide his face as she came to wipe them out from their nation. Jhansi wali Rani plays………….

An announcement is made for Gangadhar and Manu’s marriage mahurat for the people and also invites the people to play holi with people. Janki tells Sevika Bhavani that her head is paining. Bhavani asks shall I bring cocaine juice for you. Janki asks her to bring poison and drink herself. Gangadhar comes and asks why are you angry? Janki says bhavani is asking me same question again and again. She asks why did he come? Gangadhar says Marriage Mahurat is decided. Janki is upset.

Moropant asks Manu to think again. Manu tells that it is a cowardness to leave the place. She tells about the sacrifice. Moropant asks about his conversation with Gangadhar. She thinks to hide the truth and tells that Maharaj is not bad, but accepts defeat infront of bad people. She says she has to change this. Tatya Dikshit appreciates her and tells that Jhansi’s betterment is because of Manu and asks Moropant to bless her. Moropant blesses her and says you are not alone, but I will stand with you always. Tatya Dikshit asks them to make arrangements of marriage and says you have less time to stay with her, and that’s why shower your much love and blessings on her.

Precap: Manu argues with widow head that Manjiri shall play holi. Ross and Janki plan against Manu. Ross says she will see his true colors now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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