Jhansi Ki Rani 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu tells Gangadhar about Manjiri

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Jhansi Ki Rani 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Moropant telling Manu that they shall take care of Manjiri as britishers are searching her madly. He asks Kashi to bring warm water for Manjiri. Laccho, Janki and Saku Bai feel that there was someone in Maharani’s room. Laccho says she felt Kashi was talking to some girl. Janki says we all felt the same thing. Saku bai says we should have stand there and find out. Laccho Bai says Maharani’s Abba is very clever and hid the truth. Janki says everyone is together and hiding something big. She says if we find out and tell Maharaj then we will get rid of Maharani for forever. Saku Bai says lets go and see.

Moropant asks Manu why some people think that the woman is a tongueless human and tells that she always prays for the women to get courage. She says she feels that Maharaj would have punished Ross for sure. Moropant asks do you really think? Manu goes to talk to him. Manjiri thinks Maharaj will get angry hearing this. Janki, Saku and Laccho Bai see Kashi taking turmeric and water to Maharani’s room. They get doubtful and think who is injured.

Gangadhar comes to Palace angrily and says how dare Ross is to arrest all the girls for his brother’s murder. He says he promised Ross that he will bring the guilty and came. Manu thinks to tell Gangadhar everything. Gangadhar asks her to wait and goes. Manu sees the trio following Kashi and go from there. Gangadhar comes and thinks where Maharani Lakshmi bai went. Kashi comes to the room and asks where are you? I brought some stuff for you. Manjiri thinks Kashi came and is about to come out. Manu comes there. The trio hides. Manu asks why are you shouting and takes the haldi in her hand. She says I am injured and will apply. Kashi sees the trio and understands. Manu says someone waste their time to spy on others. Saku bai says she is taunting us. Laccho thinks if Kashi is spy like them. Gangadhar comes there.

Janki sees him and tells that they are searching Laccho’s anklet. Gangadhar comes inside Manu’s room and asks if she wants to talk to him. The trio also come inside Manu’s room. Manu thinks she can’t tell infront of outsiders. Janki asks Kashi to go. Kashi goes. Gangadhar asks Manu to say. Manu says I can’t tell infront of outsiders. Janki says we are all vahinis and asks Gangadhar to scold her. Gangadhar asks her not to feel bad of her words and tells that Manu is talking about husband and wife’s matter. Janki says if this is the matter then we will leave. They come out and hide. Moropant looks on. Janki, Saku and Laccho try to hear. Manu asks Manjiri to come out. Gangadhar says Manjiri? Manu says Manjiri is the girl who had killed Robb and britishers are searching her. Gangadhar asks why did she kill him? Manu tells that Robb’s bad sight was on her since many days and one day he crossed all limits and tried to play with her respect and that’s why she killed him in self-defense. She says it is not a crime to kill someone to save ourself.

Saku Bai and others think why the door is not opened yet. Laccho Bai says they must be doing lovey dovey talks. Saku Bai says Moropant is standing here, we can’t hear anything. Ross comes there. Janki tells Ross that since I get this news, I didn’t drink even a single drop of blood. She asks Moropant to call Maharaj. Gangadhar asks Manu to hide Manjiri. He comes out to talk to Ross. Manu asks Manjiri not to worry and tells that she is with her. Manjiri says if Ross sees me then? Ross thinks whom Maharani is talking to? Ross reminds Gangadhar of his promise that he will bring the culprit, says he left all the girls. He says I heard that Indians don’t back off from their word. He says now I will make a move. He leaves. Gangadhar asks Moropant and Manu to come to his room. Manu thinks if Gangadhar comes in Ross’ words then. She thinks to make him understand.

Precap: Ross tells Robb that now he is dead infront of everyone, he will send him to London. Robb tells him that he will not go until he kills that girl. Someone kidnaps Manjiri.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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