Jhansi Ki Rani 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar asks Ross to leave the girls, Manu promises to protect Manjiri

Jhansi Ki Rani 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manjiri giving swear to Manu and asking her not to tell anyone about her, else she will be blamed for hiding the truth. Ross comes to the jail and finds Robb murdered. He thinks he will burn all Jhansi and take revenge for his brother’s death. Kashi tries to open the door. Gangadhar helps her. Kashi gets inside the door thanking him. Manjiri wipes the blood stains. Manu says you didn’t do wrong and asks her not to wipe the floor like a criminal. She tells her that she has to tell Maharaj as he is Maharaj and have to do justice with you. Manjiri says I have punished him and asks her not to tell him. Manu tries to make her understand and opens the door to talk to Gangadhar. Gangadhar comes there and asks if she is having any problem. Manu is about to tell about Manjiri, just

then Moropant comes there and tells Gangadhar that Ross has crossed all the limits and ordered his soldiers to bring all Jhansi girls. Gangadhar says how dare he to misbehave with our Jhansi ladies. Manu asks Moropant what happened? Moropant doesn’t tell her.

Many girls are brought to the commissary. Ross asks Soldiers to bring all girls of 17 and 18 years of age. He asks Indian man working for british to bring his daughter as well. The Indian man runs from there to bring his daughter. Manu thinks to find out why Gangadhar left in a hurry. Gangadhar takes the gun and leaves. Manu comes to his room and thinks where did he go? He asks Sainik to get his horse. Janki, Saku and Laccho Bai see him angry. Manu sees him going and thinks to find out. Just then they hear Kashi shouting from Manu’s room. Manu hopes Manjiri is safe. Kashi sees blood stained clothes of Manjiri and shouts. She asks what happened to you. Manu is coming to her room. Janki and Saku bai are walking fast to each the room. Manu thinks Kashi might have got scared seeing Manjiri and thinks to handle the situation before anyone else sees her. Janki, Saku bai and Laccho are coming there. Someone takes Manjiri and hides her. Kashi thinks where is Manjiri. Moropant tells that Kashi is afraid of the spider so I thrown it out. He signs her to be silent. Kashi thinks to become silent. Laccho and others leave. Manu comes there and thinks Baba saved Manjiri and thinks if he is hiding something. She asks Kashi to leave them alone for sometime as she needs to talk to Baba for sometime. Kashi leave. Manu closes the door.

Gangadhar comes to the Commissary and asks Ross why did he bring the girls here and asks him to leave the girls. Ross says I am Captain Ross and nobody can stop me. Gangadhar says I am Gangadhar Rao Newalkar and says I am warning you for the last time, leave these girls. He shoots in air and says next bullet will be in your chest. Ross says until I find my brother’s murderer, these girls will be here. He asks him to see what happened with Robb. Gangadhar sees Robb’s dead body in the coffin. He asks how and when this happened? Ross says one maid used to work here and one day my brother caught her while she was stealing and she murdered him and escaped. He says until I take revenge, the funeral will not happen and they will not go anywhere.

Manu asks Manjiri to come out. She asks Moropant what is he hiding from her. He says when I was taking Manjiri to Bhittor, Shiva came to him, Manjiri overhears them and becomes krantikari. She decides to go to commissary as a spy. Manu asks why did you hide this from me? Manu asks why did you hide this from me, if I had known then my Manjiri is going to risk her self respect and life, then I wouldn’t have let this happen. She says we are responsible for this. Moropant feels bad and apologizes to Manjiri. Manu says I am feeling proud of you and says you have all the qualities of a good krantikari. Manjiri says I have put you in danger. Manu tells that no man can touch the woman without her permission and tells that she did right to punish him.

Gangadhar gives condolences to Ross and asks him not to hurt others for one’s mistake. She promises him that he will bring the guilty girl. Manu tells Manjiri that she brought her for her good life and promises her not to let anything happen to her. Gangadhar asks Ross to leave the girls. Ross says I am leaving the girls as you promised, but I want that girl at any cost. Gangadhar nods.

Precap: Manu tells Gangadhar about Manjiri killing Robb and says she will be in her room from today. Someone comes and kidnaps Manjiri in the night. Manu wakes up and finds Manjiri missing from the bed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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