Jhansi Ki Rani 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu decides to make tunnel to blast railway engine and track

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Jhansi Ki Rani 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gangadhar and Manu sitting for the havan puja as requested by Ross. Pandit ji asks Ross to give gangajal to the guests. Ross gives gangajal to Gangadhar. Manu thinks he didn’t do right by touching our pure gangajal. Ross tries to give Gangajal to Manu. Manu is lost in thoughts. Gangadhar asks her to accept it. Manu takes and drinks it.

Janki asking Saku to show the gift which she brought. She is about to check the big dholchin. Saku Bai thinks if Janki see them then my plan will be ruined. Dasi comes and tells Janki that Maharaj wants to meet her. Janki goes. Saku bai asks Sevaks to take Dholchins inside. Once the Servants take the Dholchins inside. Saku Bai claps. Some men comes out of the big trunks. She tells that she is locking the door now and will come and open the lock in the night and asks them to hide till then. Lachho bai thinks Saku Bai is hiding something.

Pandit ji says havan is completed and gives Prasad to them. A palanquin is brought there. A shirtless britisher gets down the Palanquin and wears his shirt, then the lady britishers get down the Palanquin. Manu thinks who is this guy who has no values in him. Ross tells Gangadhar that he is Robb, his younger brother and came for the railway project. He says he Robb will go after completing the railway project and says he is hardworking, dedicated and focussed. Manu says we can see. Ross says very soon railway will start as your wedding gift. Manu thinks she will stop his project. Ross says I will have a peaceful sleep as Maharani did this puja. Manu thinks he kept puja for their destroyal, but she prayed to God for their success. She is standing in the balcony and sees a rat coming out of hole and eating something. She sees the eagle about to attack the rat, but the rat escapes and runs to its hole. Manu says now she got the way, and says she will make the secret way/ tunnel.

She meets the widows and asks how they want to see their nation and says until when we will become Servants of Abha Tai and britishers. Manjiri says Abha tai is still angry as we played holi. She says don’t know what she will do now. Manu says why she wants to take decisions of all of your life. She motivates them and convinces them. She says I have to train you all for this and tells about british’s plan to get important resources and animals from india to their nation. She says we have to destroy the railway plan. They ask how? Manu says using tunnel.

Janki sees Saku bai going to the room and thinks to check on her. Saku Bai asks the men to use secret doors and says she will give them keys, and they shall open the door for bundels. Saku Bai and the men leave from there. Janki comes there and thinks where did Saku bai go? she goes. Laccho bai comes and thinks to check on the dholchis. She finds the ornament and thinks whose ornament is this.

Manjiri asks Manu about the tunnel. Manu says british can’t think of this and tells that they will take advantage of this. She marks on the land and says the railway track will be built from here to here, and asks them to do blast.

Saku bai comes to the door. The soldiers standing at the door ask why did she come at this time. Saku bai says she came for her pet to have some fresh air. Snake comes out of her hand and bites one of the soldier. Other soldier is shocked. Bundels men come there and kill another soldier and take their bodies. Janki comes there and asks what is she doing here? Saku bai says she was not feeling sleepy so came to see the monument. She asks her to tell Janki where she wants to get her monument. Janki laughs. Saku’s men comes indisguise of soldiers and one of them says that this place is good for monument. Janki is leaving. Saku Bai thinks I came to settle down the work and thinks everyone is scared of her poison. Laccho Bai thinks both are clever and conspiring something. Janki thinks she won’t let this marriage happen. Saku Bai thinks the attack will happen on the marriage day. Laccho Bai thinks if they are planning to stop the marriage. Manu asks the widows to make the tunnel and take advantage for not attending the marriage.

Precap: Peshwa washes Gangadhar’s feet as a part of custom. Ross says Peshwa is washing feet of his once upon a time employee. Nana Saheb and Manu scold Ross. Nana Saheb asks Gangadhar to make Ross apologize to Peshwa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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