Jhansi Ki Rani 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Janki and Laccho Bai find Manu’s secret tunnel

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The Episode starts with Manu telling Kaka’s wife that her husband is like Maharaj to her. Kaka’s wife blesses them. Gangadhar asks her not to worry and says I will send you money often. They come out from Kaka’s house. Gangadhar asks her to wait there and buys tamarind from the shop. Manu thinks Maharaj takes care of my small needs also. Gangadhar brings tamarind and gives to her. Manu gets happy and is about to eat it. He asks her to have some patience and eat it in Palace. She says I want to eat it right here. Gangadhar thinks Maharani is very childish. Tatya Dikshit meets Moropant and tells him about the place of the explosive. Moropant says who hides such thing at such place.

Manu comes to play Polo with him again. She couldn’t hit it rightly. Gangadhar smiles and asks her to see him when he is hitting on it. He asks her to practice and holds her hand. He says first patience and then enthusiasm. He says you do small mistakes in personal life also. He says you thought about only the guilty killing Kaka, but didn’t think about his family. He says what is more important is to help the victim rather than punishing the guilty. He says if you want to be successful Maharani then you have to think from all perspective. Manu thinks Maharaj did his duty, I won’t let you fail now. Tatya Guru comes to Tatya Dikshit and says the work is very important so he came. He asks him to meet Ghouse Khan and asks him to find out where did he keep the explosive. Tatya Dikshit thinks why he wants explosives and thinks he already told about it to Krantikari bharat. Moropant takes Shiva and Bheema to the british crematorium ground and says it is buried here. They start digging. Tatya Dikshit tells that once he asked him, but he didn’t tell him. Tatya Guru tells that you can’t lie. Tatya Dikshit apologizes.

Shiva and Bheema get the big box. Moropant opens it and finds the explosive powder. Janki gets angry and thinks Ross threw her out like a fly out from the milk. She says she just trust herself. Ross, jack and Smith come to Saiman Frazer, Rajneetik pratinidhi, bundelkhand. Saimen Frazer scolds him for couldn’t enquiring about the blast. Ross says I have a clue and says Maharani Lakshmi Bai did this blast. Saimen Frazer laughs and asks if he is thinking him fool. Ross asks for the last chance and says I won’t disappoint you and will show her what is her value. Saimen asks them to concentrate on transport bonded labors and says we have to secretly transfer bonded labors. He threatens Ross to suspend him of his service.

Gangadhar takes Manu to kitchen and says I want to teach him about making Puran Poli. She asks if he wants to make fun of her. Gangadhar says I want you really teach me and asks her to get all the ingredients. He gives her instructions while she follows and makes Puran poli. The water comes in the tunnel suddenly. Manjiri asks them not to worry and says she will call Manu. Manu makes round Puran Poli like a moon and says she never made such Puran Poli. Gangadhar explains that there is no Poli without Puran, like there is no body without soul. Manjiri comes to kitchen and sees Manu with Maharaj. She calls her and asks her to come for a moment. Manu thinks if I go then Maharaj will feel bad. Gangadhar asks Manu to go and says your friend is calling you. He says I taught what I want to taunt you. Manjri tells Manu about the water leaking in the tunnel. Janki and Laccho Bai see Manu going with Manjiri. They follow her and come to the jungle. They see the tunnel. Janki thanks God and says now Maharaj will understand who was lying. She says we shall inform Maharaj. Laccho bai says yes. Janki says there is no use to tell him, and he will take her side again, and that’s why we shall give this news to Ross, as he thinks I am of no use. Laccho Bai says you have laddoo in both hands. Janki says yes, and Manu’s story is over. Manu thinks if the water flow don’t stop then everyone will know about it.

Precap: Janki and Laccho hear about Manu’s plans. Kashi comes and informs Manu. Ross and other soldiers enter tunnel. Manu and widows are stuck inside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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