Jhansi Ki Rani 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu warns Ross and is about to leave Jhansi

Jhansi Ki Rani 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manjiri running away from the widows room. Ross sees Manjiri and widow running and thinks what is happening in the Palace. Manjiri is about to knock on Manu’s door, when widow comes and takes her from there. Janki’s servika asks her to give her gold bangles and appreciates her for defeating manu. Janki slaps her and asks her to shut her mouth. She says last time too, you started to celebrate before hand and then Manu saved Gangadhar. Manjiri runs again and sees Ross standing infront of her. He looks at her and asks what do you think that your dear friend will change your life. He says she can’t change her life so she can’t change yours. He says she came to become maharani here, and her would be husband doesn’t let her become even a wife. He tells Manjiri what will happen with her now. He tries to touch her face. Manjiri runs. Widow woman catches her and takes her along with her.

Moropant comes to Manu. She apologizes to him. Moropant reminds her of Peshwa’s words and says you have saved krantikaris and must have made bharat proud seeing warrior like you. Manu asks do you know him. Moropant says no and says every Hindustani must be proud of you. Manu says Maharaj think me guilty. Moropant thinks Maharaj did a big mistake. Gangadhar couldn’t get sleep and talks to Rama’s sleep. He says this sleep is precious as I unite with you in the dream. He asks why can’t I see you today. He imagines Rama there. Rama tells him that he did a big mistake. Gangadhar asks what are you saying? He finds her gone. He asks her to complete her words.

Janki comes there and tells that she brought Sherbet for him. Gangadhar says I don’t want. Janki says I know that you are upset that you couldn’t fulfill the promise made to Rama, and tells that she will search sanskari royal wife for him. Gangadhar drinks the sherbet.

Tatya Dikshit (Raj guru) apologizes to Moropant for the humiliation. Moropant says he is feeling proud of Manu , but sad to take her back. Tatya comes there and tells that they are ready to leave. Manu sees Ross playing chess and talking about queen on the board. He sees her and says it is good that we met here, and asks if she wants to play chess. He says it is actually a political game and says when enemy can be defeated by mind then why to waste bullets. Manu comes there and says you used your mind more than it is needed, and says the games which you are talking about is ours, and says chess and Polo are our games. She reminds him of his defeat at Polo match. She defeats him in chess game, and congrats for your one more defeat. Ross is shocked.

Manu is leaving, when Kashi and the kids come there. Kids cry and tell that they will never forget her teachings. Kashi cries. Manu asks her not to cry and waste her tears. Kashi says you thought me as your friend, and I thought you as my Guru. Manu asks her to give Guru Dakshina and asks her never to be afraid of anyone, and asks her to teach others whatever she has learnt from her. Kashi says everyone is waiting for you here. Manu says she left something.

Manjiri is grinding something in the hand blender, when Manu comes there. Song plays….manjiri says you are here. Manu sleeps slap on her face and says your condition is saying it all. Widow comes and asks how dare you to come here? Manu asks manjiri to come? Widow tells that this is widow’s place and says even a leaf don’t move without my permission. She raises her hand to slap her. Manu says enough…Jhansi wali rani plays….

Precap: Manu tells the widow that she shall be ashamed of her doings, who doesn’t understand other woman’s pain. She holds Manjiri’s hand and walks out. Gangadhar looks at Manu as she is leaving.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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