Jhansi Ki Rani 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar comes up with a plan for women development

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The episode starts with Robb trying to misbehave with Manjiri. Just then Ross comes there. Manjiri runs away. Robb asks Ross why did you come here and tells that she went away from his hand. Ross says there are many beautiful girls and you like this maid. He says he is doubtful on this mad for leaking the railway project details. Gangadhar aims arrow at the aim and asks Manu if she is best at archery. Manu says let my turn come. Gangadhar says I am doubtful. Manu says lets see my aim will make your doubt to rest or not. She aims the arrow and it hits the bullseye. Gangadhar is impressed. Manu tells him that she wants to do the play and asks for his permission. He gives her permission and asks why did you choose this to thank the people. Manu says she wants to waken up their courage and says nobody came forward to give statement against britishers. She says she wants to make them courageous and makes them understand about the freedom. Gangadhar says our relation is already bad with britishers and the situation can get worse, so I can’t give the permission for this play. Manjiri thinks to tell Shiva about Robb and Bheema’s ashes in the river until he punishes the britishers. Moropant asks him not to lose his calm and don’t take any decision in angry which forces him to break his promise with Manu and krantikari Bharat have to come to help him. Manjiri comes there and says Robb misbehaved with me today. Moropant and Shiva get angry. Shiva says I will not leave you firangi, first my friend’s murder and now misbehavior with Manjiri. He picks a gun and runs out. He goes to commissary and asks Robb how dare you to keep bad eye on Manjiri. Ross kills Shiva and shoots at his back. Manjiri comes there and cries. It is her dream and thinks if I tell this to Shiva then he will get angry, I can’t lose him. She thinks what to do?

Gangadhar asks Manu if she don’t want to do horse riding? He asks if his courageous maharani got scared. Manu is upset. Gangadhar thinks my Maharani is upset, I have to convince her. He asks her to drink sherbet and tell how is it, as it is made by him. Manu keeps the glass and goes out to garden area to pluck flowers. Gangadhar comes and puts flower in his basket. She drops the flowers on the ground and leaves. Gangadhar asks why you are taking your anger on the soft flowers. She comes inside and does puja. Gangadhar comes and asks for Prasad. He says I have a plan and gives her Ganapati swear. He asks her to listen. He says if you train a man then he will only get educative, but if you train women then they will educate their family too. He asks her to train women in the weapon fighting, which they can teach to their family members as well.

Manu gets happy, kisses on his forehead and hugs him. She says it is a good idea, which didn’t come to my mind. He asks her to make an announcement. He says ok. Moropant asks Manjiri to take care of Shiva as he is feeling bad for Bheema’s death. Manjiri says she will and asks if she needs to go to Commissary. Moropant says you have to go and tells that she has to continue spying on them. Manjiri says ok.

An announcement is made that Maharani has decided to train the women and make them competent in shastra. The women get happy. One of them asks her husband if she shall get her name registered. Her husband refused to let her learn yudh kala. Janki asks Gangadhar what she is hearing and says maharani wants to train the women. Gangadhar says this is my idea. Laccho Bai says that’s why it is a good idea and says we shall fight our own war and until we will depend on men. She says widows’ team defeated bundels on that day.

Manjiri prays to Devimaa and asks her to protect her respect. She takes the knife in her hand. Robb is in the jail and laughs hearing Ross. Ross says God knows from where Queen gets such ideas. He says the Indian women just make food and can’t become warrior. Manjiri comes there.

Robb asks Ross to go for the important work and says he will do his important work which he was telling him. Ross says if I don’t understand then who will understand. Ross goes from there.

In the Palace, Manu and Ghouse Khan are waiting for the women to come. Ghouse Khan says nobody came and I think they will not come. Manu asks if the announcement is heard by them. Ghouse Khan says their self esteem is killed and we are doing a mistake by hoping from them. Manu thinks how to wake up the people.

Precap: Robb says I will hunt you. Manjiri takes out the knife and stabs Robb. She comes to Palace and tells Manu that she don’t want to kill Robb, but wants to save herself. Ross comes there. Manjiri asks her to save herself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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