Jhansi Ki Rani 1st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu comes up with a solution for Animal’sTax problem, Gangadhar objects

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The Episode starts with Janki asking Manu to stay in the Palace and don’t go out. Manu thinks whose help she shall take. Moropant and Tatya are in the market. A man is following them secretly. Moropant alerts Tatya. Tatya says it seems we are getting doubted. They go from there and hide. Tatya says we shall be careful. Moropant says I am thinking how to do our work. Tatya and Manu have sword practice. Manu tells him that Gangadhar came in Ross’s talk again. Tatya asks him to support gangadhar and win his trust and defeat britishers by using saam dand bhed..Manu says I have understood and tells that I have to be present in the darbar and learn politics. She says she will sit in the darbaar and tells that this rani will not only do shringar, but also politics.

A british officer Smith comes to Ross and thanks him from getting transferred from Bhitoor to Jhansi. He says I was eager to work with you. Ross says he needed a hardworking, dedicated and mean officer like him, who can tell the value to the stupid Indians, who don’t have good face or mind. They laugh. Ross then asks his Indian employee to tell him about tax on animals. Jack tells Smith that tax is just an excuse and tells that they are snatching animals to make kartoos/cartridge from their skin. Britishers snatch animals from everyone. Kashi cries as they take away Pari with them.

Manu comes to the Darbaar/Court. Janki tells her that she is not elder enough to sit in court and also she doesn’t have the right to sit here. Manu says Maharaj gave me permission. Janki goes to talk to Gangadhar before he comes there. She goes to him and asks him why did he allow her to sit in court. Gangadhar says he wants her to make her know the reality and says I want to see how she faces the challenge which comes daily. Janki tells that she will become problem for him and tells that she feels that she didn’t come to marry, but to rule. Gangadhar says everyone is not like you, and tells that once she gets fed up, she will not come to Darbaar. He recalls their conditions for the marriage. He asks Janki to come to darbaar. Janki thinks he is dancing on Manu’s fingers before marriage and thinks he will become her slave after marriage. She thinks she will not let this marriage happen.

The villagers come to Gangadhar’s court and tell that they don’t have the money to feed themselves, then how they will pay the tax. They cry asking him to do justice. Gangadhar feels helpless. Manu says you gave permission to get tax from them, but not to torture them. She asks do you feel they can give the big amount of tax to britishers. She says if the tax is very necessary then we can help from the royal’s money. Janki gets shocked and tells that it is very impossible. She says if we use our wealth then what we will be left for big things. Manu says what is more important than the people and tells that the wealth is because of the people and they shall have the first right on the wealth. Gangadhar thinks he did a big mistake by allowing her to sit in court. He dismisses the court abruptly and orders Manu to meet him alone. Janki thinks arrow hit at the right aim and thinks she trusts just herself.

Gangadhar scolds Manu and says you didn’t think before saying anything. Manu says whatever I said is truth and asks who will think about people than you. Gangadhar says my people are my family and whatever she said is unacceptable. He says you don’t know about Politics. Manu says I don’t have any knowledge about politics, but I know that there is a solution for any problem. Gangadhar says it is easy to question and difficult to answer. He asks who is she to question him. Manu asks him to fulfill his friendship and says she will do her duty. She says she will not let Ross succeed in his evil motive. Gangadhar gets angry.

Manu comes to the village and sees Pari in britishers’ captivity. She asks Pari, the goat if it had anything. She promises to save animals. The old villager who came to darbar with his plea, tells her that she is his last hope. Manu recognizes him and promises to get animals saved from british’s cunning conspiracy. Ross comes and claps. He thinks get ready for defeat from all sides.

Precap: Manu says you have crossed all limits of humanity and didn’t leave even the goat. Ross says he will eat the goat infront of Maharaj and challenges her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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