Jhansi Ki Rani 19th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu rescues Krantikaris and Bharat

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The Episode starts with Manu finding her bangles kept near Mata Kaali. She picks the bangles and wears it, says if this is Jhansi’s maharani’s identity then I will wear it and will fulfill my duty. She says she will go and save the krantikaris, who didn’t kill anyone, but got death punishment. She thanks Mata Kaali for showing them right path. Moropant, Tatya and others see british making hang rope ready. Moropant asks them to see how to escape with Shiva and bheema and says they have less time. Shiva and bheema are brought to get hanged, while beaten up. Moropant sees him through binoculars. He tells that he will throw the smoke ball first, and says nobody shall be hurt. Manu tells Martand that it is her tiger who will make her win today. Shiva and bheema tell that they will make the britishers run from India, bringing freedom. Manu is coming on the horse cart and asks Martand to ride fast. Ross comes and asks Soldiers to hurry up. He slaps Shiva. Gangadhar and Janki come there and sit. Ross says time has come for their hang punishment, just needs your permission. Gangadhar recalls his threat and says I order to hang them now itself. Bheema says Bharat Mata ki Jai. Ross puts rope around their neck and says this is the moment, I was waiting for. He says why Bharat didn’t come till now and says he is near, and says I can sense his presence, and thinks to instigate him to come to front. He tells aloud that the krantikaris tried to kill Maharaj and they will be punished and says hang till their death. He says freedom freedom slogan is disgusting and says if they want freedom so desperately then I will free them from their lives. Moropant comes forward and throws the first smoke bomb. Shiva and Bheema tell each other that Bharat came to save us. Tatya and other come to them and take out the rope from their necks.

Ross asks Jack and other soldiers not to be a coward and catch them, says it is just smoke bomb. He comes near Bharat and says Ross is never wrong. He says how can I forget these eyes and says what did you think that you will fool us again. He says today you are caught finally, and says rat is trapped in the net. Manu is coming there in cart. Bharat asks him not to do mistake of thinking him to be rat and says you can’t catch the tiger. Ross asks shall I cut your neck or put rope in your neck, and says this is the coward Bharat who attacks hiding. Bharat says tiger is not domestic animal and says we, Hindustani are raising you. Ross asks him to shut up. Manu comes and throws smoke bomb near Ross.

Manu fires fire arrows near there. Gangadhar and Janki stand up shockingly. Manu asks Martand to ride faster. He recalls Saint’s calling and thinks of herself as Devi and imagines to kill Ross and others. Khoob ladi mardani..She calls Bharat and asks them to get on their cart. They all sit on her cart. Soldier tries to hold them, but Bharat kicks him. Gangadhar says I made her understand…Manu asks Martand to ride fast. She thinks she can’t believe that Bharat is with her. Ross tries to shoot them, but Manu is riding fast. He asks where is my horse? Manu asks Bharat to ride the cart and says she will handle britishers. She gets down from the cart and aims arrow at Ross. Tatya tells that Manu rescued them openly like a Devi and praises her. Gangadhar shoots asking Manu how dare she? Ross laughs and asks Soldiers to arrest her. Tatya says Manu will become an example now and will become Maharani to do everyone’s betterment. Moropant says don’t know if she will become Maharani or not, and says Maharaj will not take this easy.

Janki tells Ross that Manu is arrested as they wanted. Ross says Bharat fled from him. Janki says if your doubt is sure then Bharat will be outside and Moropant will be in the Palace. Moropant tells Tatya that he has to go and save his daughter, and asks them to leave from there. He runs to reach Palace. Ross comes to Moropant’s room and asks if he is here. He says Ross is never wrong. He is about to walk out when Moropant enters there through window and asks Ross if he has some problem. Ross says you brought trouble from bhitoor and asking us. He says big trouble is your daughter. Moropant asks where is Manu? Ross asks where were you, when those assasins where getting hanged. Moropant says I was unwell, so resting, can’t see the deaths and murders. Ross says but can do. He holds his hand and says body is warm and asks how did he do this. He asks him to come to court to see Manu’s end and leaves. Moropant thinks my daughter will end you and have initiated it. He takes onion from his hand.

Manu is brought to court by Ross. Ross says she did the same crime as Shiva and Bheema and says how can we treat her differently. Gangadhar asks why did you do such a big mistake? Manu says I didn’t do any mistake.

Precap: Manu says she will put limitations to britishers. Gangadhar says she is not suitable to be a wife and says he dismiss his decision to marry her, and tells that she can’t step in Jhansi again. Ross smiles. Manu looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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