Jhansi Ki Rani 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu apologizes to Gangadhar

Jhansi Ki Rani 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

UpdatThe Episode starts with Moropant asking Manu why did she forget that Maharaj is her husband and also King of Jhansi. She says you have to understand that he is Maharaj and says it is not easy to fulfill the duty of the king. He says King Ram was forced to send Sita to forest. He says until Maharaj is sitting on singhasan, he will protect the people. He says you shall not worry for small problems. Manu says I did wrong with Maharaj and shall apologize to him. Robb tells Ross that he bear insult because of him and asks will one britisher will accuse other britisher. Ross asks Saimen why did he make his brother as the bali ka bakra. He says you have done injustice by trapping my brother and says he is my everything. Saimen says I will rectify my mistake and will tell King that you had killed Bheema and there are two reasons, victory of queen in the human trafficking rescue and Jhansi’s people accepting Queen. He says I am happy that King will be very happy hearing this and will shoot at you. He asks which option is best and says we will keep Robb in a good bungalow and will send her to London. Robb agrees and says he wants that maid Servant to attend him. Ross asks which maid? Robb says that maid which came few days back to commissary. Saimen says that maid will attend you and laughs. Ross also smiles.

Manu comes to Gangadhar and says she made sherbet for him. Gangadhar ignores her and goes. Manu comes to him and says she brought turban for him and says it is matching with your clothes. Gangadhar ignores her and goes on the horse. Janki says Maharaj stopped walking on Maharani’s signs. Laccho bai says Maharani fell down in his sight. Manu tells Kashi that Maharaj is very angry and is not looking at her. She says how to apologize to him. Kashi says she don’t know. Manu asks her to apologize to maharaj on her behalf. Kashi gets tensed. Manu asks Kashi not to be scared of Maharaj and asks her to go. Gangadhar asks did you come for important work. He asks what is the work? Kashi says Maharani…Gangadhar asks did you come here to take her side. Kashi says no and says she is searching her. Gangadhar asks her to search Maharani in her room. Kashi goes. Manu says you are a coward. Kashi asks her to apologize to him.

Ross takes Robb to the luxury jail and asks him to think that he is on vacation for few days. Manu is going to Gangadhar’s room. Saku, Janki and Laccho get worried. Janki says don’t know what she will tell. Gangadhar is sleeping. Manu jumps on his bed and sits, and holds his hand. He asks what happened? Manu says there are big rats in her room and their sight is at the treasure and then says food. Laccho asks others if she is talking about us. Janki says we are not rats. Laccho says we are after the treasure though. Manu asks can I sleep here tonight, before Gangadhar could tell, she lies down on the bed and sleeps. Gangadhar smiles and says she scares britishers and gets scared of rats. He says it is really surprising. Manu gets up and says I did wrong with you and apologizes for her behavior. She says baba and azooba used to forgive me and asks him to forgive her. She says I can bear anything, but can’t bear if you turn your face. She cries. Gangadhar asks her not to cry and says I am not angry and smiling. He wipes her tears. Janki, Saku and Laccho Bai get upset. Manu hugs Gangadhar. Gangadhar smiles.

Robb is drinking in the luxurious jail. Manjiri comes there and thinks what kind of karawas is this. Robb touches her and asks why did you go? He asks her to come and says I was waiting for you. He brings the clothes for her and removes her veil. He says he brought this dress for his lover and don’t know when he will go to London. He asks her to wear it and show. He says I am not that british who differentiate between Indians and britishers. He holds her hand and makes her kiss. Manjiri is tensed. He says I believe in beauty and asks why she is feeling shy. He says I have the treatment for this shame. He puts wine in the glass and makes her drink forcibly. She pushes the glass. Ross gets angry, but calm down. She tries to go, but he pulls closer and says love makes the people mad. He tries to get closer to her.

Precap: Manu tells Gangadhar that she wants to explain to people about freedom with a play. Gangadhar refuses to give permission. Manjiri complains to Manu about Robb misbehaving with her. Shiva gets angry and goes to shoot Robb, but Ross shoots him at his back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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