Jhansi Ki Rani 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ross plans to stop Gangadhar and Manu’s marriage

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Jhansi Ki Rani 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raj vaid taking out his blind fold and nods no. Ross is shocked. Moropant and Tatya guru take a sigh of relief. Gangadhar tells that your doubt is not right and tells that Raj vaid’s experience can’t be wrong. Ross thinks he is surprised as the would be queen’s pulse rate fooled them. Manu is walking in the palace. Ross comes infront of her and says you have fooled even Raj vaid. Manu looks out of the window and says engine blast was big, so your mind was shaken up. She asks why did he walking with Raj vaid and asks if he is unwell. She looks out at the engine. Ross says your health will be unwell and says until when she will run. He tells that two more engines will deliver in Jhansi. He asks what are you thinking? Manu says I am thinking about your conspiracy. Ross says I have already invited Governor General and just 20 days left for railways to start. He says you need a team to stop it which you don’t have. Manu says your overconfidence will ruin you. Ross says I will invite you and Maharaj to see animals going to China, as a wedding gift. Manu says I will surely become Jhansi ki Rani and then I will give you a gift which you will not forget till your last breath. Ross smiles. Jhansi wali rani plays………..

Saku bai thinks she can’t wait more and hopes bundels attacked Jhansi soon. She hears Janki talking to Dasi and asking her to open the East door. Saku Bai asks did you forget, there is no door at the east. Janki says they have build doors in east and west and others door are closed. Saku Bai thinks she has to stop Bundels from attacking Jhansi else all her plans will get ruined.

Saku Bai goes out indisguise to hide bundels. Ross comes to the fort and looks through the binoculars. Bundels thinks the palace is not according to the map. They think to attack anyhow. Saku Bai comes and asks them to stop. They all hide seeing Ross. Ross comes near there and thinks this is false alarm, when he couldn’t see them. Saku Bai tells them that they have changed the Palace’s map and asks them to hide in the jungle, and she will send them the right map. Ross asks Smith to bring more manpower to fulfill his mission. Smith says you are taking would be queen seriously. Ross says no and tells that he will end the queen and will rule on Jhansi.

Manu prays to God and says one side is India and other side is devil like Ross. She thinks to win the fight with strength and says there are many Manikarnika needed for the fight. She thinks who will become part of her mission and says she will plant the seed of freedom.

Ross tells that he is sure that would be queen is behind the engine blast and asks Janki when she will stop the wedding. Janki says I am using my mind and is trying. Ross asks her to use English mind, divide and rule. He says Sakarpura happened, but marriage shall not happen. Janki tells about the next rasam in which bride’s side invites groom’s side for puja. Ross says this ritual will help you in your mission and shares his plan with Smith. Janki hears and smiles. Manu comes to Raj vaid. Raj vaid greets her. Manu says why did you not identify me even after identifying me. She asks him why he hide the fact. Raj vaid says to support the truth and says these eyes understand the truth. She says you are courageous and can give answer to britishers. Raj vaid says I will be grateful if I will be of any help to you, and says Jhansi ki Rani ki Jai….Saku Bai meets Veerbhadra in the Palace. Veerbhadra says our hardwork is ruined because of you. Saku Bai says we have to think how to get the right map and says we have to get Jhansi before Gangadhar’s marriage.

Manu is walking in the Palace. Ross comes infront of her. She recalls his words that within 20 days train will run. Ross recalls Manu’s words that she will become Jhansi ki Rani.

Precap: Moropant and others serve food to Gangadhar and Janki. Janki says it is non veg. Gangadhar says you made fun of Newalkar’s family. Kashi informs Manu that non veg was served to Maharaj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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