Jhansi Ki Rani 18th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Ross threatens Gangadhar to give death sentence to krantikaris

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The Episode starts with manu asking Gangadhar if she can ask him question. Ross says enough and asks Gangadhar if this is a game. Manu says this case is related to maharaj so I have to ask him question. She asks what did you see in cocaine factory. Gangadhar says when I went there, before I could see anything, the factory was burnt. Moropant regrets to burn it. Janki thinks thank god, we were saved due to that fire. Manu tells that Shiva and Bheema didn’t intent to kill him. Ross says she is fighting case for sometime and doesn’t know that the verdict is taken seeing proofs and asks him to give the verdict that the guilty shall be hanged till death. Manu says there are many things in the world which is alive on trust, and says whether it is God or tomorrow. Gangadhar says he will give the verdict tomorrow.

Ross drinks water. Janki asks if his thirst didn’t end after getting defeated by Manu. Ross asks what do you mean? Janki says she is afraid that Manu will win. Ross says then Jhansi will not have a morning and says you brought Manikarnika as disaster in our lives. Janki asks him to calm down and tells that they have to make Gangadhar understand to change his decision. He says if this happens then he can’t catch Bharat. Janki asks if moropant is bharat. Ross says he will make Gangadhar hear them too and says ross is never wrong. Janki says she will see.

Manu tells Kashi that she don’t want people to think that maharaj got influenced by her and took wrong decision. She says he is justice loving king and will do justice. Kashi says if something wrong happens then? Manu says Sheeva and Bheema Bhao will be hanged and krantikaris will be caught. Gangadhar thinks Manu is right. Ross comes there and says I came to help you in taking decision.

Next day, Gangadhar comes to the court and says I thought and want to give last chance to both sides. Ross says when Manikarnika had said that King is like God and says attacking God is adharm and attacking raja is rajdroh. He says they shall be hang. Janki smiles. Manu says I also said that a king is life’s savior like God Vishnu and says if he takes the wrong decision then he will repent later. She asks him to give less punishment to them. Gangadhar says truth is that they tried to kill me and the bullet was shot from their rifle. Manu says but…Gangadhar says I take this decision that the both criminals shall be hanged. Ross smiles. Manu is shocked. Ross smiles and recalls manipulating Gangadhar. A fb is shown, Ross tells Gangadhar that he will be in pain if Manu wins. He says you granted her wish for the trial, without thinking the consequences. He threatens Gangadhar saying that East India Company will stop supporting him if he takes decision in manu’s favour, and says your singhasan will shaken up. He says friendship with britishers comes with a fair price. Fb ends. Ross asks his soldiers to take them. Soldiers take them. Manu asks Gangadhar to rethink. Gangadhar dismisses the court. Manu is going behind Gangadhar. Janki stops her and says this is royal family and not birds house. Manu says I want justice. Janki says you got failure. Manu says I never get failure. Janki says british are important part of Jhansi and says whatever they want will happen. Manu says but Aai. Janki shouts and asks her to call her Rani Janki Bai. Manu thinks Aai Saheb is thinking us wrong. Manu sees Shiva and bheema taken by the soldiers. Ross comes to her and asks her to see the sand clock, and says sand will end here, and their breath will stop. He says you have less time to save them. Manu thinks what to do.

Moropant, tatya and other gather and plan to go to save them. Tatya says what we will do? Moropant tells his plan. Tatya says britishers will get good answer now. Manu comes to Gangadhar and says you might have given lesser punishment and asks why did he give death punishment to them. Gangadhar says he can understand her pain. He tells that he is helpless as he wanted british’s support for Jhansi, so he has to agree to them. Manu says you think bhakshak as rakshak. She asks until when we will sacrifice our people for foreigners. Gangadhar says nobody can change my destiny. Manu says she is would be queen. Gangadhar says you are not queen yet and says she has no right now. He says even if he gives her right then his decision will be questioned. Manu practices to fight with sword on dummy and recalls everything. Kashi comes and says Maharani Saheb. Kashi says I can’t see you losing strength. Manu tells Kashi that she came to Jhansi from Bhitoor so that she can help people using her right, but she failed. She says Maharaj returned those 11 villages, and now he gave death punishment to shiva adnd bheema. Kashi asks her to visit the temple to get her wish fulfilled. Janki comes to Gangadhar and gives him drugged juice. Gangadhar finishes the glass and keeps it back. Janki says Jhansi is secular because of british and says until they are with us, nobody dares to look at us. She asks Sevika to bring more sherbet and thinks everything will be easy for us.

Manu comes to the kali temple and asks Goddess to show her way. A Saint comes there. Manu looks at him and gives the bangles of Jhansi maharani to him. He says these are the identity of Maharani. Manu says this is just an ornament for me and says it might be useful to you. Saint asks her to tell her problem. She says she tried, but she couldn’t be successful and got surrounded by the darkness, and asks what she shall do. He asks her to keep control on her emotions first. He asks her to do like Kaali and kill the evil. Manu as kaali kills Ross in an imaginary scene. He says you are Devi and asks her to kill the rakshas.

Precap: Manu thinks to get Shiva and bheema saved. Ross says bharat will not be saved, He is about to hang them, but Manu comes there holding the arrow. Ross asks soldiers to arrest her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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