Jhansi Ki Rani 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu provokes Gangadhar to raise voice against britishers

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Jhansi Ki Rani 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kashi telling the people of Jhansi that Queen and King are their puppets and they are their actual rulers and can make them dance just as they want. Manu informs the same to Gangadhar. Gangadhar calls Das to call Saimen and Ross. Ross and Saimen Frazer come to the Palace. Gangadhar questions Ross and asks how did this incident happened. Ross says I didn’t know anything. Gangadhar says I heard that you have killed him and asks if the murder is related to the bonded laborers. Ross says why will I do this and says he is the same man whom you gave hang punishment. He says if he died then what is the big matter? Gangadhar says the matter is big and says it is my right to decide about him and says you are here to protect the people and not to kill them. Saimen says King is right, nobody has the right to take law in their hand. Ross asks him to ask the people in court to testify. He says if I proved guilty then I am ready for any punishment and is even ready to die. He asks did anyone see me killing that man. He says everything happened in the city and someone might have seen the murder. He says if anyone from this crowd have seen then shall tell Maharaj. Everyone stand with their head low. Manu gets up and asks until when they will be quiet. She says trust me, I won’t let anything happen to you. She asks them to say the truth and take out fear from their hearts. Ross says Queen is pressurizing them, but nobody is saying anything and that means nobody saw anything. He says queen is their favorite. He says if your doubts are cleared then we will leave. He says we have much more work to do. Manu looks at the people who is standing quiet.

Later she comes to Gangadhar that people are breathing, but everyone is actually dead. She says we don’t have proofs of bonded labor and bheema bhav’s dead. She says if the people don’t think that british can kill them also and says they never trusted their rajya and their Raja as the Raja never took decision against the britisher. She apologizes to him and says jaise raja waise hi praja. She says just like you bear them silently they are also bearing silently. She says you couldn’t tell Ross confidently that he did the murder even though you knows about the truth well. Gangadhar gets furious and starts walking out. Janki and Laccho Bai try to stop him. Gangadhar goes out of Palace. Manu sees him from the balcony and thinks to stop him. Gangadhar is walking towards the commissary. The people also follow and think what is the matter. Manu thinks don’t know what Maharaj is going to go.

Gangadhar reaches Commissary and says nothing is good in Jhansi. Saimen asks what happened? Gangadhar asks how did Krantikari bheema died and says when I ask him, then look at you and says they are quiet due to helplessness and asks Saimen to tell who is the murderer. He says I will not go from here until you tell me else will go to Kolkata and will complain to viceroy. He says if needed I will go to London and will stop the bad things happenings in Jhansi. Manu comes there and hears them. Saimen Frazer says I will find out about the brutal killing. He says we have found who is involved in the human trafficking and says the person involved is Robb. Robb is shocked. Ross is also shocked. Saimen says I have taken a decision to dismiss Robb from his post and signs Ross. He asks Robb to step forward and takes out his stars from his uniform and takes out his gun and cap. Manu smiles and thinks this is happening due to maharaj’s courage. The lady says for the first time, a britisher is punished. They thank Maharaj. Saimen asks Soldiers to take Robb. Ross thinks what happened to Saimen Frazer, how he can do this.

Saimen tells Gangadhar that he will enquire and just as he comes to know, he will be the first person to shoot that murderer. Gangadhar says he will wait for the information and goes. In the Palace, Manu thanks Gangadhar and says Robb is punished because of you. She asks why is he upset and asks if I did any mistake. Gangadhar says there are many reasons for my anger. He says you knows how to show anger and tells whatever comes in your mind and asks until when you will do childish things. He says you have good values and knowledge, but doesn’t know how to behave with a husband and respect him. Laccho, Janki and Saku Bai smiles. Laccho Bai says her ears was yearning to hear Maharaj scolding Maharani. Janki and Saku Bai rejoice too. Manu thinks I hurt Maharaj today and thinks whenever their relation comes to a good moment, some hurdles come.

Precap: Ross asks Saimen frazer why did he dismiss Robb and insult him. Saimen says I will tell Maharaj that you have killed bheema. Robb agrees for his suspension. Manjiri tells Moropant, Shiva and Manu that Robb misbehaved with her. Shiva gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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