Jhansi Ki Rani 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu makes Puran poli for Gangadhar

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The Episode starts with Manu hiding from gangadhar and thinks how to go to her room, if he sees her missing then it will be problematic. They reach Manu’s room and find her sleeping. Gangadhar says there is a limit for everything and even for a doubt. Laccho Bai looks sad. Janki looks angrily at her. Laccho Bai and others go. Gangadhar looks at Manu and sees light falling on her. He covers the window with curtain and thinks she is different everything and he prays to God that she does all the work with patience. He walks out. Manu gets up and says I gave much importance to Desh dharm than Patni Dharm and I hope you understand me some day. Janki asks Laccho Bai to eat less pan to have less dreams. Laccho bai swears on Ali bahadur. Saku bai taunts her. Laccho Bai says everyone is not like you. Laccho Bai sees the foot marks of mud and asks them to tell that she is wrong. She says how did Maharani come inside, hiding from everyone sight.

Next morning, Gangadhar is exercising. Manu comes and takes cloth to wipe the sweat. He turns and says this is not your work. He goes from there. Manu thinks Maharaj is still angry with me. Moropant does puja. Manu comes to him and apologizes for misbehavior. Moropant says I can understand being your father. He asks her not to insult Aai Janki Bai. Manu says I will apologize to her right now and goes.

Janki is sitting with Laccho Bai and Saku Bai. Saku bai says if we get any proofs against Maharani, then also Maharaj will not believe us. Laccho bai says Maharani has some magical thing which makes her disappear sometimes. Saku Bai taunts at Janki’s drama. Janki says I don’t stab myself like you and says Manu is married to a royal family, but she didn’t change. Laccho Bai says Manu uses tongue like using a knife and tells her dialogues. Janki says I will show her value later, but have to show your value now. Laccho Bai sees Manu and says we shall make her understand with love. Janki is surprised and looks back. They see Manu coming there. Manu apologizes to them, and says my first mistake is that I checked you all for bundel’s attack, entered commissary without curtain, and I didn’t speak properly to Aai Saheb. Janki smiles and says I am your Aai and whatever I do is for your betterment. She says when you have apologized, I forgive you. Manu asks her to tell how to calm down Maharaj. Laccho Bai says who can know better than you and asks her to make Maharaj’s favorite food. Manu asks what to make? Laccho Bai asks her to make Puran Poli. Manu asks her to help her. Laccho Bai and others go with Manu. She tells Manu about using the ingredients. Janki thinks to change the ingredients and asks Manu to go and wash her hands. She asks Laccho Bai to go and come when puran poli is made. Laccho bai also goes. Janki and Saku Bai sign each other. Saku Bai changes the flour with something else. She says Maharaj and Maharani’s relation with ruined. They come out. Laccho Bai asks did you change the ingredients to ruin the food. Janki says we are not bad to spoil the food made by her, she calls me Aai. Laccho thinks I have to do something.

Manu uses maida to make puran poli. Laccho Bai tells her that she changed the aata with maida. Saku Bai and Janki bai scold her for changing it. Laccho Bai says now Maharani will make delicious puran poli, and says what will happen to our plan.

Gangadhar is sitting for having food. Servant comes and says Maharani made Puran poli with her hand. Laccho says we did a mistake. Janki says Maharaj will win his heart again and we will burn our hearts here. Manu brings Puran Poli and serves to Gangadhar. Gangadhar says it is smelling good. Manu says I hope you like its taste. Gangadhar asks did you forget something? She says she will bring ghee. Gangadhar asks her to bring hammer and says I can’t break this stone with my teeth. Janki thinks their relation will break now.

Precap: Gangadhar teaches her that one shall win the game with patience and not with anger. She plays a game with him. He asks her to wear old clothes and come with him. They come out of Palace indisguise of a commoner. Manu thinks why did we come here?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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