Jhansi Ki Rani 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu gets revengeful knowing about Ross killing Bheema

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The Episode starts with Gangadhar hugging Lakshmi Bai/Manu for the first time happily. Manu says today I am feeling as if I have passed in all tests. She says I will not let anything happen to our family prestige and this kataar. She says she will fulfill her responsibility as a wife and Maharani. Janki says that her plan failed to kick Maharani out and tells that even their ancestors and the people of Jhansi accepted Manu. Laccho thinks she will not get anything if she is with Saku and Janki bai. She makes an excuse and goes to Manu. She apologizes to her and tells that she is always with her. Saku bai thinks Laccho Bai went to Maharani and makes an excuse and goes. Janki thinks to check on them. Saku Bai tells Manu that they had to listen to Janki Bai. Laccho Bai says we tried to stop Janki Bai. Saku bai says yes. Janki Bai comes and thinks to tell about them. Saku bai says Janki’s thinking is old. Janki says I will tell about you. Saku bai says I was telling that you love Maharani so much. Laccho Bai says I feel emotional when she stares you lovingly. Janki says you don’t know that I couldn’t sleep when the people refused to accept you as Maharani. She says I thought people will get angry and that’s why I called the elders, but people accepted you again. Maharani says you don’t need to clarify to me and have full right to teach me and make me understand. She says our enemy is britishers and says if we are together then we can fight with our enemy and defeat them. She says she is sure that britishers will do something. Kashi comes and asks them to come out and see what happened with krantikari bheema bhav. Manu comes to the balcony of the palace and sees Bheema hanged.

Gangadhar also looks at him with tears in her eyes. He tries to stop her. Manu goes out and shouts calling him Bheema Bhav. She recalls tying Rakhi to him. She folds her hands and asks the people of Jhansi to take his body down. The people are helpless. Ross comes there and asks who has killed him and hanged here. He says he is the same krantikari who was saved from being hanged by someone. He says he survived that day, but died a dog’s dead. Manu asks the villagers to help her and take him down. Everyone is silent. Laccho says what Rani is doing? Tatya guru comes there and cuts the rope. Moropant holds Bheema’s body from falling down. Shiva comes there with Manjiri and is about to go there, but Manjiri stops him. Ross says if anyone do his last rites then that means that person is taking law in his hands. Manu says I will do his last rites and says he is desh bhakt krantikari and every desh bhakt is ours. She says she will do his last rites being Hindustani daughter. Gangadhar is shocked. Moropant says a sister will not her brother’s last rites, but I will do. Janki gets a chance and tells Gangadhar that Manu went to do last rites of a dead body. She says people might be thinking how their Maharani is and says she is not feeling shy of anyone. Laccho Bai says when people are so happy then what we have to do. She says she will not listen to anyone now. She says we have no value to stop her. Saku bai says she will not stop hearing us, who didn’t listen to Maharaj. Gangadhar gets upset with Manu. Moropant and Tatya guru take Bheema’s body for the last rites.

Manu comes back to palace. Kashi tells her that she came to know how bheema bhav died. A fb is shown, Ross beats Bheema infront of public view and asks them not to move until he says. He says I will show what it means if anyone rebel from us. He says it is impossible to rebel and says he will die a dog’s dead. Bheema asks for water. Ross asks soldier to get water. He keeps his leg on his chest and puts water on his shoe. Bheema closes his mouth and don’t drink water.

He asks him to lick his shoes and drink water. He asks the people not to lower their eyes then he will pluck out the eyes. He says you people were courageous cheering for Rani lakshmi bai and says I will make your courahe calm. He asks him to lick his boots. Bheema spits on his face. Ross kicks him and says I will send you far from India. He gets the rope and ties on his neck and hangs him. Bheema dies. Fb ends. Manu is angry.

Precap: Manu tells Gangadhar that all the people are taking breath, but actually they are dead. She says Bheema’s dead was seen by everyone, but nobody came forward to tell. She says the people of Jhansi don’t trust their Raja. Gangadhar questions Ross and Saimen about Bheema’s death. He asks them to answer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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