Jhansi Ki Rani 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Injured Manu returns to Palace for Sakarpura, Ross suspects her

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The Episode starts with Ross shooting at Manu. The bullet hits on her leg. Manu stops and falls down. Moropant thinks if something happens to Manu then it will be destroyal. Ross is coming near Manu when the train engine blasts heavily. Ross and soldiers turn towards the engine and see it destroyed fully with the blast. He turns towards Manu and finds her missing. He gets angry and scolds the soldiers. He tells that the two krantikaris blasted their engine although there was a tight security. He sees blood drops on the soil and thinks would be queen is involved, and if she is involved then he will kill her. He asks soldiers to search them in the Palace. Tatya guru asks Manu to sit and sees her wound. He tells that they have to go to vaid before going to palace. Manu says no, and tells that she has to reach Palace for Sakarpura else it will be too late. Tatya guru asks her not to be stubborn and tells that the bullet poison must be inside. Manu tells that the bullet didn’t go inside, and tells that she is fine. She will meet Vaid after sakarpura.

Ross comes to Palace and tells Gangadhar that whoever have done this, is not India’s well wisher. He says we, britishers think about India’s progress and these krantikaris don’t think of India’s progress and blasted the engine. Peshwa says may be krantikaris are not involved. Ross says you have sympathy for krantikaris and thinks such blasts can be done by those who has no fear of death. He thinks only would be queen can do this blast and tells that he will prove who the culprit is. He asks Gangadhar to go for engagement. Gangadhar says I don’t want to go after this big incident. Ross tells that they are not shaken up and asks him to go. He tells Smith that he is giving chance to the culprit. He thinks if she is the would be queen then he will see how she attends the function with flowing blood.

Janki Bai is knocking on the door and calling Manu. Kashi thinks Janki Bai will press her neck today. Janki Bai goes inside and calls her. Kashi keeps her head down and thinks Manu didn’t reach till now. Saku Bai and Lachho Bai get inside. Manu tries to climb inside. They couldn’t find Manu as Kashi hides. Laccho says why will she leave her own engagement. Manu is hiding. Manu is walking with injured foot. Janki hears the sound and turns, but she couldn’t see Manu. Saku says lets go to bathroom and check. Manu comes to bathroom. Kashi is inside and tells her that if she would have come late then her breath must have stopped. She asks if the blast happened? Manu says yes, I did it. Kashi says now that britishers can’t take our animals from here. Janki calls Manu coming there. Manu says I am coming. Kashi sees blood. Manu tells that it is her first Vijay Tilak. Janki calls her again. Manu says I am coming. Kashi ties cloth on her foot. Janki opens the bathroom room and sees Manu coming out dressed well for Sakarpura. Manu smiles and asks how is she looking? Lachho says she is looking beautiful. Kashi says we are saved anyhow.

Manu and Gangadhar are sitting for their engagement. Peshwa tells that Shahinsha Bahadur Shah Zafar had to leave for Delhi due to some urgent work. Kashi thinks how she will bear the pain. Ross comes to the place where Manu sat for a while and checks the soil. He smells the blood in the soil and says it is fresh, the attackers are in the palace. Manu feels drowsy and sleeping due to the blood loss. Laccho tells that Manu is blushing. Ross comes to the Palace and follows the blood stains in the Palace. Tatya guru looks at Manu. Ross asks Smith to keep eye on the guest and catch the suspect. He thinks would be queen is no. 1 suspect and he is coming to make her sakarpura memorable.

Precap: Lachho tells Manu that she will make her wear anklet. Manu refuse. They see blood drop. Ross asks Janki to check if Manu is having an injury.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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