Jhansi Ki Rani 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Laccho bai alerts Janki about Manu’s night outing

Jhansi Ki Rani 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ross telling Gangadhar that he is forgiving Maharani this time and asks him not to make him forget their friendship. He asks Gangadhar to make Maharani understand it clearly. Gangadhar is badly humiliated by Ross and Robb. He recalls Manu disobeying him and Ross asking him to keep her tied. He plays golf. Manu catches the ball and says she was saved. Gangadhar says I asked you not to come here. Manu says she is not getting sleep. Gangadhar asks why are you not getting sleep. Manu asks him to teach her this game. Gangadhar says I don’t want to play and asks her to go. Ross beats Robb and says they are not emotional fools. He plans to snatch Jhansi. Laccho Bai makes Saku Bai wake up and says it is good that you didn’t sleep. Saku bai asks why did she come to her room and spoil her sleep. Laccho Bai says she is Laccho Bai and tells that Maharani goes out in night, and says they shall go out and check. Saku Bai says she don’t need to spy and tells that Janki Bai is not loyal to anyone and spies on everyone. Laccho Bai thinks she needs janki’s support to stay in Palace. She tells Saku Bai that she will leave. Saku Bai asks her not to spoil her sleep. Laccho Bai goes. Saku Bai thinks she doesn’t need anyone’s support.

Ross is angry with Janki for choosing Manu. Kashi asks Manu where is she going? Manu says she is going to help her ladies soldiers to make tunnel. Kashi reminds her of the doings and tells that she shall not go now. Manu says it is her duty for desh prem also and says Maharaj will feel bad, but one day janki Bai and maharaj will proud of her and then her struggle will be successful. Kashi prays for her success. Ross is sleeping in his room and dreams of getting burnt in the fire. He wakes up scared and thinks why did he get such dream. Manu is leaving from the Palace, when Laccho Bai sees her going and thinks Janki Bai didn’t believe me that day and thinks to tell her to make her trust her. Laccho asks Janki to come and catch Manu. Janki says what will we get by catching her red handed and says we will benefit when we…and laughs. She says we trust just herself in betrayal game. Manu tells Manjiri that Maharaj is soft hearted and will forgive her, and says she wants tunnel to be made soon. Tatya guru says they are making the tunnel fast. Manu says how we will blast the engine. Tatya guru says they have to blast the engine. Moropant plans to blast engine with Shiva and Bheema’s help. Tatya guru tells that they need explosives and will get it from Ghouse Khan. Manu thinks to meet him.

Precap: Janki tells Gangadhar that Lakshmi Bai go out for some work hiding from you. Tatya guru asks Manu to go secretly. Manu says ok and comes out of the tunnel. Gangadhar and others look on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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